Please review my 'much easier to read' plan

lavender_lassJanuary 7, 2012

Thanks to Summerfield, not only for the beautiful drawing/software, but polishing and improving my plan...I finally have a much easier to read version. Please review and let me know, what you think.

Here's a little background. We live on a farm and have horses, kitties and a big family. The nearest grocery store is a half hour away (in good weather) and being in eastern Washington...we usually have four to five months of snow each year. This is followed by four to six weeks of 'mud season' as the snow finally melts...which is why we need for all the pantry storage and the mudroom.

We haven't entertained all that much, in the past, but recently more people have wanted to come out for dinner and holidays. We also have a TON (okay maybe not that many) but a lot of nieces and nephews and they all like to come out and see the horses, help/play in the gardens and would love to spend the night or weekend, if we had more guest space.

The living room, dining room, bath, study, utility area and most of the sun porch and kitchen are the original house. The addition would be the keeping room, mudroom and bedroom wing. The bathroom is designed that way, so it can be used by everyone when we have company, but private to the bedroom, at night. Also, while we can easily use stairs now, living all on one floor is a bit addictive (okay, maybe I've just become lazy) but I'd rather have one floor living, for the main spaces. There's a cellar space, under the kitchen/dining room, with an existing rec room, under the living room and den. The 'upstairs' is mainly an attic space, which could be converted into a couple of bedrooms (especially for kids) but they both would have sloping ceilings, very little head room (might need a gable or two) and no plumbing up there.

With our long winters, I really wanted a sun porch (the corner faces south) and the courtyard is to make the bedroom addition look less like an 'add on' and also to have a place to grow climbing roses/have a garden...that the deer can't get into. And, it blocks the parking area, which is on that side of the house, towards the front.

The screened deck would probably be a porch, since we get so much snow, I think we'd need a roof. We have a creek behind the house and with our hot summers, it's nice to have a shady, bug-free area. Not to mention keeping the racoons and porcupines, etc. out of the hot tub and away from the BBQ! LOL

Thanks for looking at the plan and have a great weekend! :) From Courtyard Garden album

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Time to build it.

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Where are your garage/parking pad and your horse barn in relation to the house? I ask because, based on the mud room location, it looks like you expect to enter the house most of the time by way of the screened deck. Thus, the floor of the screened deck may tend to get a bit muddy...which could make it a bit unpleasant to dash from master bedroom to hot tub in bare feet or flip flops.

Since you have a bath over near the study that is available for guest to use, I'm not sure I'd be concerned about making the master bath available to guests for daytime use. But, given your desire to do so, how about moving the door that goes into the master bedroom itself down so that it is between the wardrobe and masterbath. That way, if you need to change clothes while you have guests, you could get to/from your closet without worrying that a guest heading down to use that bathroom would see you half-dressed in the hallway. Plus having that door swing open against the back side of the mudroom wall instead of where it currently is would allow you to put another window in the master bedroom to balance the door out to the deck.

Other than those two very minor things, it looks like a beautiful and very livable plan!

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Bevangel- Thank you for the excellent suggestions! Moving the door in the bedroom, is a really good idea. I hadn't thought about that, at all.

As for the hot tub, I'm still not sure about the bedroom door, out to the screened porch. I may just make it a window and put a chair, in that corner, but another window to balance the light, is a good idea.

The barns are behind the house, to the left. We'd probably park closer to the front door, in the winter (less driveway to plow) but in the back, the rest of the year.

I'm glad you like the plan...I respect your opinion a lot, since you're so good at helping everyone else, with their plans :)

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I agree with Renovator. Time to build it.

BTW I wouldn't change the doornlocation to the master. What you have now is great for somebody getting ready and another person still sleeping without getting disturbed. If you were worried about guests using the bath while changing clothes you can just bring the clothes into the bedroom and close the door and change.

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Lyfia- That's a good point, too.

