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ncamyJanuary 2, 2010

Can anyone tell me how much more expensive it is going to be to not use corner boards on the exterior corners? We're going to be using a mix of Hardie planks and shingles, and I'd rather our house look like the original houses in the neighborhood. The house is square on the front but porch added on back will add more corners so there will be 8 one story corners with the plank siding then one dormer that will need to have the shingles wrapped. Thanks.

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I don't think you can use regular hardieplank on the corners without corner boards (it's too thin and can't be mitered on the corners). You can apparently use the Artisan series Hardieplank (based on photos on the James Hardie website), but I know little about it. It's a thicker (and certainly more expensive) product. Perhaps a natural product (cedar) would provide a more accurate look. If you use color matched corner boards, I'm sure it would stand out much less than the now-typical white corners with colored planks.

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So perhaps I would have to use Nichiha instead of Hardie since it is thicker. I appreciate your answering my question.

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I have hardie plank lap siding with western red cedar corners and trim (painted).

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I mitered hardi-shingle around the corners of a 45* angled bay window. It's a nightmarish job. But it really looks like woven shingle corners. It took days to do the two corners, I think it was 15 courses tall. Would have taken hours with trim boards (or real wood shingles). After three years it is still holding up, so it can be done.
Maybe you could use metal corner trims for the lap siding (same product that was made for masonite siding.)
Corner boards are by far more expedient, and they will pay for themselves. Who is installing? Do they know how to do mitered corners? Did they price the job based on that detail? If they did they should be willing to keep the price the same and supply and install corner boards, and at least come out even.
Use textured azek boards to match the texture of the hardi product. Why blend wood trim into a hardi job? Use hardi trim or synthetic like azek.

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Here is a link to the info from the Nichiha site that talks about 45 degree angles. If it is 90 degrees, then you can do an alternating butt joint (weave) and then just stain the ends.

sombreuil_mongrel - I think the reason ncamy doesn't want corner boards is that she is planning a Shingle Style house and corner boards would not be appropriate for the architectural style. We're in the same boat with more 45 degrees than I am willing to admit to. ;^P

ncamy - we've found an installer near Atlanta who is very experienced with Nichiha. I'm not sure if we will ask our builder (not yet selected) to use him, but he's a good resource. PM me if you want a phone number.

drjoann (@) att (.) net

Here is a link that might be useful: Nichiha Miter Info

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I just don't like the looks of the strips of trim on the corners. None of the older houses have that. It looks like the siding just magically wraps around the corners. I guess they are mitered or something. The siding hasn't been bid yet. I am asking now to find out if it is within the realm of possible for us. So what I hear you saying is that it will be a pretty big cost upgrade, right?

Here is a link that might be useful: example of the corners I want

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