It's January 2014, how is your build?

rbattaglia24January 1, 2014

I'll start the post for 2014...this is the year we will all hopefully be in our new homes. Yaaaa! (I just copied my post from late last night to start us off) Happy New Year!

Uponthehilltop- your house looks huge now that the framing has started. What is the sq ft on that?

Autumn- looking good!

Mommytoyo- the round window is a great feature. I love it!

Today it was soooo cold here. We are talking -25 and that doesn't even include the windchill. Siding and garage doors were delivered today so I'm just hoping for a few above 0 days so they can get started.

We had a full house today...painters, flooring guy, and trim people. They finished all the trim upstairs and mostly on the main floor. All doors are installed as well. I am so happy I went with the white trim and doors...

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I finally get to participate, even though nothing has happened yet, lol! Our plans are wrapping up at the City for permitting. Should be done mid-January and slab will be poured then. We were going to start late summer 2013 but decided to make a couple major changes to the plans so that set us back a bit. This is the first house we have ever built and only the second one we have owned. It's been an interesting and stressful process so far. This forum has been so helpful though and we have learned tons - that's actually part of the delay, we incorporated a lot of suggestions made by many people. I am excited to see everyone else's progress!

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We have started framing the walkout basement but one beam is holding us up for another 10 days. Someone forgot to order it I guess. As soon as that arrives I think the rest will really come together. I fell prey to the "my slab is too small" mentality but I can tell its fine now that its partially framed. Getting the main story framed will be really fun to see I think.

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Brick going up and floors were stained this week. Starting to get excited after a long 6 months of delay after delay.

rbattaglia24- love your paint colors. Do you mind sharing? I am wanting colors similar but have found that grays are very difficult.

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dirt work might begin tomorrow depending on how much
it rains there........

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i've been so eager for jan 1 to get here so i could update with all the fun stuff that's happened in december! we were expecting really slow progress in the month with all the holidays but we couldn't have been any more wrong!

we've now got:
* sheetrock
* walls are textured
* brick is about 80% complete
* hardwood floors were installed (not finished until the end)
* custom cabinets delivered and installed!
* our custom mantel is finished (not installed yet)
* our custom range hood is finished (not installed yet)

Coming soon: the trim material is being delivered tomorrow, and I'm told the granite guys will be out to measure soon and the heat will be up and running soon.

Here are some pictures:

here's the "guest house" kitchen where my parents will live:

the mantel:

and the hood!

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Kathy Harrington

loved looking at your pics maggiepie! Who did your hood, it's fabulous and something I've been thinking of.

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thank you so much! our hood is from aaron vogler of Vogler Metal works in Indiana. We chose him over 3 local companies here in the dallas fort worth area. I'm so pleased with the photos he sent, but i'll just caveat that we haven't received it and seen it in person yet. I'll be sure to post when it makes it into the house. :)

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Happy New Year everybody!

You all are making very quick progress. Our build continues to move along at a snail's pace. DH is the GC and also trying to DIY some of the work. A team of one moves slowly. This fall he spent quite a bit of time it seems fixing mistakes that were made ( floor heat work done by a contractor needed some correcting and re-working, the man door needed raising, as once we started to regrade the property it became clear we had to move the height of the door up, which required a re-pour of that foundation opening and a removal and re-bricking in that area).

I am envious of those on this board that are sailing through all the decision making. We have encountered many delays with decision paralysis. Any advice on getting this job done, let me know. In particular, I have found the electrical rough in problematic to finish as it requires all the cabinet designs to be finalized, which is slower still, etc. We also are trying to incorporate some accent lighting which requires figuring out design/decorating decisions. I hope we will finish by the end of 2014, but no guarantee.

Maggiepie11, I love your house, and the hood is to die for. Did you get a quote from Rangecraft and Modern-aire? They are mentioned on the appliance forum as quality custom hood makers, but their prices are very high. We have been considering a hood from Modern-aire as we will have an island hood so the look is very important. I am not impressed with their prices. I wondered if your guy might be more cost effective? Also, is your hood guy just doing the hood shell? What are you using for the hood inner part?


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Welcome to the newcomers. Exciting to see others joining the group of builders.

maggiepie - you house looks beautiful and HUGE! I also love the hood.

tinmer- I agree gray paints are very hard to pick. I knew I wanted mostly gray based paints throughout and I spent a lot of time on Houzz and Pinterest. I do have to say I love how all of the colors turned out.

SW Dovetail - this color is in 3 of the above pics, but looks different in all of them because of the lighting on my camera. We used this throughout the main great room, kitchen, dining, etc...

SW Mindful Gray - pretty light gray.

SW Sea Salt - a pretty light aquaish/gray color. Looks almost white, but has a little hint of color. We are doing this in one of the bathrooms that has no windows and our master, which has dark furniture, dark window treatments, and grayish bedding.

SW Foggy Day - dark blue/gray color that I posted on the last December thread. Love, love this color!

SW Accessible Beige - the only color we chose without gray tones and that is shown in the other pic above (bottom right). Mostly used in the basement and 1 bedroom.

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Mfatt and tinmer and aprilh, delays are frustrating. Hope you all get your issues sorted and are on your way soon.
Maggie, LOVING the pics of your house, thanks for sharing.
Autumn, loving the snow pics. Sorry, I know it's a bit of a PITA, but I'm a bit nostalgic for snow.
Rbatt, really enjoyed your pics too. Now I'm going to have to figure out which pics go with which colors. I did up my color board today, and Foggy Day is a contender for the library. I'd like to see what it looks like in your space.
Ok, hope the rain abates so that you can begin moving dirt.
Akshars, can't wait to see what your BS options are.