As for 'building it' let's get this house repaired and I'll get right on that! A truck took out both our vehicles and slammed into our house, about seven weeks ago. We're just now getting the repairs started, after dealing with insurance companies for the last several weeks. Nothing like a goofball with no insurance, speeding down the road and taking a hard left, into your midnight, no less. Thank goodness, my husband thought to carry unisured motorist and extra coverage, on our home insurance!

At least it's a small preview, of the farmhouse remodel. Getting hit by a truck, also made me rethink our plan a bit, so this plan is very different from our earlier one. This plan has the keeping room, in the back of the house!

And, thank goodness, no one was hurt...not even the goofball.

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I see two small issues for me. First of all, if you are coming in all muddy from the barn, and you enter from the back on the screened porch, you have to travel through the mud room, across the hall, and to the far side of the utility room to wash your hands. I think a farm property can use a sink by the back door much more than a suburban home.

Second, in the master bath you open the door and the toilet seems rather exposed. You have a lot of real estate in that bath. I prefer having the toilet in its own cubicle, but even having it off to the side or behind a knee wall is a LOT more attactive. I just don't find toilets or people sitting on them attactive for some reason!

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Scrapbookheaven- Thank you for your suggestions. We have so much old wire and other debris on the farm that I never go out, without my gloves on. Even in the garden, I've found big pieces of rusty metal that will just come up, out of the dirt. Scary stuff...but the soil is wonderful and everything grows like crazy.

That being said, we now take off the gloves, boots (also always wear these) and sometimes coat in the mud room...and then wash our hands in the kitchen sink. The utility room sink will be a big improvement! As for the master bath...interesting suggestion about the knee wall.

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The issues I see are in the master bath.

1st, Our shower is the same size, but has a glass wall and the glass door. I shower in the hall bath (shower/tub combo) because not only does the tiny shower feel claustrophobic, but leg shaving is impossible. AND where do you put the his/her bottles of shampoo etc.. Do you really need that linen closet next to the shower? If not eliminate it and make the shower bigger.

2nd, for resale, according to TV shows everyone wants double sinks. If you flipped the swing of the door you could have two sinks. We have double sinks and in 9 years have never used them at the same time, but TV says everyone wants that.

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Gammyt- Thank you for your response. I have concerns about the shower, too...and no, I don't need such a big linen closet. A bigger shower, might be a better idea.

Oh, and as for the double sink, we never use them either...and being a family farm, resale isn't an issue. Kind of nice, because we can do whatever we want really, since the value is in the land, not the home :)

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LL ...

unless you have cattle to wash in the master bath shower , the 3'6" x 4'6" size should be more than comfortable ... larger is easily accomplished ... on paper ...

let me know :-)

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Summerfield- LOL! I don't have cattle, but I do have horses. So far, they haven't wanted to use the shower :)

Just a quick sketch I did yesterday (at work) so sorry, it's not prettier. One square equals one foot...and it's more about having a bit more room for the sink and doorway. I don't need a window into the courtyard, since I want to put trellis on that wall, to make it look like a third side of the garden. What do you think? From Courtyard Garden album

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I agree with bevangel. Moreover, I agree with your ideas. Thanks for sharing this useful information with us.

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Lavendar - I haven't had a chance to really look at this til now (been traveling for work for weeks!). But, I have to say...i love it!!!

My only suggestion would be to maybe move the pantry so you have access directly from the kitchen. BUT, I only say that bc I put everything in my pantry and access it multiple times a day. So, it depends on what you plan to store in there vs. in the kitchen cabinets.

But, overall, it looks great!!!!

