What style is this club foot walnut chair w wicker inserts

floweraholicSeptember 10, 2009

This chair is about 120 years old, they told me, and I re-upholstered over the old brown nubbyish fabric. Wicker inserts are original. Wood is walnut. Foot is club or pad, I think. Any ideas? Any value?

http://www.tampalandscapedesign.com/front view chair.jpg

http://www.tampalandscapedesign.com/back view chair.jpg

http://www.tampalandscapedesign.com/side view chair.jpg

http://www.tampalandscapedesign.com/angle view chair.jpg

http://www.tampalandscapedesign.com/bottom detail chair.jpg

http://www.tampalandscapedesign.com/bottom view chair.jpg

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Well, I seriously doubt that it's 100 years old and I very seriously doubt that the wood is walnut.
It's a nice chair though and looks very comfortable.
Linda C

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It looks very similar to a set (settee, arm chair and wing chair) that my parents bought at an estate sale about 30 yrs ago - they thought it was 1920's. I bought it from them, kept it until DD was born 6 yrs ago, then we had to do some rearranging, my parlor became the guest room and the furniture went to Salvation Army b/c antique dealer didn't want it, thought it was 1950's French Provincial (but my parents knew the lady who lived in the house and didn't think she had anything that "new"). The wood was dyed that color, it was a pretty soft wood, definitely not walnut. When my dad moved it for me top of the armchair's back got rubbed and I never was able to get it stained to match.

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