Well, we met with builder on Monday, and we've decided if we don't move this huge wall now we will forever regret it. So a framed wall that supports the bridge above the main floor entry is going to move 24".
Our builder also carried a big old black marker wtih him, and marked all the places where he wants access doors put to give us access to storage areas, like the angled attic areas behind bedroom closets. I could kiss him. I gained so much storage that dh kept telling me we didn't need. We don't have an abundance of storage so this is Huge.
Framing inspection is tomorrow. Hope they've got all those hurricane tie-downs on now. There are 3 doors missing that haven't been delivered yet, but our builder tells us that's no big deal. The county will inspect and note that the doors are missing and will come back to recheck just that.
Meanwhile, the redesign of the upstairs bath means we get to add an interior window to the space to bring in light from the central front dormer window. We have to completely refigure the upstairs bath cabinet and the lighting, since the transom window in the bath excludes over the mirror lighting. I just picked out some sconces to go either side of the vanity mirror.
And instead of going with another custom cabinet for the bath we just decided to pick up one of the Restoration Hardware vanities. I have to order by Jan 6 to get 20% off. In the end though we are going to be so much happier with that bath.

Maggie, what ended up happening re your light in front of the tub space? can you swag it?

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Hey rbattaglia24! Our home is 3720 sf. The downstairs is right at 3000 sf, the upstairs (not yet framed) will have 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and a large media room for my hubby. I really didn't want more than 2900sf, but it just kind of grew and grew and grew!

Maggiepie!!! Can you tell me about your brick? It looks like exactly what we have been searching for!

Happy New Year to everyone!

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Happy New Year fellow homebuilders!

Our siding is going up this week, painting is almost done, geo is up and running which is good because it has been a really cold winter so far. I'm just glad that we could get that electric heater/fan thing gone… sure it uses tons of electricity! Hardwood floors are to be delivered this Friday.

Maggiepie - love your mantel! How will it be finished?
rbatt - nice colors! I love gray but didn't think I could use it since we will have stained trim and doors.

I spent much time agonizing over our colors. We are our own painters and did most of the house last week and the first part of this week. Had some help from family and friends. I also used SW Accessible Beige… it is a very nice neutral and doesn't seem to have any undertones.

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thanks everyone! it's so exciting to be the one with photos now - i was so envious of everyone else moving so much faster than us months ago. i'm trying to make sure i got all the questions!

we got quotes from texas lightsmith, handcrafted metal, and Stainless Steel Fabricators (who never ended up getting back to us with a quote after multiple followups - too much work which is good for them i guess!) handcrafted metal was way over our budget, and texas lightsmight was in the running but upped the price by $2k a week later so that didn't go over well. :) i think Vogler could probably beat prices from the mfrs you listed but equally important, he's the real deal and a real tradesman.

our hood will come with a 600 cfm Faber unit already installed inside the shell which will be fine for us as we're not super fancy cooks.

the brick is called "silverado" by hanson brick. if i were looking just at a small sample board i would have turned my nose up at it. :) had to go with our guts and with our photoshopping skills. haha

MARJI - we measured today and it's going to be really close. we won't know for sure until the tub goes in, but we found out that swagging a few inches will pass code anyway, so we're good to go! i was about to order the big one from world market tonight, but the shipping cost really aggravated me so i'm taking a breather first. :) seriously, $60 shipping for a single fixture with light wooden beads!

MANTEL - it's douglas fir, and it'll be installed as is so i can stain it myself.

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@maggie- Could you possibly load a pic of this brick from a closer perspective than the whole photo shot but further out than the up close? Does that even make sense? I really think it is what I have been searching for!! We are in Alabama, so I may have to show it to our local brick company and see if they have anything close...

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uponthehill... how's this?

clearly have a little mortar issue to address in that last photo.

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@maggie- thank you SO very much!!!!!!

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Maggie, is there a World Market near you that you could have the lamp shipped to? Typically online stores don't charge shipping if they can ship to one of their own locations and you pick it up.

Ontario, what happened with your steps? Did you get that issue resolved?

Carol33, do you have pictures? Love pictures!

ok, this is my color board right now. Some I'm going to paint swatches of and decide between. Oh, and I'm still going to paint up a swatch of Relic Bronze for the library too, even though it doesn't relate to anything else in teh house. It's the look I really want - and it's a look that dh is giving me that "are you crazy" look about! If I don't do relic Bronze I'll use one of the greys.
The Quietude and Sea Salt on the bottom of the slide go upstairs, all other colors are main floor. I'm between Mountain Air and Topsail, and between the Greys if I don't use the bronze. And, for trim I'm between Greek Villa which is the background on the left of the slide and Alabaster which is on the right. Not much difference!
I also have to decide if I want to paint all white in my studio, which is huge, much large than I'd envisioned because I didn't understand how the elevation would be as it's the room over the garage. I thought I was losing half the usable space to hip wall, where actually the builder built up 5' hip wall over the entire garage and workshop, so my studio went from what I thought was 12' x 36' to 24' x 36'. I had thought to make it all white. Now I'm thinking something like Compatible Cream with white trim, and I'll be ordering Ikea white furniture - Billy bookcases, the glass fronted ones, and stuff like that for in there.

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Mlweaving- those are lovely colors! How awesome that your workroom space increased like that! I hope ours turns out that way for us, finding hidden space!

Rbatt - in your first post of 2014, I noticed your solid interior door with 3 panels. We have been planning to go with "Riverside" a 5 panel door. I would love to see if we could find doors like yours!

It's raining here today, but I wish you all a day of progress!!

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rbattaglia24- We are doing 3 panel doors too! Love them! Thanks for listing out paint colors above, they are awesome! We are having a hard time picking paint colors this time around especially with all the open space compared to our old house. AND I love grays!

mlweaving_Marji- I love those colors too!

Glad I keep coming back here for ideas. It's going to get cold(er) if that was possible, windchills in the negative 50's! blah.

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You have a great memory! Our step footings and concrete risers were poured in December. However, due to ice, snow and very cold temperatures, we have not been able to install the stone steps over the risers. As soon as the ice and snow melts we should be able to finish the steps.

I will be using SW colours too. I think you have made nice colour choices. I bought an online book that recommended tried and tested SW colours. I found that book so helpful to pair down my paint list. We will be using Sea Salt in a few rooms too.


