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imabestMarch 15, 2005

I went to the Dr yesterday and I have acute bronchitis

Cant go see my mom till I am well

Have to go back to the Dr tomorrow and if no better I will be in the hospital.

My mom did not take this well she says she is lonesome.

So I called the nurse and told her to explain to mom that Iam sick and cant come to visit for awhile I also ask the Dr to tell her that he wants me to rest or I will be with her in the next bed LOL

I ask the Dr about hospice and he said he can keep mom in the hosp for 40 days part hosp part extended care.

I will need at least that time to rest

I have done this five years with no breaks !!!!!!! and No help...

I plan to talk with the social worker when I get to the hospital if Mom can get hospice that is what I want.

I dont care if the dr loose control and hospice takes over at 98 what is the differnce of who is taking care of her meds.

I have asked her chruch and friend to mail her some card as this is gonna be very hard on her till I get there to see her and she knows I m ok

thanks and love to you all Kathy

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Please take care of yourself...I know how difficult it is for caregivers who do have some help and occasional breaks...but what they say is true, if you don't take care of your health you don't have the strength to do anything else. Best wishes to you.

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Kathy, this rest will do you so much good. Make the most of it! Hospice will make a big difference for you. And as you say, at her age, what difference does it make who decides what medication she should get. I suspect that by now, you could do a pretty good job of it your self if only you could write prescriptions. Take care of yourself.

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Hi Kathy... So sorry you are down with bronchitis. You've just worn yourself out... I echo what Patti and PB wrote. Acute is serious!!! Please take care of yourself. Hospice will be wonderful for you and your dear mother. ~abreeze

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Kathy, I also agree that you need hospice....lady your body is telling you....I need rest...we have to listen. Your Mom will be o.k...I know she is lonesome but this time has to be for just comes to a point when we have to think about ourselves....and you are way over due. Keeping all of you in my rest some more. Blessings, Nora

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Kathy, hope your feeling better!!! an hope your mom is too, and that you'll be able to get Hospice for her!! take care and get lots of rest! DianePA

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Kathy, your poor body will do ANYTHING at this point to make sure you get some rest and make you listen to it! It's 'only' bronchitis this time....You can't do everything yourself...please look into Hospice...

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(((Kathy))) Take care. Derry

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Kathy, Yes, yes, Sometimes we're forced to do just that. Bless you for these past 5 yrs of care for your Mother. Just take care of yourself & all will fall into place.


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