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HazelJosephine- Thank you :)

Andi K- I'm glad you like the plan! Thanks for the pantry suggestion, but I probably won't use it as much, during the day, as you do. We tend to buy in bulk, living out in the country and would probably use it more for long term storage. I might put a little pantry storage, in those narrow cabinets, to the right of the oven. Unless it ends up being dish storage...I have a lot of dishes! LOL

I know you love fireplaces and wood stoves, as much as I do. When I found this picture and I thought you might like it, too. From Courtyard Garden album

I'd like to use a stove/surround like this, in the bedroom (without the wallpaper) but maybe keep the leather chair in the corner, with a more feminine window seat...something like this. From Courtyard Garden album

After some input on the other post, I think it would be nice to switch the bathroom and closet...and add the fireplace or stove, to the bedroom. Here's a quick cut and paste. What do you think? From Courtyard Garden album

Oh, and I put a narrow arbor, around the sunroom and would probably have more of a cottage look, in the courtyard. Something like this... From Courtyard Garden album

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LOVE that fireplace!!! And your points about the pantry make complete sense...I thought that might be the case since you are out in the boon docks :)

Switching the bath/closet totally works. But, it works the other way too! I think that's just a matter of personal preference. We ended up putting the closet closer to the bedroom - but that was bc DH had some issue with a "what if I forget my baseball hat...then I have to walk a long way to get it"....I didn't really follow his issue either! :) So I just went with his preference bc it didn't matter to me either way.

Do you only need wall space for one dresser in the master? If you have the fp and the benchseat, you end up with only one "dresser wall".

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Andi K- One dresser wall is fine, because I don't have a lot of clothes. In fact, I think my husband has more clothes, than I do! LOL

Being out on the farm, it really takes a toll on high heel shoes and sandals. I still own a few pairs...and some nice dresses and skirts/jackets, but the majority of my outfits are boots, jeans and long sleeved shirts. Not much of a fashion statement, but very comfortable...and practical!

I'm glad you like the fireplace. It's so cute and I don't need a large one in the bedroom, just enough to provide some heat, when the power goes out...or for a little ambience :)

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Lavender: I think it makes sense to switch the bathroom and closet like you did in terms of function; however, I wouldn't do it........ the closet and clothes will act as a sound buffer for the bathroom sounds. If either of you are light sleepers, consider the noise of the shower, tub, faucet, toilet...

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Lolauren- You bring up a good point, but I think a little extra insulation in the wall will help...and the toilet, shower and bath faucet are all on the other side of the bathroom.

For the closet, I'm thinking about putting a high window on the courtyard side, with a bench under it. I don't need that much storage and it would feel a little less claustrophobic :)

A smaller version of this...without the center 'island' and a higher window. From Courtyard Garden album

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I'm wondering if you've given up the idea of having the master bath space accessible to visitors during the day because putting the master bath between the master bedroom and closet (as shown in your most recent sketch) doesn't seem very compatible with that idea. You couldn't possible get to your closet during the day when you had visitors without basically wandering down a long "public" hallway. In fact, while I don't know what codes say about it, my suspicion is that the closet for a bedroom really needs to be accessible FROM the bedroom without having to traverse a hallway that is outside the bedroom space. I rather suspect that if you were ever to try to sell a home with a floorplan like your most recent sketch, the masterbedroom might not even be counted as a bedroom at all...much less as a "master suite."

But, since planning on paper is an ongoing thing (due to fixing up the current space due to the truck hitting it), maybe you won't mind yet another suggestion...

You mentioned in an earlier post that your barn and driveway were to the left of the house and that you would probably park nearer to the front of the house in the winter (to avoid plowing more driveway out) and further back the rest of the year. Regardless of where you park, you will have to trek around the back of the master bedroom and thru the screened porch to reach the mudroom. If it were me, I'd rather not shovel that much sidewalk in the winter. Nor would I want mud being constantly tracked into the screened porch during the muddy seasons. It seems to me like you need your mudroom to be on the left side of the house where it is as close as possible to the driveway and barns. So....

How about taking the most recent sketch you made (the one with the bathroom next to the bedroom) and make one more swap. Swap the mudroom and wardrobe! The two spaces look very similar in size already. You could then put a door into the mudroom on the extreme left hand side of the house (next to the driveway) and have a window in it looking out to the courtyard.

