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imabestMarch 13, 2005

mY mOM IS IN THE HOSPITAL still not eating but getting the iv and meds she needed..So glad I took her!!!!!!!

Now I have gone to see her today and tomorrow I go to the Dr.

Although I am better.....I can at least eat...

Hubby is also better.

Now just to get my mom some strength back.

Im going to ask about hospice when she comes home cause I really feel this is near the end for her.

I know she worries about me and feels the stress that i have in my life....

she is very thankful for all i have done for her and she is waiting to go home with her maker.

I told her we will take this a day at a time she is so fearful of going to a nursing home im sure.

so hopefully this time if she comes home it will be with hospice.

thank you all for your thoughts it means so much to know you all have been down this road and understand ...

hugs for you all Kathy

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Hi Kathy,
By all mean, call hospice. I did not and it is the one thing that I didn't do that I wished I had. My excuse was that I didn't want strangers in the house, but after all the good things I have read here on the forum and other places and having a good friend's family call them when she was near the end, I know I would do it now.
Take Care, and be careful with the flu, if it is like the one we had at out house, we thought we were over it, and it came back in another wave, so take care and stay as healthy as you can.

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*sigh* sorry for the spot you're in...

but definately call the hospice service- even the best nursing home's not got the resources to provide for a parent's feeling of security like one can at home-

friend's mom spent her last weeks home-hospice, and the strain of seeing her there all the time was small compared to the stress of having to GO somewhere to see her-

not to mention that the cats were wonderful-for her, for us, and made everything a little more bearable.

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Dear Kathy....glad you are better and your DM is getting the care she needs. Flu is so hard on elders. I would contact hospice while she is in hospital, or have them do it, because it will be easier to get all the paperwork done....they will chase the doctor. Then if there are things she needs at home that would make it easier for her and you, they will get it in place the day before she comes home. The hospice folks will not be strangers for long. They were invaluable to me.
(((to you all))) Derry

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Hi Ima So happy you and DH are feeling better,but like they said just be careful it doesn't come back.
I hear Hospice is really great and will relieve you of a lot of work.

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So good to hear that you all are feeling better....still take it easy and rest. I agree with everyone about the hospice...I have talked to a friend who works with hospice and it is wonderful. Check out hospice on the computer....and as Derry said contact them now while Mom is in the hospital....let them do the work talking with the doctors. Please tell your Mom that she is in my thoughts and prayers. You and DH are too!!! God Bless. Nora

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Hospice are sent from God, they are truely angels in disguise. They are not just there for her, but for you as well . Not just now but later. Will be a big help for you,when you are grieving.

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