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dcrowexMarch 1, 2010

Awhile back I posted on here that we were moving my inlaws in with us and had made revisions in our house to accomodate them. I can say with all my heart, they are truly a joy to our home. They are of sound mind and do not like to be hovered over and have an immense amount of humor. We are facing some serious health issues with my FIL that will be ongoing. However, my MIL has fell a couple times and last night, we were at the emergency room getting stitches. I was sitting on her bed talking to them and she came around to sit next to me and didnt sit far enough back on the bed and slipped right off the comforter and crashed into the floor. Her head was cut enough to need a few stitches and of course they did Xrays and Ct scan to make sure no internal bleeding.

I know these kinds of things are going to happen no matter how safe we make things but looking forward, we are concerned about what if this would have happened and we had not been there. She is a large woman and my FIL could not have gotten her up. I work full time but my husband only works a few hours a day so they are never alone more than a couple hours.

My question - is there some sort of device that she can wear whereby she could push a button and it would call me, should she fall or be in some distress? We have all the phone numbers hanging for someone to call in clear view and of course, they know to call 911 if an emergency. BUT, they are very proud and all about not wanting to inconvenience anyone, I am not sure if they would call another family member close by. she may call me though. We even have an intercom system set up for them to use to reach us on any floor.

I just wondered what sort of things can be used if they fall and need help. Just looking for any feedback. thank you.

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Call your local hospital and ask. Most hospital auxiliaries service the Lifeline call system. The patient wears a button either on wrist or around the neck. Push the button and the calls goes to a National call center (not your local hospital), and those people will call you or 911 or whatever you want.

The hospital collects the monthly fee (about $40) and handles the installations.

There are other systems sold by burglar alarm companies, or ones that only contact 911. This system, the operators will talk to the patient, it's supported locally, and fees go to help your local hospital.

The link is to my local hospital's page about Lifeline. Your local service may vary, but I'd start with a call to the hospital

Here is a link that might be useful: Lifeline

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There are many companies that will do exactly what you want. We used one called Valued Relationships inc. which was $25/month.

Call your local hospital, and call your county Area Office on Aging (or PASSPORT or senior services, whatever you have locally) and they should have a list of all the companies that operate in your area, since not all hospitals are involved with the Lifeline system.

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Thanks so much for the response, info and link. I will look into all this as I move forward. Appreciate your advice.

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I would think since there are two of them one could call you and I do think the spouse would call 911 if they were in pain or couldn't get up. If there was only one it could be a real problem. I am a young 73 years old and by that I mean I am not handicapped and can walk for a couple of miles with no problem. But I fell a year ago and broke my humorous in 3 places, I could not walk because of pain. I finally pulled my arm up and held it to my stomach to get to a phone. If it had been my leg I probably would have died there. Now I keep my cell phone on my belt.

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Yes the lifeline systems are great and work well. One of my clients had the bracelet and when she fell, she forgot she had it on because she had it for so many years. She was of sound mind but upset from the fall.

A cordless door bell/chime will work in the same house, out in the yard, even a close neighbors house. They have the button part with them and the bell part is within hearing range of you or your neigbor. A baby monitor will do the same.

As far as her slipping off the bed, try putting a rubber mat (even a bathtub one will do), something non-slip beside the bed. Also get rid of a slippery bedspread.

Hope some of this helps.


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Thanks everyone, great advice and comments. The floor is actually carpeted and the comforter was just a plain old cotten comforter. I think she just misjudged where she sat down and it wasnt far enough back.
thanks to all

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You might want to talk to her doctor. Quite a few doctors get a discount from Lifeline or other vendors and you might be able to save some money.

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My neighbor was getting out of bed when she got her feet tangled in the bedding that was hanging to the floor. After my fall, I got a pay as you go cell phone and carry it with me all the time in case of an emergency. If I had broken a body or leg bone, I would have died laying there.

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