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nora8March 10, 2005

Hey Lady,

Hope all is well with you. There is always things to keep us busy...right. Just wanted to check do you like that new car??? DH is still just looking...I sure would like a van...but...he knows what we can afford...being an accountant and me no longer bringing in a few dollars...we may have to wait.LOL I love being at home...have started a few things around here...but love being able to just not have to dress and get out...I have always been a home body. Dad has all kinds of seeds started...we put up the grow light in the basement and he has tomatoes coming up and all kinds of other seeds...I bought him a amarillis(sp) for Christmas and it had 3 bulbs to of the stems has 8 blooms on it....beautiful red is really cool here but the sun is out...want be long before we can finally get out and get things done. Take care and God Bless. Nora P.S. Mom is doing just o.k....bad days and good days. She is swallowing the thick foods o.k....will cough some...we take her temp...often.

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Hi Nora... I'm doing fine, thank God. Just returned from an extended weekend trip with my sister visiting with her family. We had a lovely time... I hope I wasn't too hasty in buying the car. It wasn't apparent until I drove it for about 4 1/2 hours one day that there's something in the seat bottom that is hurting me... I could hardly walk the next day! :) I found someone who rebuilds auto seats, and he's agreed to look at it. I enjoy being at home, too, Nora. I love dressing casually. In fact there are mornings I'm in my PJs for a long time! :) I love to hear about your precious parents. What a blessing the garden is for your dad! I can just see him fussing with his seeds and plants. The amarillis sounds magnificent... I'm thankful your dear mother is managing swallowing OK. The love and care she receives is such a blessing for her. And I know her smiles and sweet spirit bless each of you... It sounds like your daughter is having a wonderful experience. She'll have much to share... I'm so happy for you and your daughter who's moving to Kentucky. You'll get to be together more often and enjoy your grandbabies! God is so good... May He continue to bless you and your loved ones. ~breezy

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Good to hear from you. Glad that you had a nice trip. How is your weather....are you planning a garden?? We have 3 pussy willow bushes in the yard and I have been busy cutting them. Have a huge bucket of stems that I have cut and I am going to put them in a crock in my living room. This morning on Rebecca's Garden how to cut the end buds and bunch together and then add to a wreath...for spring. I am enjoying the time I have now to do these kinds of things. My youngest daughter is off teaching this next week for spring break and she will be going with us to Ky. then staying the rest of the week with us....she and I have projects lined up to do!!! I feel so blessed to have this time of not working...being with Mom and Dad, being able to be with my girls,grandbabies...and not having to worry about what is going on with the job. My sister is coming up to stay with Mom and Dad...her daughter will help lift Mom into bed...her back is doing surgery as of now. Had to laugh after talking with her about leaving....she ask me to have Mom's food all pureed and ready to feed her....just never stops amazing me that she just doesn't get it or that she just doesn't want to. Pureed food is not hard to figure out...I have all the tools needed to get the job done. Oh well...just thankful that she will be here. Yes God is so good....God Bless you!!! Nora

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I love pussy willows! You have lots of talent and experience with making wreaths, floral arrangements, etc. How wonderful you can do it now purely for pleasure... I haven't thought about my garden yet. It's still freezing here! :) I'm thankful your sis and her daughter are going to work together and be with your dear parents while you go away to help your daughter. You must be so excited. Did you ever dream that your retirement would turn out to be such a blessing!!! :) He guides our steps as we put our faith in Him... Nora, I always enjoy hearing from you and reading your posts. Have a wonderful week. ~breezy

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