Info on this box?

pamghattenSeptember 26, 2010

Can anyone tell me anything about this box? It sat next to my Grandmother's chair in her living room, she kept pen, paper, needle, thread, etc. in it. Now it sits next to my chair and has pen, paper, chocolate (LOL!), nail file, etc.

Just have always been curious about it. I think the outside is covered with leather? Inside looks like wallpaper. Unfortunately, I don't have the key.

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About the only thing that I can add is that it seems old. I'd guess ca 1920. It was nothing secial in its day being an ordinary utility, general purpose storage box. The box did have finishing features to dress it up a bit. The interior was fully papered. The corner joints are covered therefore, I can not tell if these are dove-tail or plain butt joints. The lid hinges are ordinary hinges with no effort to conceal or make flush. The hasp is a clue to age. The handle appears to be a leather strap fastened with simple hardware. The handle fasteners also lend a clue to age.

The outside surfaces are covered with a thin material of which I can not determine by these photos; It could be leather or a simulated leather. The inside and outside coverings do elevate this box aboce a plain box.

On the bottom, there are 4 metal buttons incorported into the corner pieces. Thesea act as feet and to reduce wear on the bottom, another feature that upgrades it above a plain box.

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I have or had...I gave it to my daughter who have it to her daughter, a similar box and the household I bought it from said it was a dolls trunk. Used by little girls to keep doll clothes in.
Linda C

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Thank you both ...

Linda, spot on! I googled doll trunk and came up with many that are similar ... and another one I just have to have. Reminds me that I also have a couple of old dolls I know nothing about either. I'll have to research those next.

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