This would also keep both your wardrobe and your bathroom up near the bedroom where they belong. You wouldn't have to walk down a long hallway to reach either one. If you moved the bedroom door down the hallway so that the hall space between bathroom and repositioned wardrobe were part of the bedroom, you would have a true "master suite."

Your screened deck in back could still be accessed by a door from the keeping room and one from the master bedroom. (And yes, if I had a hot tub out on the screened porch, I would definitely keep a door from the masterbedroom to reach it!) But the deck would no longer be the most direct path to/from the barns and driveway. Instead, the deck would become more of a "destination" which means it would be a whole lot easier to keep clean. If you wanted to, you could then move the hot tub down into the protected corner of the deck b/c you wouldn't have the door into the mudroom there anymore. (I suspect the hot tub would get more use, especially in the winter, if it were closer to the bedroom!) The right hand side of your screened deck could then house the more public outdoor sitting and eating areas.

Anyway, just another thought. You're smart to take so much time on the plans instead of rushing to build.

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Bevangel- That's actually a very good idea! Thank you...let me make a few sketches :)

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Bevangel- I'm really liking this idea! I've been trying some different things and I want to have Summerfield take a look...but so far, it's working out MUCH better! Thank you so much for the great suggestion. It is such a better use of space and much better for getting to the barns! LOL

I wanted to move that darn hot tub, but didn't want to block the mudroom access, so this solves that problem. Thanks, again :)

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Bevangel- Very rough cut and paste...but is this what you were thinking?

The BBQ should be moved to the other side of the porch. There would also be one more foot (depth) in the mudroom and closet areas. I don't know if the closet needs to be quite that long, so the banquette might be able to slide a foot or two, to the left...and make more room for the door, to the screened porch. I put the round table to make more space and because we have a round pedestal table, in with the farmhouse furniture. It would be nice to use it!

I don't want to put a door, from the bedroom area to the courtyard. I think I'd rather have a linen closet. It sounds nice in theory, but we have indoor cats and they have to stay indoors all the time. Too many owls, coyotes, speeding cars/trucks (like the one that hit my house) for them to go outside :)

Also, I'd probably put pocket doors on the bedroom and closet, to close them off when necessary, but the main door would be by the bathroom. What do you think? From Courtyard Garden album

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I can't tell, but did you mean to put a door from bedroom to hottub? I might be inclined to put that door through the closet, but that is just me...

Also, I don't think I'd do a pocket door for your master bedroom. *maybe* the bathroom though. (is that what you meant?)

I really like this rearrangement based on your description of where you park and where the barns are. Great suggestion Bevangel!

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Kirkhall- I am so stuck on the door to the hot tub. I wonder if it could open, out to the porch? I'm sure that's a code question, I'll have to check.

As for putting the access through the closet, I think it would work if it was a dressing room (with doors on the closet space) but I'm not sure about a walk-in closet. Interesting idea, though.

I doubt this is any easier to read, but I tried a little more cut and paste, but I can't get the plan any darker. And, I went back to the bigger table, in the husband apparently has plans for the other go in his 'man space' LOL From Courtyard Garden album

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That's almost EXACTLY what I had in mind. I was almost done doing a cut and paste for you last night to show you what I meant when I got a lengthy phone call that lasted till bedtime. So I finished it up a few minutes ago and logged on to see that you'd already sketched it out! For what it is worth tho, here is my finished cut-and-paste.

And, BTW, I agree that it would be really nice if the door from bedroom to reach hot tub could open outward. When checking the codes in your area, be sure to double-check whether it makes a difference that the door will open to a screen enclosed area. You have not mentioned what kind of "roof" you plan to put over the deck but if you're screening in the walls, I assume you're planning on putting something up there to keep the bugs out as well. In some places codes don't allow outward opening doors, the rationale is that an outward opening door might get blocked by drifting snow in the winter. So the code might allow an exterior door that opens outward onto a covered and screened deck since drifting snow wouldn't be an issue.

