Disabilities differ

jeanninetxMarch 12, 2006

Reading Deborahs post reminded me of this.

Everyone is so different in their disability, the same disability can still be different in each person.

My son is what is known as a "incomplete Quad" that means he can feel some parts, work some parts, and this all depends on what part of the spinal cord was damaged.

He can feel over 75% of his body, maybe not the exact location, but he knows something is causing pain. He can move his arms and from the shoulders up, but not his hands. That was so weird when he was diagnosed, you can move your arms all over, but your hands cannot be opened or moved.

We got him a van he could drive from his chair, then he developed a terrible spasm problem, cannot drive if your body goes into spasms and you have to use both arms to grab the chair to keep in it.

So like most problems not everyone is the same. Even if you have the same diagnoses.

Alzheimers/Dementia are good examples of this, some can stay at home with loved ones, others cannot. Some just need constant nursing and guarding.

I guess that is why this forum is so good, you can talk about a disibility/medical problem and find others dealing with the same thing. You can at least realize you are not alone with this problem.

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So true! I think so many people expect certain disabilities like Alzheimers/Dementia to follow a certain fixed course like Measles or Mumps. It doesn't happen like that when the nervous system/spinal cord or brain damage is involved. Each person is different. We are very complex creatures.

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Oh Jeannine, i hope your not mad at me! it was so nice to see you post, that i guess my fingers were faster than my brain! you are so,so right everyone is different, you see this by looking at your children, my son and daughter are so different--son is always smiling and you are on the earth to have a good time, and daughter is the studious one, always studying and staying close to home. even Al when you tell people he is an amputee, people will say i know this person and they wear their leg blah,blah,blah, however, Al also has something wrong with him and is dizzy when he is up (it is not vertigo, but low,low blood pressure), you probably explain your son and they just don't get it and look at you as if you're crazy-lol! Are you like me, don't like to leave him by himself for very long, for fear that he might fall out of his wheelchair, even though you know that he is buckled in? i know i'm like that all the time. we had a thunderstorm on saturday, yes rain, gee we only have 3-4 feet of snow still on the ground! but anyways Al was in such pain, where you are is it humid and what does your son do for the pain, the percocet isn't really doing anything anymore and the morphine capsules, he says do nothing. i did end up buying him a very small, lap type duvet (Feathers) which he says is light, i guess i figure that it will keep the heat in and the dampness out, are you like me, that you'll just about try anything to keep him comfortable? well today if the first official day of the march break for our daughter, so i've used up my time for the next while, enjoy your day, because you all deserve it! debbie

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