Elux all-freezer with SZ all-refrigerator

piu007February 25, 2013


In my new build, I am splurging on a SZ 36" all-ref (and most of the other appliances). Would like to save on the freezer, since I dont use it all that much.
Hence, I'm thinking of the Elux ICON/IQ touch 32" all-freezer, which is considerably less expensive than SZ/Thermador columns.
However, is the Elux not a true built-in?.... its depth, without door, is 24 1/4" ... I'll get the trim kit. And, I can have the cabinets on that wall bumped up as necessary.
Q is, will it look as "built-in" as the SZ? I recognize that the door will stick out (which it will in the SZ, too, if I go the BI route, not integrated). I've read how one needs an inch or so around a free-standing unit for venting which gives away the not truly BI. Of course, its a whole different matter whether it bothers someone or not!
Thank you in advance,

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is the Elux not a true built-in?.............


will it look as "built-in" as the SZ?...............


its a whole different matter whether it bothers someone or not! ..................

It only matters whether it bother you, in your kitchen. The electrolux is about half the price too !

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Well, i think my Q is, specifically, how what gives away the fact that its not a true built-in? The inch around all sides? Even with trim kit?
Will an untrained eye (not a builder and NOT a GW'er!!) be able to figure it out?

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The built in is attached to cabinetry and is roughly 24-25" deep including the door. Sometimes they are flush with the surrounding cabinetry.

That elux, is a free standing unit with pretty flimsy trim kit around it. It does look stylish though. It is quite a bit deeper than 25" with the door.

Can the untrained eye tell ??? Prob. not, but it's kinda irrelevant since the untrained won't be able to tell about most of the details that are discussed around here. What most people can tell is a difference in quality, fit & finish, and general design when comparing two items like these. It becomes a lot harder to do when they are not right next to each other, but still pretty easy when they are in the same room. Then price enters into the equation and things get real complex.

What's the price diff ? $2000 ? What is it in terms of the overall % of the kitchen, the house , and over the life of the loan?

You'd better read some reviews of that unit before you talk yourself into saving a few bucks.

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