Would you or Wouldn't you?

agnespuffinMarch 7, 2006

One of the TV news problems last night had a report on the new advances in detecting those people that are prone to have Alzheimers ahead of time. I have a family history of AD and I think I would like to know so that my family and I would know what to watch for and what to do to enable me to function better. In some ways I think it would ease my mind to know that, Yes, it's going to happen, rather than wondering if it will. What is your feeling about it? Would you want to know or not?


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Good question and I dont know my answer. My kids are getting it (both my and their father's families have a high incidents of ad) from both sides of our family and Im not sitting in such a good place either! I dont know what I will do.

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I would. Early intervention can significantly add to the good years and may even delay the onset of the disease.

I am curious, however, how they will be able to determine who will contract AlzheimerÂs when scientists are still trying to determine the nature of the disease and what causes it. Seems like theyÂd have to know what it is to determine whoÂs going to catch it.

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I'm not sure. My mother had AD, and it was awful watching her decline. What a terrible way for a kind, decent, intelligent life to end, to forget and be forgotten. I think if i knew I would have it, I'd probably take an early death.

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I don't normally look at this forum, but felt compelled to respond. Absolutely YES I'd want to know- just the same as if it were cancer, diabetes- any major disease. This is, to me, one situation where ignorance is not bliss. My mother had it (AD), as well as a host of other diseases and health issues. She turned into an absolutely unbearable person, and that was hard on my dad - who suffered a massive stroke after several years of being her 24-hour a day caregiver (he refused any outside help, and it nearly cost him his life). I will always love her, but personally, if I'M the one deteriorating, I want to know so I (and my family) can plan ahead. Frankly, I can't see why anyone would NOT want to know they have this life altering disease - knowledge is power - power to plan, power to lessen the effects on your loved ones, and yourself.

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