Dimentia and now social worker wants a visit.

two25acresMarch 27, 2012

My mom's husband is suffering from Dimentia/Alzheimers. The doctor has informed us that his case appears to be progressing at a rapid pace. We are constantly amazed at how quickly it is going. A couple of weeks ago he was hospitalized for congestive heart failure. During his stay he did his usual night time wandering and was able to get as far as 5 floors away to the emergency room. He caused some problems for the night nurses and they had to call my mom several times during the night to calm him down. As a result a social worker has called my mom and wants to pay a visit to their home to "offer assistance". I'm leary of this especially since it was on the heals of this hospital stay. Spoke with the lawyer who is helping us with all the legal aspects of things and he was concerned that they wanted to come in and see if he was in a safe place and if they deemed it unsafe that they would start proceedings to have him removed. I'm trying to cover all the bases on this. We have alarms on the doors, stop signs on the doors. Lights at night to help him find his way to the bathroom. A sign on the bathroom door noting it is "Darolds bathroom". We've removed all the throw rugs to avoid tripping hazards. Child proof locks on the cabinet where the prescription drugs are kept and where the knives are kept. I've never been a mother/taken care of kids so trying to figure out what else needs to be covered has been a challenge for me. I'm looking for suggestions. They live in a small condo, his bathroom is 6 feet from his bed. Mom also locks the car keys up every night - just in case. Have we covered all our bases? Mom is not ready for him to be placed in a home although she knows the time will come. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time.

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I wouldn't worry too much about the visit. I suspect it is the usual thing after a disruptive patient is in the hospital. It would be the proper thing for the hospital to do because so often, the family doesn't seem to know how to tend to such a patient. They are a danger, both to themselves and others.

So, rather than take a chance, they send a Social Worker around to check things out on ALL patients with this type of problem. It sounds as if your mother is doing all the right things.

My only question would be, did the hospital know ahead of his admission that he could be a problem? The hospital I worked at required a private duty nurse to be in attendance around the clock for such patients. It sounds as if they didn't know about him.

If he should have to go back to the hospital, your mother should make sure that they know about his condition.

Another thing, if a patient goes directly from a hospital to a nursing home, and is on Medicare, Medicare will usually pick up the NH bill for a couple of months. This can be helpful as it releaves the strain of caring for a seriously ill patient at home.

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Thank you. Yes, the hospital did know about the dimentia. He had actually been in the hospital the week before as well. In a recent doctors visit his primary care doctor explained to us about requesting a "sitter" to stay with him if he's hospitalized. He apologized that it hadn't been requested for the troublesome visit, the primary doctor was on a mission in Haiti and the doctor standing in for him did not request it. Now we know to insist. Good to know about the Medicare stuff. We are actually going to apply for title 19 in the next week or so.

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I wouldn't worry about it either, they just want to help you. If he ever does go to a care home, make an appointment with the SRS for a division of assets so your mom won't end up broke.

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