Terri Schindler Shiavo Died Today:What Do You Think Of This Case?

cupofkindnessMarch 31, 2005

I am so sad about this tragic situation. I have watched it with interest over the years and have found myself totally wrapped up in the case in recent weeks. To hear of her death today, which didn't come as a surprise at all, was devastating nevertheless. The photographs of her precious family are heartbreaking. What do you people, dedicated caregivers in the trenches with your loved ones, think of Terri Schindler Shiavo's situation and the outcome?

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A posting just like this just got pulled from the Grief forum. The subject is impossible for some to discuss without controversery.

Let's just say that the whole thing has been a terrible tragic situation and let it go at that.

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I think that the decisions that we all face in life are hard enough without it becoming an issue for the courts and politicians. Heaven help us all if we have to go thru that with our own loved ones, or our loved ones have to face that with us.

This should be a private matter.

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My only words on this subject---Get a Living Will!!

My dad had one, beside giving me POA for medical care.
When he faced that situation of machines keeping him alive, I did what he asked with no regrets.

My DH, DS, and myself have them both, I do not want any member of my family going through any problems.

I do advise you to check with a local lawyer, one time in MI a woman asked her DH be taken off machines, and his brother objected, any objections were handled in court. That poor woman had the Living Will, but MI still questioned her decision. That is Stupid!!

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I agree with all of these remarks, particularly the one about a living will. I tried yesterday on the telephone to raise the issue of end-of-life care with my own mother (who is 67), but she just ignored my comment (or maybe she didn't hear me, but her hearing is good). This whole sad situation brings into focus the importance of surrounding yourself with people you trust and making your wishes known in writing.

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I think the case underscores the necessity of planning for the "worst case scenario" in our lives. The fact that Mrs. Schiavo was only 26 when she sustained the brain damage speaks volumes. Something equally tragic can (and does) happen to families across the world every minute of every day. Making the time to consider YOUR wishes and then making them LEGAL is the only way to assure they will be followed should the unspeakable occur. In a time of tremendous grief and pressure it gives the surviving members of the family clear guideposts to follow.

Mum was 76 and facing cancer surgery before my brother and I INSISTED she sign a living will! My helpmeet and I have had one since we were married. Our wishes are very clearly spelled out. So were those of my late aunt.

I was appalled by the legislative intervention, personally.

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