Hi I'm new here

ladyelleMarch 15, 2005

I was given the link by a friend of mine, just thought I'd say hi for now..

I care for an elderly mom.. She's 85, she says I'll fit right in here..

I'll be back..

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Howdy Elle: You will be glad you took my advice and came here.
Elle is great, caring for her mom and even agreed to move here to Texas to give her mom a chance to be close to the only other member of the family, Elles brother and his kids.
Elle gets overpowered by her moms needs, and I knew she would find lots of advice, and support here.

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Thank you Jeannine,
Yes Jeannine is my friend, we met through this wonderful world of internet.. She has done alot for me.. She don't know it but she has been alot of support for me..

Getting back to my mom, she does demands alot of my time, 24/7. I have to be on the alert to her every need. If I am asleep, there is my husband who almost always hears her.. Then there's my Shelby, (my dog) she loves mom so, and mom loves her. They are inseparable. Shelby is always at her side..

I go out only when mom falls asleep, I know I have about an hour.. She takes pills just about every 4 or 5 hours for something or other. From her heart to her thyroid, or pressure, and I have to remember to give her the right pills.

Then I have this dog next door, oh please don't get me started on him!!

Well, that's all I have for now..
Thanks for having me..

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Hi Elle! :) I hadn't found this post yet and started a constipation thread after I read your comment about your mother's problem. Hope we can help you. How wonderful that you and Jeannine "met"! Caregiving 24/7 is extremely exhausting; many of us know what that's like... Shelby sounds like a super dog and a blessing for your mother. What's with the dog next door? :) ~breezy

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