Questions about old sideboard

nwwomanSeptember 14, 2010

I'm hoping someone here can tell my old sideboard. This piece has been in my family for years and belonged to my grandparents in Pennsylvania when I was a kid. It was from my grandmother's side and I believe it dates back to the 1800's, but there is no one to ask about it anymore. My mother had said years ago that it was a Sheraton piece, but I'd love to know for sure. The first picture is from about ten years when I first moved it to my house, the second is from about 50 years (or possibly more) when it was at my grandparent's house. I'd also be interested in knowing anything about the side chairs showni n the second picture. The chairs are mahogany and the backs are gently curved.

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My guess is that the style is more Hepplewhite than Sheraton because of the legs and the string inlay, although the skirt does not conform to either style. The veneer on the drawers looks like maple burl. There's not enough information in the photographs to discern the age, but I'll take a guess. My guess is 1810, provincial maker. Chairs a similar date, but not the same maker.
I don't think anyone would argue with this assesment.

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You would have to make a careful examination of the construction.

Around 1870-1900 a style called "Colonial revival" was popular for the centannial, and some of the pieces are hard to tell from the originals.

it's a lovely piece.

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I want to see some construction details, like dove tailing, the back of the piece and the bottom of the drawers.
But if all checks out as pre machine saws...I would concur with someone but add about 20 to 30 years to the date. I would put the chairs at early Victorian.
Linda C

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Linda, I can't get to the back for a few days, but here are some pics from the left lower drawer. I really appreciate the help!

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Oh yeah!! Early!! Lovely!!!

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Do those indentations in the backs of the drawer fronts (and all the drawers have them) mean that the pulls were replaced at some time or was that a normal way to attach the hardware? I have never noticed it before and thought it looked a bit odd. Linda, what date range are we looking at now?

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It means they didn't have an electric drill to drill the holes and perhaps they didn't have a long enough bolt to fit through the whole depth of the board.
No they weren't all done that way and I doubt that those handles were replaced.
I am still thinking 1810 to possibly 1850...but more likely not that late.

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