Culinarian - First Use

hpxmirageFebruary 11, 2012

We moved into the new house and last night was our first use of the 36 inch six burner Culinarian running on LP.

I seared two pieces of beef tenderloin in a cast iron skillet and finished them in the oven at 450. On our former range, a GE Profile gas range running on natural gas, I'd use the oven for finishing, but leave my cast iron skillet on my closed LP grill outside or sometimes over charcoal, getting it as hot as I could before searing the beef. No need for that now.

The meat turned out more like medium to medium-well, but was delicious, with a nice crust from the kosher salt, cracked pepper and the heat of the burner. It was beef that we'd only bought a few hours prior, and hadn't had a chance to dry/age it for several days as we usually do, which produces a nicer crust from less steaming (thank you, Alton Brown, for your video at that we stumbled across a few years ago, showing how to do your own dry aging for a few days in the fridge with a baker's rack and paper towels).

My wife made one of our favorites, Cat Cora's recipe for Brussels sprouts. But between not minding the time the sprouts were boiling away in a four quart sauce pot, then carmelizing in a skillet over one of the burners, they turned out a lot mushier than we are used to enjoying.

All part of the learning curve we're climbing - can't wait to use the range more, adjusting for its increased capability compared to what we're used to. It's an awesome product.

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Congrats and happy cooking!

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You will probably be like many and find that a range like this actually turns you into a better cook. Have fun!

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Great first meal on the CC! My first time turning mine on was to heat soup. Pathetic. I was exhausted after living in a not-done house for almost a week with no cooking appliances, no kitchen plumbing, one bathroom with a working toilet but no sink and another bathroom with a working sink but no toilet and one bathroom with nothing, trying to schedule a plumber to come fix said plumbing issues, no working phone or internet, everything I own in boxes, two young children disgruntled about being moved into the mess, a DH who works very long hours, managing subs coming in to fix drywall and install closet shelves and fix moulding, a furnace that quit working, building inspection, and feeling sorry for myself. By the time the gas installer left at 6:30 at night after hooking up the rangetop, the only thing I could manage was soup. But boy, did that soup ever heat up quickly! ;)

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hpxmirage, forget the oven, just sear it the pan about 4 min each side (depending on thickness) then let it on a rack for 5-10 min before slicing. Perfect medium rare every time. Might want to use an instant read thermometer the first few times until you get used to it. tyguy "You will probably be like many and find that a range like this actually turns you into a better cook. Have fun!" I agree 100% we sure feel it has made us better, or at least more creative cooks.

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4 minutes a side is what I do for MR, too, for average thickness decent steaks.


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Caddidaddy and Billy,

I would have been fine doing the beef strictly in the skillet, but neglected to mention that my wife wanted me to melt some goat cheese as the steaks were finishing.

After resting them a bit under foil, I hit the top of them with a balsamic syrup from a squeeze bottle (a simple reduction of the vinegar with a couple tablespoons of honey). The syrup and the cheese give great flavor to the tenderloin.

I have to be away from home on business for a couple weeks, but can't wait to get back and use the range some more!

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Congrats hpx! Sounds delicious!

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