Anchors Away Our Girl!

sistersunnieMarch 30, 2006

In the midst of all the failing health, headaches and heartaches our oldest daughter is fullfilling her dreams. We are so very proud of her and excited for her. Despite or because of all the challenges of an ill parent she has grown into a wonderful, compassionate and mature young woman and has accepted her appointment to the United States Naval Academy. She is inducted into the Class of 2010 in June!

Counting our blessings in the thick of everything!

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And count them you should! you must be very, very proud of your daughter.

(it's "Anchors Aweigh", though. Aweigh is the nautical term for the moment the anchor leaves the sea floor)

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An appointment to the Naval Academy is an incredible achievement. Best of wishes to her on the start of her tough journey to a most rewarding career. You must be bustin' with pride! Congratulations to a smart young woman and her family!


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Congratulations to all of you. She must be a very special young woman and a testament to her upbringing. She has an exciting and rewarding life ahead. Hard work, but very rewarding. Very proud of all of you! Trish

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Wow! and Congratulations to you and your family what an honour, i'd be so proud too!!!! debbie

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you're absolutely right, guess I had better brush up on my nautical terms..... :)

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