Grout Boost - has anyone used this?

mcmannJanuary 17, 2009

Our tile dealer recommended we use Grout Boost as an additive to prevent staining and to seal the grout. You mix it with the grout instead of using water. They claim that it will last forever and eliminates the need to seal the grout- ever!

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Sounds to me like a gimmick, but I'll reserve judgment until I know more about it. Do you have a website, or the name of the manufacturer?

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Thanks for following up Bill. The dealer said they've only sold it for 3 months and that they haven't had any complaints. Well 3 months isn't much of a test period.

Grout Boost

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Interesting product. I've heard the same false claim said of most polymer modified grouts, though, and I have a feeling that's all this is, is another polymer. Although I won't go so far as to say it's a waste of money or a bad product, there are two things that bother me. First, most reputable manufacturers in this industry will list any and all testing that's been done on their products, and the results of said testing on their websites. I've never heard of this company, and I guess everyone's got to start somewhere, but these guys MUST know that this is the first thing any contractor will look for when looking into their product, which tells me this is geared toward people who don't know any better, specifically the DIY crowd, kinda like Tile Perfect.

Secondly, they keep talking over and over again how sealer is not needed with this product, not ever.... and then I read this on the products page:

Click here for a list of approved
Sealers for use with Grout Boost

Scuse me?

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Well, to be fair, they are talking about sealing the tile, not the grout. They recommend doing it before grouting and provide a list of approved sealers if it must be done after grouting.

I have no idea if the product itself is any good.

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Thank you for your opinions. I'm reluctant to try anything that hasn't been on the market very long. My dealer has only been selling it for 3 months which doesn't really seem long enough to say a product has proven itself. And I figured asking here would allow me to find out from people who have already tried it.

I think I'll just stick to the usual recommendation and seal the grout when they're finished. Luckily it's only 2 walls of a tub surround and a floor that's about 7 X 10.

I really do appreciate the fact that both of you took the time to respond. Thanks again.

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Never heard of this company? It is made by the parent company of TEC products, any installer has either used or knows of the brand. As far as sealing, that is refering to sealing the tile. There is never a need to seal your grout after using the Boost, and as with anything... it is not a miracle, if something sits on it and dries... it will be harder to clean. I have used the product and have done several stain tests on it, it has always cleaned up... including sharpie marker on pure white grout.

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Welcome to the forum! Let me ask you-- is this a latex additive? I've heard several times now, and this is specifically a boast from TEC, that their modified grout doesn't need to be sealed, which is why I'm asking.

As I said above, I've never heard of this product. I AM very familiar with TEC's products, even before it became TEC (back when it was HB Fuller), and I WOULD like to know more about this.

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The product does not say Latex on it, when you read the ingredients... just says resin polymer, so most likely yes(latex). I have not used their modified grout as it is not sold in the lowes and home depots here. I install for big box customers so I use what they carry for the most part. I have used the pre-mixed grout by TEC, called invision. It never needs to be sealed. I have had great success with this also.

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I was sold Grout Boost from a salesman at a local big box. A broken waterline in the 2nd story had pretty much wiped out our house. Kitchen cabinets out, sheetrock out etc. We decided to tile the majority of the house. New shower, new floors, new vanity tops, new counter tops etc. I bought $400 of grout boost and gave it to my pro tile setter. He said it was not as easy to apply as normal grout but better than epoxy. It looked great and we were happy. Nothing touched it for two weeks.

It is now 3 months later. As far as I can tell I wasted 400 dollars. Kitchen counter tops take stains like nothing is there. Coffee, grease etc. Today I bought grout sealer and will try to clean and mitigate my stupidity!

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Ressurecting this thread to see if anyone else has any input on this product. My tile dealer also recommended it... and it's important to me that I get some non-biased feedback on it. I've already had one disaster with grout (not related to sealing - just a color mistake) so naturally I'm cautious!

Anyone? Grout Boost experiences?

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I am curious too as the tile dealer here also recommended it...

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gotta make a decision soon...should I use grout boost or seal the grout? wonder which is more expensive...

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I am a contractor. I have used Boost on 2 dozen jobs with great results. I tested on an outdoor greenhouse tile floor. After 4 weeks of dirt potting soil etc. They even let me put cofee on it. Everything rinsed off with a hose. I'm sold. This saves an extra 1/2 day not to go back and seal.

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jeebus, check out the comments on the lowes website. I'm a rookie, but my contractor said no problems. My wife will beat me down if this grout color is off...

Here is a link that might be useful: Groutboost at Lowes

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Dog urine will stain it. Was sold this by the big box store. After doing some checking around after the fact I was told that I should have got epoxy grout. He said that is what commerical kitchens use.

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I've heard excellent things about Laticrete 1776 used in this manner from knowledgeable tile people (it's so numbered because the company thought it to be revolutionary). Never used it myself, though I've had good results from their other products.

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Just want to say that if you decide to go with grout boost make sure the contractor use the right version with the right grout. Ours mistakenly used the unsanded grout boost with sanded pewter grout and the result is a pretty shocking shade of blue. When used correctly though the color is fine but since our bathrooms are brand new I can't comment on the performance yet.

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whoa. that ain't right.

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I haven't used this yet BUT thought I would add that in general, grout dries a couple/several of shades lighterâ¦.when mixed with water or boost. Thought it might help people compare apples to apples when reading reviews about the grout boost "changing" the grout color as there seem to be just as many reviews complaining about their grout color(without boost) not matching the sample.

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