Can someone tell me a little bit about this chair?

Victoria_AlexisSeptember 5, 2011

Can someone tell me anything about this chair? It is very low to the ground and only has 1 arm.

What era is it from and is it antique? Any info would be appreciated.


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I have never seen a one armed chair and had to find out about it. Here is an interesting article.

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Thanks for the article. It was very informative. I tried to look up pictures of them and I also looked them up on ebay, but I can't seem to find any that look like mine at all.
Does the chair that I have look original? How would I be able to tell if it is an original or a reproduction?
There appears to be no markings on it at all.

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It looks original to me, and maybe somewhat post-Eastlake?

The strapping underneath is a hint of originality for me. So is the amount of dust/grime in those nooks and crannies up the side of the back. And then there is the upholstery fabric.

Karin L

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No one would know how much something like this would be worth??
And sorry, I know nothing about this stuff. What years would "post-eastlake" consist of? Early 1900's?

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As the link said, part of a parlor set...likely 1880 or so...I believe parlor sets went out by 1900.
There probably was a matching settee and gentleman's chair...or perhaps 2 chairs with arms.
Worth? Check completed sales on eBay.
Linda C

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