New seats for antique chairs

mileadaySeptember 19, 2010

I found these chairs at a yard sale this weekend. I removed the broken cane seats and am in the process of removing layers of old finish. I think I'd rather put fabric seats on them instead of recaning but am not exactly sure how to go about it. Does anyone have experience with making a new seat and can you give me some helpful hints? Thanks

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Those kind of caned seats are so buy the cane already woven....soak it in water...lay it on the seat and put glue in that groove....then with soft wooden wedges force the cane into the groove. Then you will have bought a spline piece of cane and you force that into the groove too....using a rubber mallet to force it in place. Let the glue dry, and with an x-acto knife trim the excess cane from the edge of the groove. All told but for the time to soak the cane and for the glue to dry...ought to take about an hour.'s that easy.
They are beautiful chairs....finish them off the way they were supposed to be.
Linda c

Here is a link that might be useful: Cane seats for sale.

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The "pressed cane" is indeed very easy.

However, if you want fabric seats, make a pattern by pressing a sheet of thick paper into the groove for the cane ... cut 3/8 plywood to that shape, but slightly larger so you cover up the cane groove.

Cover it with padding and cloth like you would any chair pad.

Fasten it to the chair with screws from the underside, pre-drilling the holes.

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In my area we are fortunate. There is a federal prison about 15 miles from here where the inmates do the real cane work by hand for about $10 per chair.

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It was suggested that I use hide glue but I am unable to find it for sale in my area. I can order it from Amazon but really wanted to work on them this weekend. Is there another glue that anyone thinks would work just as well as the hide glue?

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Elmers wood a squeeze bottle. I regularly use a chair with the cane glued in with that.
Linda c

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