What is my China Cabinet worth. I have no idea.

jdonnellySeptember 24, 2008

Hello... I am interested in learning the value of this cabinet. Here is what I know about it. It was bought for my Great Grandmother in the early 1920's. It has a shipping label which is from Larkin Co. Buffalo, NY. There is a quality certificate sticker that says Ebert Furniture Co. Red Lion, Pennsylvania. It is Oak with curved glass. It has wooden wheels, 3 shelves, and an original key. The glass is original and in great shape. (the side panels are curved and the front is flat).

Apprx. 62" tall by 36" wide by 14" deep. If anyone can tell me more about the value or origin your help would be great. Also, where in our area would be a good place to sell this piece...


Southern Maine

We have pictures available! Thanks!

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First, it's pretty impossible to tell anything about a piece of furniture, without seeing it....a written description just isn't good enough. Second, I'm not sure this is the venue for receiving selling advice of any kind. We're just amateurs here....more or less....and, not 'in the business' of appraising furniture sight unseen.

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Hi Sandra. I was not able to put a picture on the forum because I have no idea how to do it. I can see that all the other postings have pictures but could you tell me how to do this. My husband and I tried but there is not option to attach a file or anything. I just want to see if someone could recommend what the next step is if we want to sell it. If you could tell me how to get a pic. on, we have lots of pictures.

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I suggest photobucket....and follow the directions.
As far as giving a " value" it depends on where you are how you want to sell and many things about condition that may not be readily apparant from a picture.
But...if you are looking for a rough estimate of what the value might be....post a picture.
But be aware.....and appraisals you get here are worth pretty much what you pay for the advice.
Linda C

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Take a picture to York Galleries. They are an excellent shop. Leave your checkbook & CCs at home! I've made several purchases from them & never mislead nor disappointed.


Here is a link that might be useful: York Galleries

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