Cabin fever

cheloneMarch 13, 2005

I'm suffering from a FULL BLOWN case! (how does heydeb. survive?! :) ).

Yesterday we received another 8" of pretty heavy, wet snow. I knew the beauty parlor app't. would be cancelled. So I let Mum sleep. Long about 10:30, her highness came up the staircase. I'd already taken care of the morning chores. I'd set her fruit out early, so it was room temperature (we both prefer it that way; seems to taste better). I made her a fresh pot of de-caf. coffee. I made her 3 whole wheat pancakes with apple slices. She gobbled up every bite.

But rather than grumble about the snow and the added inconvenience I simply "rolled with it". We watched the snow fall all day long. We read, we watched TV, we napped. We TOOK THE DAY OFF.

And I was reminded that as a caregiver, finding time for ME is probably MORE important than tending to Mum's needs; if I'm not healthy, reasonably content I have NO hope of being able to deal with the responsibility on a day in, day out basis.

Initially, I was resentful of the time required on "my" weekends; now I'm not. I genuinely get a kick out of planning the breakfast menu, having it all set to go when "the lady of the house" arises, and presenting it to her. She ALWAYS remarks how pretty the setting is... (I use pretty china and silverware) and what a luxury it is to have food "appear".

When the winter lingers too long and the walls begin to converge you have to find satisfaction and fulfillment elsewhere. How do you do it? what keeps you going when you don't think you can take one more minute of the responsibility?

Is everyone else out there doing OK? I sure hope so!

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Hi I laughed out loud when my nme came up! i hate winter, with a passion! it's only because of Al's job that we are here (that was when he wasn't sick) (he works, he is still employed by the college here). we didn't get the snow that was expected only afew flakes here and there, but the funny thing is when we do get a storm NOTHING closes down at all, not even the schools. i have also been without a car for over 2 weeks now, and have walked everywhere i needed to go (i have never minded walking) and i seem to be appreciated now, because mom can't drive us! to make the winter go by faster (and it seems like it will still be here come june!), i usually get a ton of books and mags from yard sales in the summer and fabric and wool -- to quilt and knit and make afew clothes for dd. we're lucky the neighbours like us alot they plow our driveway and just generally keep track of us (sort of like a neighbourhood watch only better), if you're outside they come and chat and just check on things in general. weekends i get to sleep in too, if ds isn't working till 8:15! and there's talking to you nice folks seeing what is happening in your end of the world. Then the rotten stuff is like on thursday, hydro bill - 2 months worth, hope your sitting down $368.54, and heat (force air gas) - one month - 298.98! thank goodness that will end soon! but i don't think spring will come soon, my perennial beds have about 3 1/2 feet of snow on them, but it sure is fun going into wal-mart and looking at all the seeds and lawn furniture! keep warm tonite, it's going to be really cold here! debbie

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Hi Everyone
Michigan is still getting snow also.
I am thinking about starting some plants inside (my mexican milkweed for my butterflies at least and a few early beans). I got my plant window rearranged to day, so that I am ready. I am getting my house all cleaned also, as I go in for another hernia surgery this Thursday, and I know I will be out of commision for at least a month. This is my third, possible 4th hernia, I am giving up lifting anything more than a feather pillow.
Say a little prayer for me mid morning Thursday.
Chelone I like your attitude, I hope that was the way I was when I was a caregiver, I always said raising my kids and caregiving--Pick your battles and make them worthwhile or don't battle.

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Chelone, now I am craving whole wheat pancakes! LOL. I just printed off some recipes from the web.

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Hello, Chelone, HeyDeb (did you see my picture, yet?;-)....
I've have cabin fever for several months now...let's see...when was our first snow-fall??? However, February is the worst and now March is also in the running with all this snow! We had tons of melting on a very sunny day today, and as long as nothing else topples onto us from the sky we're gaining on Spring. As for coping: I don't think I've done a very good job of that this year. With our son, a Narccist, demanding our time (thank goodness he lives in another city, but that doesn't stop him from making sure we know how we've managed to destroy his life) and Mom's dementia getting worse and now the hallucinations...well, I guess watching a few favourite shows on tv has kept me from going bonkers. Basketball March Madness, of all things, is something I look forward to watching with my long-suffering DH, ;-D and that helps, too.

I'm in a blue funk for now, but if we are blessed with a few more slushy, melty days, I'm sure I'll feel better.

Hope you gals are better at coping lately....


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