Any idea what these medals may be from?

blindpeteSeptember 5, 2011

Hiyas, My friend found these in his dads old things. No history behind them, just what ya see. any help in figuring this out and what they could be, thanks!!/photo.php?fbid=283573824991368&set=a.283573761658041.88655.100000162574825&type=1&theater

Here is a link that might be useful: view picture

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I've seen reference many times that the symbol was around long before Hitler, attributed to Native Americans and earlier cultures. Here is an article and a follow up discussion about it. (Just an aside, there is an old government building that predates Hitler in my home county. It has floor tiles integrating this symbol. It's a well known area home to Native American tribes back in the day, so very much part of area history. A relative who survived Nazi Germany saw that floor and nearly had a fit (understandable), till I was able to explain.

Here is a history of Lookout Mtn, Co. That one looks like a souvenir to me. That article says LM was a tourist attraction as early as 1890. Perhaps tying into the Native American symbolism? But it doesn't look quite that old (to me anyway).

Perhaps the two were obtained together, souvenirs from a trip out West? Could or could not be pre-WWII/Hitler since the article linked above references Jackie Kennedy wearing this symbol for a Native American event, clearly long after Hitler.

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They are medallions from Lookout mountain or near by in the Indian motif known as the "whirling log" pattern.
Likely charms for a bracelet. Are they gold or brass?
Linda C

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The one on the left looks like a locket or watch fob from the 1890-1920 or so era. The swastika was a good luck symbol.

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