Pantry Question

jengeorgesonJanuary 10, 2014

They just finished the pantry shelves and I wasnt't expecting the corners to look like this. The good thing about it is it gives us more varying heights on the shelves. If they take them out and match up all the corners then we loose the variation. Do you think it looks odd to leave it like this? (Sorry, I can't figure out how to flip the orientation of the picture)

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The looks wouldn't bother me (I'd be delighted to have a walk in pantry.) But is it possible to have some adjustable shelves? That way you can accommodate tall items, like a blender or mixer, if you want to. Also before you get too far along with finishing the space, I'd see if they can add an outlet somewhere, in case in the future you want to store a water cooler, microwave, etc. in there. (It would also be a nice out of the way place to charge electronics.)

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That wouldn't bother me. It will be less noticable once you have food on the shelves. We adjusted the shelf heights in our pantry to accommodate different size items so they don't line up. What *would* bother me is all the wasted space in those blind corners.

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Sophie Wheeler

Those shelves are gonna sag, and they need to be adjustable. Overall, I'd give that an D-. It's barely functional, and won't be that way for long.

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I'd listen to Hollysprings! It could be nicer and it does look like it would sag under heavy items.

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What kind of material did they use? Particle board/melamine? It is way too long of an expanse to not be supported anywhere in the middle. Plus if it undlfinished particle board, you may not be happy when something does leak.

It doesn't really look like you have varying levels, but rather that they didn't try to line them up. Although I think that part would be dine when the shelves are full.

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I agree, it's going to sag and possible be ripped out of the wall once loaded.

I disagree with those that say it looks okay. The side wall shelves should go to the back wall, then the back wall installed to them. No hidden corners.

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I don't understand those blocked off corners at all, or why they built them that way. And with no supports except at the wall, those shelves are definitely going to sag forward.

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