Took mother to dctr today

Pearl53March 23, 2005

My SIL and I took mother to the doctor today. The doctor suggested several things. Mother's memory is gradually getting worse. The dctr is trying her on Namenda for AD. Never heard of that one. Said it may help but there is no cure. She asked if I was interested in some type of in-home care -- hospice. I told her yes. She is going to send someone out to talk to us to get that set up.

The dctr is also checking to see if anything is out of whack that could be contributing to the memory problems - thyroid, potassium, etc.

The dctr and my mother hit it off. Wanted a hug from mother before she left.

Don't know how things will go from here. Will have to wait and see. SIL very supportive. Told me to get some rest - which I did this afternoon. Back to work tomorrow.


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Hi, my husband is on both Aricept twice a day, AND Namenda twice a day. Have noticed slight improvement in attitude but no great change. I believe the generic name of Namenda is Memantine. I had high hopes when they introduced it last year, but am somewhat disappointed. Guess I am looking for a cure, and I know there is none.
Just hope his symptoms don't get worse. Annieil

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I pray Hospice is as much a blessing for you and your mother as it was for my mother and me... Good to rest when you can.

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Sounds like a productive day, Pearl. Good that your SIL is helping. Certainly you will want to keep her in the loop. I think you will find hospice very helpful. Stay in touch. Give the medicine time...I think these drugs take a while to work. Derry

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