Chest with slots for what?

yelloweyesSeptember 20, 2012

Would this chest be used for plates or vinyl records, or what? Any ideas? The piece is 3ft tall, 15" deep and 14" wide.

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Hard to tell for sure without seeing the whole thing....but it looks like a music cabinet, slots for records and those little round depressions on the door for the phono for used and one for new. Likely as an adjunct to one of those old crank phonos.

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These slots appear right sized for old 78 rpm and 33 1/3 rpm albums. The phonograph sat on top of the cabinet.

Old style wind-up phonographs were built into the top of the cabinet. The additional mass of the cabinet offered stability when winding up the power spring. One had to be careful when winding a free standing phono lest he slip and send it crashing to the floor.

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Thanks for the replies. I'm happy to know how it was used.

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