armless rocker

onehappymimiSeptember 28, 2010

I have a very old armless rocker with an embroidered cushion seat. I want to sell it but have no idea what its value would be. How can I find that out? I've done searches on the internet but don't know what it's called. I've seen some of your posts about sewing rockers but I don't know if this would qualify. It's very small, dark wood, with a wooden back. There appears to have once been a piece of wood in the center of a frame in the middle of the chair back, but it was gone when I got the chair. I have seen some photos on your site but don't know how to upload mine.

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Two things. We don't do appraisals here....but we can guess.
Second, it's impossible to tell anything without a picture.
Linda c

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Look for "nursing rocking chairs" or something similar on Google or another search engine and you might find a chair similar to yours. I inherited two caned nursing rockers that were used by my great grandmother to nurse her children and then passed down thru the family. By the way, I'm almost 60.

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