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Bevangel- How did you do that? It's beautiful! Thank you :)

I was thinking the same thing, about the door. It usually is a snow issue and we will have a roof, on the screened porch.

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Glad you like it.

I do the cut-and-paste using my computer's Paint program.

I copy the image off the thread, paste two copies of it (one beside the other) onto an extra large "Paint" program screen. Then I erase the parts I don't want to keep off of the first image. Next I copy the parts that I want to move off of the untouched second image and paste them into the blank spots on the first image. Finally I draw in the little things that need to be changed slightly. Mess with "Paint" long enough and you get pretty good at moving just the right pieces. Helps if you have a strong mental image of what you want the final image to look like before you start cutting and pasting but it isn't really difficult. And the nice thing is, if you mess a section up, you can just recopy that entire section from the untouched image and paste it back over the messed up part. When I get done, I resize the screen down so that only the edited image that I want to keep is left, save it and VOILA...

I have to admit tho that drawings from Summerfield's program sometimes gives me fits because of all their detail! For example trying to move things that were shown on the screened porch was really difficult because the lines showing the deck flooring and the deck roof rafters didn't want to line back up when I moved things. That's why the barbeque grill has "rafters" over it in the wrong place and I just gave up and redrew the table and chairs.

You should definitely get Summerfield to redo it tho with her program b/c then you'll have proper dimensions to work with.

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Bev- I still want to add a foot (depth) to the mudroom, closet and keeping maybe Summerfield will help me with that. For now, this is wonderful! It's so much easier to show people, than my too light scans...thank you, again :)

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modified your mudroom entrance , to give you a covered porch , which you'll need ...

you'll have to move the barbeque grill off the screened porch , unless you want me to add an exhaust hood ...

let me know your thoughts ...

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Summerfield- It's beautiful. You made everything work and it all looks so effortless. I don't know how you do it, but it's absolutely beautiful! :)

The BBQ can go on the patio, behind the study. My husband would prefer that, anyway. He can have a few lounge chairs out there for his buddies and he'll love it!

You put every single detail I asked for and some I didn't, but wondered how to make it work. The porch is amazing...and it has access to the courtyard! The mudroom is so much better than anything I had planned. And, the bathroom! I can't believe how wonderful the bathroom looks...and you gave me access to the powder room part, from the mudroom...which is exactly what we wanted, without having a third bathroom.

The closet is exactly what I wanted...and the bedroom is amazing! You know how I love ottomans ! LOL I can't get over how beautifully it all fits together. I knew you were talented, when it came to floor plans, but this is just so wonderful! I don't know what else to say...except thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

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Looks nice! Summerfield - what are you showing for interior (including sunroom) sq footage on this latest design?

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Dekeoboe- Thanks! My rough estimate is about 2,150 square feet (including sunroom) but I'm probably missing a few feet for walls, etc.

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Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous. NOW I say, "time to build it." Seriously, I can't see how any more tweaking can possibly result in a better design. So, time to get all the truck damage fixed ASAP so you can get started on building this. Can't wait to see photos.

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Bevangel- I know! This plan is perfect for us...and I'm so excited :)

The porch got started yesterday, so tomorrow, the decking is supposed to go on...and it should be finished, by the end of the week. I can't wait to show my contractor the plan and see what he thinks. He's already said that Summerfield's software is amazing!

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Wow...this really looks fantastic lavender!!!! Great job Summerfield!!! I love the way the mudroom/bath space is now...very functional and looks amazing! I can't wait to see the progress!

