1926 Grand Canyon Car pass?

pamghattenSeptember 28, 2013

I've been trying to find some information out about these, but not sure what to call them. I've searched on eBay under a couple different categories for vintage items ... but don't see anything like this.

My great-grandparents took my grandparents on a cross country car trip in 1926 ... they drove from Worcester, Mass. to California and back again.

I have these passes from Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde park and the Wind Caves National Park.

I love how they say that "Horse-drawn vehicles have the right of way"!

Does anyone know what I call these to find out more about them?


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two links that might help :


Here is a link that might be useful: Ephemera Society

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It's a "season pass" for the park. And it's COOL!

It's going to be difficult to find much on the Internet because of all the stuff about current season passes.

Try this PDF book:

and this web p[age:

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Thank you both, I'll have to wait until I have more time this weekend to look at your links.

Here's another one. I think they are cool too! :>)

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That's cool: 1926 national park passes. I love the stuff written around the border. Its a reflection on the times.

Recall that car brakes were not the best in 1926, particularily Model T Fords. Long inclines could be a hazard. The Model T had only two forward speeds: slow and not so slow.

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Interestingly, they were driving a Buick .. though I have notes on everything else, I don't have the type of Buick. They traveled 10,186 miles, visited 24 states & Ontario, used 710 gallons of gasoline and camped along the way. Average mile per gallon was 14.32.

They traveled from Worcester, MA to California and back in 66 days. My great grandfather was an amateur photographer and I have all the photos and glass plates, and journals and index cards of notes, etc. of the trip.

I need to photograph all of it and make a blog of it, some day soon. They seemed to have followed the Prince & Princess of Sweden to many of the same places, saw them at the Grand Canyon and again in Los Angeles.

I find it fascinating every time I pull it all out and look at it.

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A party of four with a 0.38 Revolver in a Buick


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I'd set up a blog site as a day-by day adventure, with some of each days photos, the letters and the paper bits. Add bios of the people, including the Prince and Princess, and links to relevant history sites.

Sort of a Bill and Ted's Marvelous Adventure.

Do it on blogspot and allow ads ... you wouldn't get rich, but you would ges a tiny ad revenue and entertain lots of people.

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