omg loud pull chain toilet. !

deedlesJanuary 22, 2013

So, DH installed our reproduction high tank, pull-chain toilet purchased at Renovators Supply. After much finagle-ing and cussing and cobbling up the parts that weren't sent, he's got it up and flushing. IT IS SO LOUD THAT ALL CAPS DOESN'T DO THE NOISE JUSTICE. Wow. So loud that he's seriously thinking about taking it down, even though we ordered it so long ago that we couldn't return it anymore. Is there any way to quiet such a beast? Better flushing mechanism or is this just the way it is with these?

Any advice/ideas would be appreciated! Thanks.

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I think that is the way that they are. The original high tanks or uncoupled toilets that I've seen/heard seem to be really loud.

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yeeks. You aren't kidding. It looks great, though. We pity the person trying to sleep in the bedroom on the other side of the wall, lol.

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That would scare me. I'm afraid of being sucked down the toilet as is.

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