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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

First off, Happy New Year everyone!!

Second, I'm going to whine and be jealous of those farther along for a minute.

Insulation that was supposed to start two weeks ago, still hasn't started. I'm told "next week" again. I'm starting to really get antsy... less than 60 days people!!! grrr....

I digress a bit though, in that I'm sooooo very lucky too. We've had great help and money savings from friends/family in the trades. I'm also not on a detailed "contract" so change orders are moot. I want something changed, it gets changed, period. Luckily though, I've not changed much...

The sweeping fairy has disappeared... we've had to do it ourselves lol :)

I need to go over with the shop vac and do it, but I think I'll wait until we're almost to flooring before I give it a really good cleaning... lots to be done between then & now.

Someone asked at the end of December Thread what my siding color is. Napco Flagstone is the horizontal (main), and the board & batten is Evening Shadow, a shade darker.

MushCreek, I love the holiday pictures! I love that mantel too!! Planting first Christmas tree...priceless!! :) well done!

Hilltop, I'm also no help on the elevations, mine has been in my head since I was a little girl. :)

JDez...congrats on getting pics in on the December thread.

Yes, it looks different at all stages. I laughed when my dad said, it will look small at foundation, huge with the subfloor, small again when framing, huge again when drywalled... lol

Hoosier...yukky mold ! :( I feel the need to go look at ours now! Glad you got it taken care of. I should probably be having more blocking done...since I'm still waiting on insulation!!
I would love to have a "fullhouse"!! Seems like things just happen one at a time.....

I had them block in the master for grab bars. I've already got them, they are nice, not "commercial" looking, in ORB like my fixtures. But for some reason, every time I say something about putting those in now, I get looked at like I'm crazy. I don't understand people sometimes.
I have a bad back, my dad has a bad back, dh has a bad back. There have already been times when I wish I had a grab bar in my shower. I guess I'm just crazy....

...cold!! dang. We've got 6"+ of snow, and it's blowing. Monday's high is supposed to be -4 and I'm trying to figure out how to keep everybody & the animals warm. I kinda forget it gets WAY colder in other places!! shewwee

Love all the paint colors! I'm getting close to needing to do that... grrr...hope I can continue with my no-nonsense way of deciding things. I think this one might be hard...

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Nice to see lot of activity on the thread.

Maggipie, Love your hood . Are your kitchen cabinets being finshed on site or are you leaving them the natural finish? Thanks for sharing the pictures. Glad you are ahead than anticipated which is always great.

rb24, Thanks for sharing your paint colors. Can't wait to see all the colors come together.

Mlweaving, You are so organized and prepared :) with everything. I think if we ever do this again I will plan as much ahead as possible. Thanks for all the colors. I likes blues also and may use one or two of the colors you suggested above.

Nothing much to post on our end as we are still waiting for the city inspection.

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Marji, we used Rainwashed also… it's a very pretty color. We used it in the master bedroom and I liked it so well, we did the master bath in it also.

We used Halcyon Green, which is 2 shades darker than Rainwashed, as an accent color in the mudroom and down the hallway into the living room.

I don't know why it's called "green", because it looks blue to me (which is what I wanted). The living room is the Accessible Beige, but you can see the Halcyon Green at one end of the living room (they call it a "great room"…. not a term I'm used to!)

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Mlweaving- I debated over Rainwashed as well, but ultimately went with Sea Salt instead as it was a bit more gray. Foggy Day seems a bit more gray than blue too.

Uponthehilltop- the 3-panel that we chose are Maple and will be painted white.

Kellithee- what part of the country are you located? I'm in MN and today was unbelievable with wind. I think -42 this morning.

Stopped by today to meet with the GC and discuss some items regarding the stairway handrail per building codes. Looking good though. Tiling in the master shower was about half done and they were guys prepping the house for siding to start tomorrow. I feel like I've been waiting for siding for a very long time.

Heard back from the person doing our kitchen and our Hanstone countertops have been delivered. She said if I change my mind on the island color I could return for a restocking fee. I guess that would be better than being unhappy. I'm going to the place on Sat to look at all the slabs and make a final decision.

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rbattaglia24- I'm in Southwest Wisconsin right by the Mississippi River. Monday and Tuesday is supposed to be windchills in the -50's! Luckily I think insulation is complete so the guys have a propane heater for inside.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Sheesh... you guys are making me feel like a real weenie. It's - 3 here this am, and I'm whining... lol

But, it is beautiful. Everything is snow covered and sparkley. The horses don't seem any worse for wear, but the dog doesn't want to go out to pee. Ha... I worry about my critters much more than myself. I wish I had a better way to keep everybody warm!!

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So the weather, it's all about perspective. My parents came for NYE and they were flabbergasted at the snow, they live about 90 minutes east of us is all. I guess I'm used to it because it's been snowing daily and we get lake effect. Today I hear on the radio someone from New York City saying - "it's single digits, snow is up to our ankles, we are trying to get around but it's hard". ANKLES? REALLY? I laughed out loud! I know it's a city and that poses it's own challenges but come on already.

