Antique trash burner

bbntSeptember 21, 2010

I have an old Sears and Roebuck trash burner model # 835-1000. How would I go about finding information about this item ?

Any help would be very appreciated !

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I would go to the Sears site, email customer service and ask them.

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That's a useful answer....or not lol

You can check with old stove collectors or restorers and probably get a great deal of info (google antique stove restoration and you'll find tons) but in general I'm guessing it's cast iron on top and white enamel on the sides with at least one hole on top that opens but more likely two with a small door in the front.

What are you trying to find out? They're not horribly valuable (at least what I described) and are quasi unsafe if not installed correctly. If you want to use it have it inspected first by a stove expert as the boxes do deteriorate. But I will admit that in my relatively short life i've had a couple and they were rather charming....and useful.

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