Bosch 800 induction owners - help, please...

ljg0419February 28, 2013

We just installed a Bosch 800 induction unit and within a day, the hob selector buttons were basically inoperable. The unit powers on, but it's nearly impossible to get a burner to actually engage. I am asking Bosch to replace the unit, but wondered for those that have this model, is it difficult to select the burners (in other words, do you have to press really hard)? The repair guy that came to inspect the unit was saying he didn't understand why they put "pressure pads" on the glass since glass isn't flexible. I've read nothing but great things about this unit, but he has me a little concerned. Please tell me he's wrong and you love your unit and don't have this issue. :)


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The repair guy did not know what he was talking about. The cooktop does not react to pressure, just the presence of a sufficiently large object. A light press is all that is required, and that is just to flatten your fingertip out enough to be sensed. You do have to leave your finger there for about 1/2 a second - a quick tap will not work. That is intentional, to avoid false switching if you brush quickly across the cooktop.

It sounds like your unit is faulty.

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These units use capacitance touch and if the unit is not grounded properly the touch systems have difficulty working..
Since your was just installed and didn't work it's most likely an install issue.

Have your service tech recheck and tighen all the electrical connections.

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> These units use capacitance touch


> if the unit is not grounded properly the touch systems have
> difficulty working

Not true - a smartphone uses the same technology, but we don't drag around a big ground wire with our phones.

The issue is within the cooktop, not something to do with the wiring.

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Thanks, guys - think it is definitely an issue with the unit. The repair guy from the appliance store that came out to inspect the install (he didn't do it) was on the phone with Bosch and went through every possible scenario (and some impossible ones) to diagnose the problem. It's definitely with the unit itself, not the installation. I just wanted to make sure the normal operation to select burners requires a light touch, not a heavy hand...

We're getting a new unit soon - fingers crossed this one is a keeper.

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I replied on the kitchen forum first, but we have the 800 series and love it. It did take a while at first to learn how to touch it properly. At first I would push hard, but quick. As mentioned, it's more just touching, but leaving there long enough for it to register your touch. Awesome unit. Please repost after yours is replaced.

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I'm considering the Bosch 800 induction---how do you all like the performance and features after having it for awhile.
The other we are considering is Thermador with the silver mirror finish---mainly for its looks. Advice?

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Yes, the learning curve I experienced with my Bosch induction had to do with the pressure necessary to activate the hobs. Just do it lightly. And linger your finger. Big pressure is a no no. Rest your finger. Practice on the counter, really.

Keep practicing the finger thing. It's a user learning thing. I had it for a while. Had my beloved Bosch 30" 500 for 1 1/2 wonderful years.

Bosch Siemens makes uber fancy, sensitive, medical equipment. They do know how to make induction cooktops, easily.

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Thanks to all who responded. I am happy to report that our new unit was installed over the weekend, and so far, so good! There is a bit of a learning curve but I am loving how fast and responsive it is. Westsider40, I'll take your advice on practicing on the counter! :)

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When touching the pads it's recommended to use the pad of your finger and not the tip. This ensures that you are covering the sensing area sweet spot completely.

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