Antique brick

filixSeptember 10, 2009

About twenty years ago myself and another carpenter Remodeled a antique house into a doctors office. Kind of sad. It was a large home with a huge fireplace. We took down the chimney from the roof down to the large archway and behive oven. There were thousands of bricks. The man I was with told me that the brickmaker or mason signed and dated one brick. Just then I looked down and found it. filix.

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Nice!! I have several my dad collected after the Northridge earthquake! Dad couldn't believe the things people threw out so he looked at lots of piles. I have a number of bricks with company name on them or other oddities. it's dark so not going out but I use them where some of them show the name. Need to do something more creative with them. That 1 would look good by front door like a plaque, wonder if it is made by hand. Mine are all machine made I think. There is a book on old barbed wire, wonder if there is book on old bricks!!

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I love old bricks. That one is especially nice! I'm no expert, but it looks hand made and dated by hand. I have a few old bricks, not hand made, but from old buildings that have been torn down. I like when the company's name is on them. I've used some in my garden...still have quite a few, but not sure what to do with them yet. There's a hardscaping place near me that always has a pile of old bricks. I pick up a couple every now and then. The one you have should be displayed in a prominent place...I would even just put it up on a shelf.

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Thankyou. I don't know that its worth anything,but I like. I belive it is handmade. It is also signed just above the 8. C. something. Its hard to make out. filix

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