I can't complain because we are definitely warmer than MN (well I can but I guess I shouldn't!) but it is slowing things down. Today - siding guy canceled and the last bit of window trim that was going up also will not get done. We are single digits with negative wind chills, don't blame the cancellations at all but we aren't looking to warm up for the next week! UGH! At least what was to occur this week doesn't really delay anything else so it's all good but I really really want to see the siding!

mlweaving-nostalgia... If I am honest I don't really mind the snow (actually still got my morning walk in at 10 below and dressed right I was not cold) so much except that it's so cold you don't even dare go sledding or enjoy it. I love to look at it and as long as the roads are clear I am fine with it. Spring is much worse when it all turns brown, yick! So I checked on that Jeffrey Court Vintage glass mosaic tile and it's pricey - $25.99/square. The field tiles though that look more hand made but not crackle they are only $10.99/square and that is totally doable. I did request a sample through the local place so I can look at it. They have beveled also. I just like the tone on tone color variation if I end up with a perimeter counter that is not solid looking. Thanks for posting all of those colors and names. I lean toward the gray undertones in blues/greens. I can't wait to get started with that!

rb and upon-we chose that same 3 panel door as well. Love it. :) You are really moving along in spite of the weather! That is awesome! I guess since you are closed in and heated it's probably not too bad then. Awesome! Do you have pics of what you want the island to look like?

rb-so glad you are liking the white trim! I have mostly not waivered but the other day I did kind of gulp as it's so different from our last house. Love the paint choices you've made, they look so good.

uponthehilltop-piggyback on your other thread, go for posting in kitchens. Sometimes it's the little minor change things that escape us but will help with flow so much more. As mlweaving said though, they can be very blunt. I've posted many times on layout, KD and budget type questions/issues. Some responses were just not something we could do (budget, etc) but they are good to reflect on anyhow. There are some really creative people over there as well. They can get you out of a box if you are in one.

mommytoty-count me in as another that can't wait to see that round window! :)

maggiepie-wow you are moving right along! I love your mantel. It reminds me of the one we had in our last house. We also stained it ourselves after the fact - I think we actually just used formsby's oil? Anyhow - very nice!

lori-you are supposed to be the entertainment not the weenie! I'd be frustrated with an insulation delay - you need to heat that house to keep moving people!!! We swept yesterday (as I see no fairy was coming) and it was 1 degree when we left. It does put you in super fast mode though. I was in and out of there quick as can be! I don't think it's ridiculous to put grab bars in at all. We also have crabby backs over here....can't be age can it, nahhh? So there was a single bunny rabbit I came across on my walk and I wanted to scoop it up and snuggle it. So COLD! But my dog wanted to scoop it up and lick it so we kept on (as if I'd have caught it). Do you use anything besides straw to keep your horses warm?

carol.33-we are our own painters too. I'm getting myself mentally prepared to assume the arm raised over head position for days on end! Haha! We are spraying our own doors and trim as well - that will be a first for us. Did you also do that? If so any tips?

Ontariomom-cyber hugs on the decision paralysis. :( For the electrical, our electricians ran 'extra wire' for example, up above the island so we can finalize where the pendants will go when the time comes as I'm not POSITIVE on it's precise length due to overhangs and such. He also did that in other areas where we need to get closer before we know right where we will want outlets and such. Is that a possibility for you? How far out are you on a firm kitchen design? I will tell you I only pulled the trigger after I was literally forced to and not one second before or it was going to screw up the framing. It was that bad. We'll get through it and it will eventually be finished and enjoyed!

kelli-I bet everyone is glad that they can use the heater! BRRR! I am wondering about school on Monday. We are supposed to be below zero and I'm not sure they will be okay with kids standing at the bus stops in those temps. Then it makes me think of places like yours and I bet the kids still go to school. Hmm.

This week I need to finalize my 'vision' for the master bath so we can makes selections on Thursday, that is my appt with the ID. Because we are tiling above the shower I need to decide the flooring so I can tie it in to the shower tile and back splash... I did select my laundry tile - dh thinks it's a little modern but I think it's fun and different and I think it's okay to do something in an auxiliary room like that. I decided on Olympia Tropical Grass - similar to Daltile Fabrique but a better price point. I want to get 12's or 24's and then alternate their direction so it will create a pattern. Here is the tile: Olympia Tropical Grass. I need to bring my cabinet sample to be sure but I think I will either use silver or maybe sand beige.

I hope everyone is staying warm. I am sure Akshars, Mushcreek, and MLweaving are nice and toasty. ;)

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Hi Autumn

I hear you on the cold weather. It certainly is cold up here in Ontario, Canada. As per the kitchen design, we have had our layout worked out for a while. We received some cabinet quotes in December. We are not sure yet if we want the higher end cabinets, or lower end Home Depot Thomsville ones. I know you get what you pay for. Not sure if we need the nicest cabinets. Today we are working on our laundry cabinet and window seat designs.

You and DH are managing well with your GCing role and moving things along nicely. I like your idea of extra wire in some electrical spots to give us flexibility.


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Well, here in the NW our temps have been mild in comparison with everyone else! We have been in the mid 40s. But, we've been overcast for over a week and today we are finally getting to see the sun! Looks like it is sticking around for the weekend too, which makes me very happy. :)

Looks like a lot of you are doing a 3 panel door. We are too, but my 3 panels are all horizontal. Haven't seen my actual doors yet, but I hope I like them!

We got our sheetrock delivered yesterday. Ended up renting an electric heater to use until our gas is installed (yes, end of January!). I haven't been over to the house yet to see where they put it all but it was two big truck loads. I think plumbing and electrical inspections are scheduled for Mon or Tues of next week and then they'll starting putting up the sheetrock. So excited to see real walls! :-)

mlweaving--I used Rainwashed for my master bed and bath in our last house. Loved that color!

maggipie---Must feel great to be so far along! I too love your mantel. I've been wanting to use an old distressed/reclaimed beam for both of my fireplace mantels to go with our coastal look, but I don't know if I'll find what I am looking for. My backup plan is to get a new piece of wood and have it distressed to look old.

Autumn--Good luck with your master bath selections! I found that to be one of the hardest rooms to design and make selections for. I redesigned the layout on the fly 4 different times (changing plumbing and framing along the way!) and I am still crossing my fingers that we ended up with the right configuration!

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We finally have a permit! Never-mind that all the dirt work as well as the sidewalk and retaining wall along the rear perimeter bulkhead were started and finished in December. This was all done with the city's knowledge and blessing as apparently it doesn't require a permit. I say "city" but I mean "Larry who does everything and the permit process shuts down when he takes a 3 week vacation." Foundation crew should be out early next week.

