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beaglebuddyMarch 8, 2006

My mother is in a nursing home and my father is still at home w/ an aid. I understand there is a way to seperate their finances so medicaid (california) will pick up the nursing home fees that do not get paid by their long term insurance and we won't have to reimburse the state after she passes. Anyone familiar w/ all this ?

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Oh, yes! There's a lot of great information available. Send an email to Len Tillem who has the 4-7 PM radio show on KGO. He specializes in elder law and exactly what you are talking about.

I sent an email and got a very prompt answer to my immediate question. And if you need to hire this law firm, they do cover the whole Bay Area. And it is wise to pay the money now and get everything in order.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Len Tillem

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PS, the radio show is Saturday and Sunday.

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Yeah I listen to him every weekend, can't remember him awnsering this specific question. I thought I was on top of it , we have a trust, long term insurance ect.. but when looking for a nursing home for mom, she is going from assisted living, one of the directors mentioned this, because the higher cost of a nursing home will now exceed the payout from the long term insurance.

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Send him an email, and you can clear up some of your questions. Medi-Cal planning is a specific specialty of his. Let us know what you learn, and then we can all add to our knowledge.

Good luck!

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My situation is a little bit different from yours, but I think the division of assets should have been done when the person entered the home. I live in Kansas, but medicaid is a federal service so am assuming it will be the same everywhere. I talked to an SRS rep today about care homes, medicaid and the division of assest and this is what I found out. If/when I put my husband in a care home, I will pay the first months bill. Then I will go to the SRS taking in proof of our financial resources. I will then fill out a medicaid form and will learn how much of our assets will be for my husband and how much income for me. The money will all be left in my control, I will pay the nursing home bill and when I spend down to a certain amount medicaid will step in and take over my husbands expenses. I read in the paper about Medicaid was thinking of putting liens on the spouse's home to recover their expenses. I was concerned about that. I question the SRS rep and he said that has not taken affect yet. I mentioned I might need money and have a need to buy a cheaper home so I would have money to live on. He said in that event the lien would be signed off and likely be put on the next home I buy. I was much relieved talking to the rep because I have gotten to the point I need some R&R, if I don't get it, my husband will have to go to a care home. I have already had some stress problems health wise.

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