Old opera glasses and dried out leather and adhesive

javaandjazzSeptember 14, 2011

I have an old pair of opera glasses and the dried out and craked leather on one side has come apart from the brass. I have tried regluing in the past with no luck. So tonight I took it off and started to polish the brass but there is remaining adhesive from 100 years ago still on the brass. I was wondering if I could use Goo Gone to remove the old glue. Now I just have to get the leather off the other side which is still stuck on pretty good. Thanks, Richie

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I am sure Goo-Gone won't hurt the brass.
Linda C

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thanks Linda

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Look around on the woodworking forum about dissolving that old glue - I seem to remember that just water or denatured alcohol or something more innocuous does it. I'm not a fan of goo gone because it seems to have an oily residue that I can never get rid of.

Karin L

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Leave it alone.
There's nothing you can do and why fix it.
They're old! No one will ever know that, if you tamper with them.
Don't even polish it.
Your opera glasses are worth more if you sell them in original condition.
I've had antiques for many years-long enough to that tampering with them is 90% unprofitable.

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De-Solv-It should work well. It's 100% organic, biodegradable and works quickly. There are two strengths, contractors' strength and regular. Use a very small amount and rub with your fingers, I'll be you'll get them cleaned up in no time. The regular strength should do it.

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I'm thinking that if the object is actually the stated age, that goo-gone is not going to get rid of the glue residue, because the glue is likely to be hide glue. So water would dissolve that.
I think that the ambroid/duco cement types of adhesives were just coming into existence at that time, and they would be dissolved with lacquer thinner.

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