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mommytoty-our master is the only place we went with a darker cabinet so I'm kind of befuddled. I didn't want wasted space and wasted space there is NOT. Kind of made me panic a bit but it will be fine. I am picturing something like this in color as in dark cabs (all pics from houzz), lighter floor and counter (but it will be laminate so I am still looking at samples):

Traditional Bathroom by Maplewood Architects & Designers Clawson Architects, LLC

We have darker cabinets but a window in between and vanities/drawers about identical to this:

Contemporary Bathroom by Black Mountain Design-Build Firms Living Stone Construction, Inc.

Color scheme?

Transitional Bathroom by Ridgewood Kitchen & Bath Designers Ulrich Inc

I just noticed this 3 panel in this pic that is in my ideabook - wonder if it is like what you were describing?

Traditional Bathroom by Atlanta General Contractors Dresser Homes

ellenandco-whohoo! Very exciting! We live in a 'city' just about like that!

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Love those master bath inspiration shots! I think I just got my inspiration for our master bath -- thanks! What colour is your bedroom furniture? I sure do like grey tiles or grey somewhere with those dark cabinets in photo number one and three. Were you thinking of grey and cool colours in the master bath? Good luck with those design decisions. Surely they can't be as bad as the kitchen decisions?


P.S. I am curious if you and your DH are both working full time as you GC and raise your family?

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ontariomom-I missed your earlier post. I way over-stressed on the kitchen but decided that is where I wanted to spend some money for DURABILITY sake. It's not an item we will likely ever change so that is what stressed me so. So I did end up ditching the corbels that were over priced but I needed them for support (going with L brackets that are hidden and way cheaper instead) for heavier duty drawer glides. I hope you can work something out with your electrician. If you have the layout set you should be able to get the wiring done for the perimeter yes?

Our bedroom furniture is OAK darn it! But our last house we painted the walls a bluish/grey/green, kind of the color I see when I think spa. I don't think the bedroom furniture will be changed any time soon but it's okay, I am going with it! I'll take a pic of one of our bedroom pillows - it's a color that I would love to match or within the spectrum of it anyhow. Glad my pics helped! I am praying it's not as bad as the kitchen! Hahaha!

As for our gcing adventure. DH works full-time as a policeman so his schedule changes a lot. But that also means he has some weekdays off that he can be present at the house and he helps with framing and other things. DH is normally at the house on days off and after work so the communication between us could be better on some things as our together time is limited. I work part time-about 24-28 hours a week but they are very flexible as to which days which is such a blessing. I cannot imagine doing it while working full time, truly I can't. I have some vacation time and I have had to take plenty of it for house stuff (thankfully no sick kiddos). I will have to take more when we start painting and flooring. It is a FULL TIME JOB I swear and would be much more enjoyable if I had more time on my hands! So we have divided, he handles subs (and he works on the build as well) and I handle banking, waivers and fixtures and finishes, etc.. It was not a relaxing holiday whatsoever. By the grace of God my kids this year have not had much homework. They are sick of me being on the computer researching and ordering things but I keep telling them (and myself) this too shall pass, this too shall pass! So we are doing this but I wouldn't say always gracefully. Overall it's going pretty well though and most things have gone smoothly.

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I've haven't posted a ton here but I wanted to share our progress. We started May of last year and we hope to be done in the spring. Fingers crossed!

I've received tremendous help on this as well as the kitchen forum. Everyone's homes look beautiful. I enjoy reading these posts and looking at all the progress being made!

The pic is of the downstairs kitchen/eating area/sunroom/great room.

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Backyard - our property backs to a river.

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They started tiling last week. Here is the mudroom tile.

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Nice pics and property izhwong. Thanks for sharing your beautiful build.


Part time and full time GCing is, I agree, the only way (especially if you add in kids!). We both worked full time for ten months of our build, and the progress we made during that time was very minimal. Right now DH is working part-time, and I am full time which is about all we can handle if we ever want to finish.


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Autumn, thanks for doing a recap of everyone's build!

No one worked yesterday. The stone guys said they wouldn't if it snowed. And, the drywallers got called to an emergency. However, today, they all showed up.

Here are a couple of pix of the stone guys inside their heated self-made plastic tent. It was really warm in there.

Here is a pix of one finished area in the front of the house along the garage wall. They still have to put the cap stone on.

Our HVAC guy came today, too, and put the cap on the chimney.

The drywallers got all the ceilings up throughout the house today. DH is going to turn on the heater Sunday to try and warm up the place.

Here is the family room looking toward the front door

Here is the family room looking toward the fireplace and the two window seat areas.

They even got the drywall on the multipurpose laundry room. Here's one view looking toward where the washer and dryer and cabinets will be.

The place is a mess. We contracted that the drywallers clean up after they are done. We are paying extra for it. We'll see if they actually do. :-) It's killing me not to start picking up stuff and sweeping cause the drywall and nails are all over the place. DH was picking up a couple pieces here.

This is a short view facing the other end of the multipurpose laundry room with the exterior door. I'm calling this my large multipurpose room because it's not only a laundry room, but will house a freezer and spare fridge, a very large 6 ft wide pantry cabinet which DH made, and my computer area is also going to be in there by the back window area. Plus, I have room to put a sewing table, too! Or at least, that's my goal.

The stone guys said they'd be back tomorrow to finish the whole front of the house. We decided earlier in the week to put stone on both sides of the house. We weren't going to do that, but after they put the mud up, it looked strange not having it on the sides of the house. Only money, right? Gulp! We are not putting stone on the back of the house.

We are putting primed Hardi Board wood grain siding above the stone. We are using primed Hardi Board trim, too. Siding and trim will be painted when the weather is warmer. Still have to pick the colors for that but it will be some Clay color for the siding and bronze color for the trim. We are using Certainteed Cedar Impressions Double 7" Staggered Vinyl Shakes in all the gables. They will be in Sable Brown.

We found out today that our interior trim, interior doors, and beams are scheduled to be delivered January 17. Yikes! We had to scramble and contact the painter and trim carpenter with the information. Plus we need the drywall to be done and our garage doors installed so we have room for all the wood materials to be stored. The painter will probably set up shop in the garage. Everything is being stained.

