Help for anyone dealing with incontinence

Glitter53March 14, 2005

I'm not sure I posted this before, but I solved Mom's fecal incontinence problem a while back and wanted to make sure anyone who is dealing with this right now is aware of it.

Mom had diarrhia very badly, on and off, for over a week (we thought she was well, then it started again, etc), and ended up in the hospital, dehydrated. They gave her IV and she was back to her normal self, but the diarrhia wasn't controlled at all.

So. I did a lot of research, and went to our Health Food store for IBS Formula for Seniors. I bought RenewLife brand I.B.S. I and II (they come together, in a kit). I gave her two #I caps in the mornings, and two #II caps in the evening. Her diarrhea stopped completely in a few days!!

From my research I also learned that the good bacteria needed replacing, as it was discarded with the 'bad', so I also bought UDO'S Choice Probiotics (must be refrigerated).

This combination of IBS formula contains:

L-Glutamine 418mg

A-Acetyl-Glucosamine 18mg

Gamma Oryzanol 10mg

Proprietary Herbal Blend 5mg

(consisting of: cranesbill root (geranium maculatum), ginger root, marigold flower, marshmallow root)

It contains NO: wheat, gluten, soy, yeast,animal products, salt, or artificial flavour or colours, no preservatives)

As for the Probiotic, "Each vegetable capsule contains 12million viable cells at time of manufacture" (ie keep refrigerated) They list all the various lactobaccilin, etc, but it's very hard to read them all....suffice it to say, both my 91-year old Mother and I have taken it regularly (I'm sensitive to MSG and have to locate a washroom very quickly after eating in restaurants) with no side-effects.

As I said: stopped my Mother's diarrhea dead in its tracks, and she had an almost constant, immediate problem.

I suppose I have to say to check with your doctor before taking these herbals, but I didn't. Yes...always the rebel!

Both the brands I use are without equal, imho, after much research, and UDO'S Choice has been prescribed by my naturopath, also.

I hope this helps someone out there....I'm sure it will!



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My mom has just the opposite, she's got constipation.. To the point where she squeezes so bad I think she's going to have a heart attack on the bowl sometimes.. When we moved here I almost had to take her to the hospital.. She was so badly constipated at my brother and sis in laws house I wanted to die. She had to sleep in their bed.. My house wasn't ready to move into yet, I hadn't signed on the dotted line yet.. So we couldn't move in yet.

It was a mess and so was my poor mom.. She's been through alot in her 85 year's..

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Make sure she isn't eating anything on the B.R.A.T. diet: white bread, rice, apple/sauce, toast. Those are items that are specified for the opposite problem, and what we make certain my Mom has each day. Make sure she has bran, dried fruits, etc.
Have you tried Prodium (like little chocolate pellets that can be taken by the spoonful)? Worked very well for my Dad when he was very constipated in his later years..It's not a prescription......hth!

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Prodium?? I never heard of it.. Where can I get that??? She eats bran every morning for breakfast.. Forgot to say that in my last post.. In a bit of a hurry here.. Thanks for your answers, I'm going to tell her..

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Sorry, I mis-spelled it: it's Prodiem. I've included the web-site and noticed that it likely contains senna, also...It's Canadian, but available to the U.S.
I hope it would work for your Mom as it did for my Dad, but your poor Mom may require a hospital visit. Mine went to emerg eventually, when she was in SO much discomfort that she'd have done anything to find relief! The staff have seen many such cases in's so common among the elderly.
Hope this helps.....

Here is a link that might be useful: Prodiem

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I don't recall seeing this on our shelves..

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Give Milk of Magnesium a try for constipation. It is very gentle and can be taken daily. It also helps with spasticity/muscle tightness and relaxation.

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