A Suggestion? Descriptive Titles

justme4nowSeptember 15, 2012

Would it be asking too much for someone to post a 'stickie' asking posters to put a little 'something' in their title about the item they're asking about?

For instance, Instead of a title that says: "Can you identify this?" .. How about something like: "Can you identify this glass tumbler?"

Anything would help!

Maybe I'm being too picky but I tend to just skip the "What is this?" posts.

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Yeah, me too.
But it seems that the responsibility is incumbent on the poster....not the reader.
If someone posts an unteresting post....just scroll on by.

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Maybe it's the new folks who don't use descriptive titles and in return don't get as many 'looks' at their post as they would if everyone knew 'what' they were posting about in the first place?

A 'stickie' might help before they post?

I don't know .. maybe it's all ado about nothing!

Just an idea.

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Not only that, the majority of posters give as little information as possible. Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, dimensions are a must if there are no objects nearby with which to guage scale. History on the object doesn't hurt, either as in family heirloom? Marks? General location?

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Agreed. You'd think it would be common sense, but maybe not! :)

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My favorite is,"what is this and what's it worth?" Also, most are loath to tell where they got an item and what was paid for the item. The "statue" burial urn for ashes comes to mind.

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There is one on this page right now that I refuse to even look at (which has actually had lots of responses).

The title?

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