Here is a pix of what our interior doors will look like but they will be stained not painted white.

We have to go furniture shopping for family room furniture before I can pick out paint colors. I'm leaning toward the green/gray colors. Our trim stain is almost identical to our front door stain. It is a 50/50 Zar stain mix of Dark Mahogany and Rosewood.

That was a lot to put in one post. Sorry it was so long. We've got snow and really low temps coming Sunday. We'll see what that does for construction next week.

Stay warm!

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rbattaglia24-thank you so much for sharing your colors.

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Well they've already cancelled school here in MN for Monday because of the cold temps.

Drove by the house today and they have started the siding. The guys were seriously bundled up and I felt pretty bad for them, so hopefully they stayed warm. They finished almost the entire side of our house, but I didn't get the final picture.

Here are my inspiration pics for the island counter. I like the white, but when you look closely they have movement. Duh!

Traditional Kitchen by Boston Kitchen & Bath Designers Venegas and Company

Contemporary Kitchen by Burnsville Design-Build Firms Highmark Builders

We also found out yesterday that they can't connect the gas to our house until spring. They will have to hook up temporary propane connectors and we'll have a propane tank delivered to the house until they can connect the gas. They were still doing some research to see if our gas fireplaces will be able to run off of propane...otherwise no fireplaces for us and it's not like we'll use them in the Spring and Summer. Booo!

Autumn- your master bath inspirations look awesome. We are also doing dark cabinets in the master only, but we went with a brown/gray tile.

lzhwong - your house looks gorgeous and how nice to be right on the water. The mudroom tile is also very cool.

Hoosierbred - I like the Hardi board siding. We also debated doing that, but ultimately decided on vinyl as a cost saving measure.

This post was edited by rbattaglia24 on Fri, Jan 3, 14 at 20:59

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Just got some good news on timing...our builder had originally told us the house would be ready in June. Then about a month ago they said it was looking good for end of May. Now they are saying it will be closer to early May! Keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have any unexpected delays. :-)

I can't imagine the amount of work some of you have GCing your build and having jobs/family. DH and I both work (I technically work 80% of full time but it doesn't always work out that way!) and some days the researching/selecting materials and making decisions is enough to wear me out!! We are also fortunate to live adjacent to where our new house is being built, so it is convenient to drop in and take a look at progress.

Autumn--Yes, those are my doors! And I love the color scheme for your master bath. I considered doing dark cabs in ours too, but I ended up taking the easy route and going with all white like the rest of the house.

lzhwong--I like the pattern for your mudroom tile. We are doing something similar in the master bath floor, but in Carrara marble.

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Color!!! Picking colors is difficult but picking white.... Ugh
Lots of color.
Tan/gray main area. Yellow for kitchen/dining/pantry. Green/gray for master. A lighter color of the same for the master bath. Pinks for girls bedroom. Purples for playroom.

White... SW Alabaster was an easy choice for the outside of the claw foot tub. But it's too yellowish in the kitchen. Pure white is a little too bright/stark.
I think we have picked snowbound. It would have been said and done if the computers were running today at paint store, but instead now I can think about it for another 24 hours... Doubting/rethinking. Ugh

Making huge progress! Flooring ready to pick up next week. 4" red oak to be finished in place. Picked up some stair parts today

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Every time I leave this room I think my eyes take a few minutes to adjust back to normal! Ha, the girls love it. Ordered scallop painters tape to finish the white stripe edged in a scallop shape.

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Must be something about those 3 panel doors… we are using them too. I think they called them mission style. I liked them because they are simple. Ours will be oak, stained light. Same as the trim. Using oil rubbed bronze hardware.
Going out to finish the painting tomorrow. Still have one bedroom and one bath to go.
We are in Ohio, was cold today (for Ohio), in the 20's. It's supposed to be warmer this weekend, 30's and low 40's. But next week we are supposed to have record lows. Brrrrr.

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@Autumn - Thanks for the advice! Praying one of the TKO fairies comes through in a pinch and sees a way to make the flow optimal!

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hoosiers-wow hang on to your hat they are rolling right on through! It looks great, love the stone and the siding you chose.

rb-we got an email yesterday stating that if there are -15 below sustainable wind chills there will be no school. Today we are living large with a high of 30 but it will plummet by the evening. Tuesday actually looks worse than Monday though. Kudos to your crew for siding out in those temps! Our siding guy said his crew may just show up today as it's the warmest it's going to get for a while and they have that option. It's pretty windy this morning thought but it's already 19 so WARM by this winters standards! So do ya want to post a pic of your master bath tile? I did take some pics of some as I walked through the tile store on Thursday. I am still trying to figure out how to incorporate the above shower tile. If we went with something like a slate we could easily just pick one of those colors out and use that. But we are doing that in our back entry mudroom and kind of wanted something different. What to do, what to do! I like your inspiration for kitchen. I am pulled to those white/gray stones also but dh doesn't really see that vision, haha. I think they add interest without being over the top.

jennybc-a girls dream! I actually saw Hello Kitty TILE. I couldn't believe it. The sample board had a few tiles with her on it and then the others were a solid red or black and had bows on them but it was tone on tone so you had to be looking square on to see it. My niece would FLIP if she saw that, lol! I hear ya on the whites.......that was kind of decided for me as we will be matching our trim to the cabinet white. Phew!

carol-I think that will look sharp, can't wait to see them stained with the ORB! I like them because they are simple as well. We are doing satin nickle knobs and hinges with the soft white. I pondered ORB heavily but we just decided to stick with the nickel for some reason.

mommy-those are cool. I didn't even notice the door was a 3 panel until I posted it here and did a preview. :) I was so busy looking at the floor/counter combo.

upon-you have a really large space there, I hope you get a lot of useful feedback.

kids and paint in general - we have decided they can choose their colors until my 11 yo said he wanted this really dark gray. NO WAY! I said sure for an accent but I am not going to try to re-cover that color later and who wants to live in a cave - apparently he does. My youngest loves bright colors. Every time we look at tile he goes straight to those really bright oranges, blues, greens. So he wants orange with a blue, but not Detroit Tigers bold. Something more like the colors in the wall pictures in this photo:

Contemporary Bedroom by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Tracy A. Davis

Another orange and blue:

Beach Style Bedroom by Tiburon Interior Designers & Decorators Lisa Benbow - Garnish Designs

I am in shock - the reality that this is the last Saturday before back to school. 2 weeks just flew by, wow!

