Sore healing

ginnierMarch 6, 2006

My mom said that her inside upper arm and Dad's watch on his wrist connected somehow and the watch peeled a 50 cent piece-sized hole in her papery thin skin. The two of them had a heck of a time with all the bleeding, but finally got some gauze and tape on it. By the time I got her to fess up about it, the tape wasn't holding well and the gauze was shifting and she felt like she was bleeding all over her sweatshirt. We put fresh gauze with different tape, but her skin is sorta hanging loose under there and the gauze didn't hold in place very well. So we bought some 2 x 3 bandages and used those with a little Neosporin type stuff. Day 3, fresh bandage and no neosporin. Day 5, I tried to get the bandage off and cut her skin with my next to nothing thumbnail. I never realized her skin was so tender!!!!!! But I put on another bandage and thought this is not healing very fast, it needs to be open to the air!!! Day 6, she and Dad put mercurachrome on it all and it's starting to dry up beautifully. That blasted mercurachrome! But it seemed to do the job, or time had finally taken care of it. It's now a nice dry 1" scab!

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Watch around the edges of that scab for reddness. You don't want any infection in it.
It may take a good while for that scab to go away. I hope she can resist the temptation to pick at it.

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My dad is diabetic & also has the most fragile skin. We have had to have woundcare nurses to their home a few times. They left supplies. The material isn't cheap but very effective, like working with a roll of plaster of paris. Available at medical supply stores without prescription. It's kept in refrigerator. My dad is always scratching or picking at scabs.

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You might try the spray liquid bandage by Curid. Yes it burns but it does seal pretty good. Good for small cuts and wounds only, anything else ask the pharmacity.

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I can only suggest this item SkinPrep it is an item I use and the nurses when Michael has to have bandages or such on his skin for a long time. It is a gauze with liquid, you swab around the wound, it helps the tape stick to the skin, but does not cause the tearing of the skin with you remove it.

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