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Thanks, Andi! I really like the master bath and mudroom in this version, too. And, the side porch...that's going to make such a difference, especially when it's raining/snowing :)

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Andi- Can I ask you two questions? First, what kind of floor are you using, in your kitchen? Second, did you decide what color to paint your accent cabinet? I'm thinking about using some french blue, in the kitchen (with the white and wood) for a more unfitted look. I just wondered if you were still thinking about the red? :)

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Also, wanted to show you another great wood stove I found, online. From Courtyard Garden album

I's from the UK, but they ship here. Almost afraid to ask how much! This (or something similar) would look great in the keeping room. I like this, too. From Courtyard Garden album

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Love the stove!

We are doing reclaimed wood floors on most of the first floor. And, the kitchen will have these as well. They are from Appalachian Woods in Virginia. It's old wood beams sawed off to make definite splurge for the house!

I still haven't decided which cabinet color to use! Did I tell you I ordered both the red and the charcoal? (I know, I'm so indecisive!) But, they were on sale for $250, so I figure I can put the one I don't like somewhere else in the house.

I just received the last week...

I am going to see which one ends up looking better with the dish cabinet (it's a grey-blue-green color)...the one on the bottom of these pics. And, I figure, once the rest of the cabinets are in, I can hold each of the red/charcoal cabinets up and pick one! My KD likes the charcoal, and my interior decorator likes the red! So, that doesn't help me either :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Antique Oak Floors

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Lavendar: here is my vote on the cabinet color. The grey one gives a cooler, more contemporary in a casual sort of way vibe. The red one is warmer, country casual. Also, think about the countertop and paint colors that you envision in your space. Me, I like the red.

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Wow, Lavender Lass ~ what a beautiful and very detailed plan! You, and several forum members, have really taken the time to shape and tweak it to such an amazing result.

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Scrapbookheaven- I like the red, too! That's Andi's kitchen, but the red is so cheerful :)

Pay it forward- Thank you. I really love the plan, it has everything we could possibly want. That being said, I finally talked to my contractor today and while we could probably do the bigger plan, it is going to be much more difficult to add on the bedroom wing to the exisiting house. So, I'm rethinking my slightly smaller plan, which is also very cute, but a little more compact. That being said, if anyone can use any ideas from this bigger plan, please feel free to do so! It's a lovely plan, but I've been rethinking the size...and the upkeep. Plus, a smaller/less expensive home would mean more money and energy for my gardens! LOL

Summerfield- You are amazing and I NEVER would have gotten this far, without all your help. You are a wonderful person and I want you to know how much I appreciate your patience, ideas and talent. My contractor is completely smitten with your software and wants to know when/if it will be available, to the public :)

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You're welcome, Lavender Lass! In the three years I've been at this, I have learned what a soul-searching and reality checking (budget!) process it is to design a home (especially one in which you hope to never move from!). Your more compact plan is also lovely and looks as though it provides many of your preferences.

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Pay it forward- Thank you for the kind words and good advice.

Great news...yesterday, we finished the repairs to our current house! It's so nice to be able to use the front door, again.

Then, this morning, on the smaller homes forum...Summerfield posted a revised plan for our farmhouse remodel. It's just beautiful! I'm going to talk to our contractor and see if this would work better, with the rooflines and in our space. It even has a front exterior, too...and it's just wonderful! Thank you, Summerfield :)

Before and after From Fairy tale cottage From Fairy tale cottage

And exterior From Fairy tale cottage

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The newest plan looks very nice. But, it it still has a lot of the plumbing in the outside walls and I thought you were trying to avoid that. Cute exterior.

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Dekeoboe- I LOVE the exterior! I don't know if the plan will fit some of our space restrictions, but it's so nice, I wanted to post it. You have a good point about the plumbing, but I have a feeling (after talking to my husband) we'll have to stay with the smaller plan, due to our existing well placement and other issues.

I'm hoping Summerfield will create a slightly nicer version of my cut and paste plan...and maybe a front elevation. This one is so pretty and I love all the pergolas/arbors, porches and greenhouse :) From Courtyard Garden album

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How is this look achieved? Are these casement windows? What...
NEW to New Build - A/C Option Input Needed
I've been lurking around this board for a few weeks...
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