Breezy the dog next door

ladyelleMarch 16, 2005

I moved here almost 2 years ago, and for that long I've been having trouble with the dog next door. I have told him repeatedly to please keep him quiet. But night time comes and he's barking alllllllllllll night long.. My husband was working in a hospital. He was given a warning that if his work didn't pick up that he would be canned.. How could he sleep listening to a dog bark all night..

Well, fast forward to today, I thought it was on account of that dog that he got fired cause he was working nights and couldn't sleep, he just couldn't do the work and got canned, but who wants to hear a dog barking ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

I had repeated talks with this guy about his dog about keeping the dog quiet, he told me he would, now the dog is still barking..

I saw him the other day, Saturday I think it was, and he was about to mow his lawn, mom was sleeping and I had to make my mad dash out the door.. But I killed some time I had to talk to him about that dog!!

He gave me some kind of story that someone tried to get into his house, while his wife and kids were home and he was at work. The dog barked and scared them away, YEAH RIGHT!! Tell me another one.. You have had that dog back there for almost 2 years that I'm living here. Your supposed to tell the HOA if ya having trouble with breakins, I don't wanna hear that story...

I told him, listen, and I started to cry, (really) my mom has gotten very sick since I moved in here, she's on oxygen now and she's got to have my FULL attention. If I'm not on the ball when I care for her something could go wrong and she could die.. I don't want her to die.. :( God willing she's going to be 86 years old this Sept...

Please, do something about that dog!!! He said ok.. He asked me if he could mow his side of the house, I said sure, do my side and ya got a deal. (I WAS KIDDING) I guess he doesn't know me yet.. He mowed my side.. Weed wacked it too.. I said to him I was kidding.. He said, I made him feel bad..

Good.. Then the tears worked :) I haven't heard that damn dog since.. At night anyway..

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Hi, Sounds like you're getting to know your neighbor & that he does have a heart. The stress in our lives as caregivers gets to be so much at times that getting the rest we need is a lifesaver. Hope your relationship with the neighbor continues to be positive.

Bless you, Sharlee

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Hi Elle... Hopefully this is a turning point in your relationship with the neighbor and his understanding of the need for everyone to be able to sleep at night. Sad about your hubby losing his job. Has he been able to get a daytime job??? It sounds like you have your hands full with your precious mother. I imagine she's becoming quite frail at 86... My mother went home to be with the Lord when she was 97. I can remember well the emotional ups and downs as her condition worsened... God was FAITHFUL and gave us strength for each day. I pray you all sleep WELL tonight! :) ~breezy

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My husband is looking but not finding daytime work.. :(

My mom is anything but frail, I weigh her every morning to make sure she's not gaining weight, she's been up and down.. Right now she's at 213 pounds.. Yep, she's 85 years old.. Remember though, she had colon cancer surgery before we moved, she uses that as every excuse as to why she can't move.. Oh, also, she fell the night before we moved. She's got a torn rotater cuff on her right shoulder.. So, yes I do more then my share around here..

I have to brush her hair everyday cause she can't lift her arm over her head..

It's the good thing we never had kids, just the husband and the dog and the mom is more then enough for me right now, and I'm no youngster anymore either..

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