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Hoosierbred can you give me the details on your interior door? I don't believe I have ever seen that one and love it. Also can you give me stone info as well? Thanks!

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lzhwong, what a pretty home!
Hoosierbred, I'm loving your stone.
Rbatt, what did you decide on the countertop? I remember, before deciding to go with the LG Viatera Everest (which I HOPE is not a mistake) that I looked at the Hanstone whites. I really liked the solid white they just came out with, can't remember the name of it, but it has very little movement and was a nice "opaque" white.
WOW Jenny on that pink! And I agree that whites are challenging. Almost as difficult as lighting.

Autumn, I'd say let your eldest have his dark grey. seriously. When we moved to TC into our Victorian that was built in 1903 my then 8 yr old son wanted a dark blue room. We picked out a navy blue/hunter green stripe wallpaper, then I bought the coordinate fabric and did roman shades on his window and a bedspread for his twin bunk bed, and put in a dk green carpet. His room was literally a dormer, was only 6'x9'. You'd think it would have been awful, but it was really nice and he loved it. To this day, and he's 32 now, he takes an interest in decorating their home and has distinct opinions. I'm glad I didn't tell him no.
When it comes time to repaint a coat of KILZ primer should take care of the coverage.

Funny, looking for inspiration pics for grey boys bedrooms, they're all coming up orange and grey!

Contemporary Bedroom by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators Shirley Meisels

Traditional Kids by Kansas City Interior Designers & Decorators McCroskey Interiors

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mlweaving - I would absolutely consider 1 wall like these here but all of them? I can't do it. I hate dark closed in spaces. But yes I know it's not my room......

He actually likes this one:

Contemporary Kids by Breinigsville Interior Designers & Decorators Shoshana Gosselin

And this one - stripes I can handle. :)

Contemporary Kids by Austin Interior Designers & Decorators turnstyle / giggle-room

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More siding done today, but no pics. I'm guessing now we'll be at a standstill now until later next week because of the temps.

Autumn-Here is a pic of the master bath tile. It seems to have a bit more gray in person, but does still have quite a bit of brown. The walls will be painted light gray and cabs will be the dark brown. We also used this same tile in our mudroom (I posted a pic last month) and I didn't worry too much about it being the same. I figured with different paint color and wood colors - it will look different enough.

Here is my inspiration pic, but we are doing granite counter instead of the white in the master.

Traditional Bathroom by Shakopee General Contractors F & B Construction Inc. Co MN Custom Home Builders

I kind of feel bad I didn't let my kids pick their paint colors, but they are only 4 & 6 so they are all over the place with their ideas. I did them both very neutral and then will jazz them up with some fun décor. I would really love to do this in my sons room, but these murals get so expensive.

Contemporary Kids by Great Falls Architects & Designers Carlyn And Company Interiors + Design

And finally, I made a trip to the stone yard today and am really torn between 2 Hanstone choices - Specchio White and Aspen (which is a little more off-white). Specchio is much more stark white with flecks of silver (recycled glass)Here is a pic from Houzz with the Aspen.

Contemporary Kitchen by Dallas Interior Designers & Decorators J Campbell Interiors

Aspen was a bit more expensive, so the guy was going to get me costs on Monday along with the restocking fee for the Specchio if we change.

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Hey Everyone,
The framing on our home is moving right along. I was able to snag this really neat panoramic shot today and just had to share.

JennyBC- My daughter would LOVE those colors! Very bright. You are a super cool mom!

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And one additional picture...
A view from "uponthehilltop." The land does not sag in the middle, that just happened from the panoramic setting...

Is there a trick to post multiple pictures? I have tried to search for an answer to this question but have had no luck.

Can't wait to see more pics from everyone else. Hope everyone is staying warm tonight!

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rbattaglia24- WOW! I love your inspiration pic for the master bathroom. You have an eye for pulling things together. I think you will be glad you did not go with a white countertop in the years to come!

I can appreciate your though process on your children's decorating skills, lol. I love how @jenny - went with the bright pink.
I will confess, I am hiding certain paint swatches from my 6 year old. We are trying to gently encourage her to choose a more delicate pink and accent with bright items (that can be changed out easily.)

Aren't restocking fees just a blast? Hoping the charge won't be too high!

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Uponthehilltop, you are really on a hilltop and it seems like your house is coming along at lightning speed. Keep the pictures coming.

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Wow! So much fun to peak in and see all the progress on all of these houses!! So very exciting...I feel so deflated now that we are moved in and still getting settled. The building part is so exciting! So, I thought I would check on everyone's progress to "re-ignite" the fun of building! So nice to see all the same people and new ones posting! I look forward to seeing the final reveals of all of the houses!
We are still settling in...just went to the Container Store and organized a very narrow closet we have and made it into a cleaning glad I didn't do the built in closet I almost did during construction. I like what I have now better! And, getting our old house ready to be listed for sale...still waiting for some of our furniture we ordered a few months ago and getting ready to order some that we are in, we can see our patterns of use and see what other furniture and accessories we need. Still fun, but I miss BUILDING!!!
Best to all!

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Uponthehilltop - to post multiple pictures you can upload your images to a Photobucket account. Then see on the right hand side under the ad, there is a section that says "Links to share this photo" - right click on the 'HTML' link and then copy and paste that link into your post.

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mlweaving, rb24 , carol, and Jenny, Thanks for posting the colors you have used. It is nice to see what others are doing and how they are selecting stuff this will help me when we start picking colors in the next couple of weeks.

