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jeanninetxMarch 25, 2005

Well I did it!! The unthinkable, gave my cold to both my hubby and son. That is a first. Usually Michael does not get sick and glad of that, but tonight he complained of a sore throat. Hope his only lasts a short time.

Michael got his hearing aid for his one ear, and is loving being able to hear with both ears again. The improvements since his accident in 84, meant he did not have to have another surgery to get his hearing back in the right ear.

A point for mom!! I had been trying to get him to get another hearing test for several years, but he was convinced without the surgery they had done on his left ear he would not be able to hear. The advances in digital hearing aids sure helped him.

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Wow, Jeannine I am so happy about the hearing aid, not about the colds though. I hope they are short lived.. Sounds like you need a nurse.. (((Jeannine)))


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So, how is the hearing aid working out?? Does Michael like it? Is the TV still blasting?? Has your house gotten quieter.. :)


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Gee that is the first question his sisters asked "is the tv quieter?" So far he is doing well. It takes some getting used to, being able to hear with both ears.
The only problem is he cannot put it in his ear or take it out. But that is what Mom the Caregiver is for.
They did say the batteries will last only about 2-3 weeks, anyone deal with a hearing aid here, and it that about the correct length of time?

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My dear friend needs hearing aids in both ears. I think that she replaces her batteries even more often than that. When she lived in the same town I do, I would give her any coupons that I found in the paper for them. She always had an extra battery with her in case one of hers failed while she was out.

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We used to unplug the battery @ nite so to speak otherwise in about a week or 2 they would be dead. Radio Shack had the cheapest & most reliable batteries that I would buy in large quanties so we never ran out.

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The tech. that handles the hearing aid, told us to shop at smaller stores, not WalMart, RadioShack, and those. He said they order the batteries from the main office. Smaller stores, order for themselves, so they are fresher.
Sorta made sense.
I know you can take the battery out of the aid, but I am not sure I would do that, I think I will see how long these last before I do anything.
Thanks for the advice.

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Jeannine, Hope you all are over your colds. We have had alot of the flu around this area...thank the Lord Mom and Dad have not gotten it...they did get flue shots...good news that Mike is doing well with hearing aides. Sure wish Dad could wear them....his hearing is getting really bad. I go down and the T.V. is so loud. Take good to you. Blessings, Nora

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