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nora8March 2, 2005

Hello Friends, Just wanted to let you all know that we got an e-mail from our daughter and she had a good flight and made it to Bolivia. She and 4 others will be traveling all over the country staying in homes of Rotary members. This is an exchange program...celebrating 100 years of Rotary International. She said that the people are very nice...do not speak English very well and they do not speak Spanish very well.LOL They found out yesterday that the conference they have for Sat. that they will get to meet the President of the country. She is excited about that. Thank you all for prayers and please keep them in your prayers...they will be flying to many cities in the country. She will be there for 4 weeks. Sure she will have lots of things to share when she gets back. Blessings, Nora

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What a marvelous experience for her, Nora. One she will always remember! Will keep her in thought.
The violets are blooming themselves crazy...they do well now ,before the trees come into leaf and knock out their sun. All are beautiful. You always need a violet or two about, for comfort! I love them.I am sorry you lost yours.
Learning Spanish will be fun for DD. I am taking a class and enjoyiing it. Need it for work.
Su Amiga, Derry

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Sounds wonderful, Nora!

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Hello Derry, Glad to hear that your violets are blooming. I just can't seem to find a place in my house that they will grow and do well. Going to go and buy me another and try again. Hope all is well with you. Nora

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Hi Nora,

What a wonderful opportunity for your daughter...will be anxious to hear what she experiences.

Prayers are with you.


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Sharlee, How are things going for you??? You are in my prayers also. Just got an e-mail from my daughter and all is well. She said the country is beautiful....alot of poverty...the people are wonderful and happy that they are there and love to show them and tell them about their country. We had a beautiful day today....opened my windows to let the house air. Can't hardly wait until I can get out and plant. How is your Mom and Dad?? Mom is doing pretty good. Was feeding her tonite and she started coughing....have to stop feeding her when she does that. Will give her a snack before bedtime. We took her out for awhile to swing....she loves her swing. Dad tilled the garden for planting lettuce and radishes. I offered to till but no...he had to do it.LOL He is 88 and can out do me. Let me hear how things are going. Blessings, Nora

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Hi Nora,

Thanks for asking about us. As far as I can tell my Dad is gaining strength after a hospital stay. Being in an independent living facility he goes to the diningroom only for breakfast & the folks there bring up his other meals. I enjoy the visits with him & fortunate he's just 2 miles away & not in Arizona. It's a day at a time.

As far as Mom her dementia comes & goes & we take it as it comes.

DH had a rear-end collision & rolled his truck. He is a man of God & has not complained at all altho' there is a compression fracture of his back. He works part-time altho' retired 10yrs ago. We have a happy life together, being married just 3yrs. He has truly been a blessing to me. I am still working for one senior couple attempting to move closer to their children across the river. I recall your mentioning about bringing the family together when tough times are coming. It really is true.

Here in the NW we're enjoying being outdoors. How nice you can share the garden experience with your Dad. That is such a wonderful gift, isn't it? The "swing" sounds so fun....bet she has a smile on her face then as it puts one on mine. These are the moments to cherish.

Glad to hear your daughter is learning about the people in Bolivia. Here these people are poor & yet so happy to share what they have. I love it!

Blessings to you, also. Sharlee

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Hi Nora
Your daughter is so lucky to have this type of experience! We hosted a student from Brazil when my son was in jr high. It was a treat & I learned alot while making a very special friend. I had hoped my 2 would want to go to S. America in the Rotary exchange, but neither had interest while in school. My son was actually born in Colombia so I thought he'd be curious about the continent. It's easy to forget how many different cultures there are that are so unlike ours.

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