Hooiser, wow drywall. You are moving along fast. The stone looks great. Kudo's to your crew for working through the cold

rb24, Really like your siding color. Again can't imagine the crew working through the cold. Love the inspiration for your son's room.

Jenny, what a fun color for your daughters.

mommytoty, Great news on being the house sooner than expected. That is always nice

Autumn, Love both the grey stripe rooms you posted above. The one with the small green stripe adds a punch of unexpected color. A couple of your Mater bath inspiration pictures are in my idea book too :). Hope you can make the selections easily.

Uponthehilltop, Your framing is moving along.

On our side we are moving slowly. Hope next week will move fast.
On the selection front also we are going slowly. Have a couple of options for my son's bathroom and the backs plash that I need to run by the ID and finalize them. Need to start of the master and guest bath once that is done.

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Hey spottythecat! I've read so many of your posts I feel like I know you. I saw your new house on houzz and it is beautiful.

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Pam (Spottythecat), I think we were posting at the same time. So nice to see you post. Right now I can't wait for the build to be over but I may not know what to do with all the time I have been spending on the building stuff :)
I am planning on checking the container store for a couple of closets when they have their annual sale.

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Mfowler, I'm sorry I didn't see your post earlier.

Regarding the stone, it's Centurion Cutface - color is Suede. We are doing our fireplace surround in Centurion Stack Suede color. We wanted a smoother surface inside.

Regarding the doors. We are using Wood Specialities by Fehrenbacher for trim package - interior doors, window and door trim, baseboards (they created a custom design), headband trim, beams, and mantel. Great company to work with.

I love everyone's inspiration pics. My Houzz Ideabooks are so full. Cannot tell you how many times I've had to pull up a photo on my phone to show when trying to order something or show a contractor.

Looks like some of the weather forecasters say we will not get as much snow now. Maybe 1-2 instead of 7-11. Still gonna be brutally cold, tho with flash freezing. Stay warm!

Here is a link that might be useful: Fehrenbacher Wood Specialties

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Pam! I was just thinking about you and wondering if you were completely settled now. :) Great to hear from you. We are waiting on closet stuff too. Hoping to run to IKEA and see what we can configure there.

rb-thanks for posting the close up! It's a nice tone and variation but not really dark. For some reason I am afraid of dark tile but I certainly don't necessarily want white either! I told my ID re the tile floors that I really don't care if they are the same nor do I care if they are different. How is that for total indifference to a large element in a space! :( Very cool mural. Once they get a little older it's not too costly (sans mural) to repaint should the mood strike!

Here are a few that I looked at last week, one has more gray in it than brown but I still think it 'goes'. More brown:

more gray:

really light:

Here is the slate tile that is going in the mudroom, it is washed out though and there is NO PINK in it IRL. The left is the boys natural hickory and the right is the master. Both represent color and not style.

Any opinions ( I know it's hard on a monitor)?

Ontariomom-nothing but to keep on keeping on to get this done! I can believe it to be an excruciatingly long process if we were both working full time plus kiddos. DH is exhausted (is that a synonym for crabby?, haha) and working in the cold at work and then later at the house doesn't help. Keeping up with all of this snow stinks too - snow blowing 2 driveways involves hooking up the trailer, yada yada yada.

hoosiers-I do love that about the phone. I am finding I use it a lot for that exact purpose or I make notes on it because I cannot remember all of these crazy color names on tiles, etc. I start mixing them up in my head!

upon-it certainly is moving right along. Cool panoramic shots. :) Are you sure dh isn't open to a U? I think that would give you a sink at the window feel without having one...just sayin.

akshars-we will have slow progress here this week also. We aren't supposed to 'warm up' to the 20-30's until Thursday. Hmph.

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We're running behind schedule. Supposed to be in before Xmas. Looking like spring now. Kitchen counters are in, but there's no furnace in yet. Once we have heat they can put floors in. Also need to put garage floor down. Feel like its in slow motion but can't wait to move in :)

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Master bathroom

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I like the first tile you posted (more Brown) with your cabinet color followed by the light color. But it also depends on what you are doing in the rest of the room.
Like your mud room tile. Is it real slate?

Karen15, Sorry to hear you are behind. You are so much more ahead of us right now and to hear you say spring makes me wonder about our chances of a spring move. Your paint colors look good.

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Karen, I know it's disappointing to be behind, but what a beautiful home! hopefully this extra couple of months won't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Someone please remind me of that in 6 months :)

I don't post much, but I love seeing everyone's house come to life! Also the posts on colors are timely for me now, as we need to have that roughly decided soon so we can get rugs and furniture on order. Also struggling through choosing lighting. Why is everything I love so expensive?!?!?!

We aren't as cold as some places, but don't anticipate we'll have any work done in the next few days with single digit wind chills. On the plus side, it's supposed to be back to 67 degrees on Friday.

We have windows and doors, and are working on rough mechanicals this month. Roof will go on after they are finished making penetrations through it. Also you can see our columns in the front yard, so hopefully those will go on soon.


Front door is stained:

Back wall of Great Room:

They got the cedar framing in place for the screened porch:

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It has been fun following these posts!

We are down to the final countdown! We are 5 months behind the original "extended" schedule. I am so hopeful that we are in by the end of this month. We must be out of our rental, so if not, I don't know what we will do!

It has been a long road. We have had some difficulty (including the fact that we are being sued by the City!) I have posted various pictures on this forum, but not all together. Most of them are cell phone quality!

Here is where we are in our build (in no particular order):

First, the rendering:

We have the windows, roof, door and stone work complete, but still waiting on the cedar.

Front door installed. These pictures are from inside, because it was raining out!

This is the theatre room in the basement! It won’t have any equipment for a while. It will be painted all this dark grey (looks black):

The floor as it was going in (looking to the living room from kitchen). The floor is covered almost as soon as it is down, so I have this picture to look back on!
The pantry (will hold an extra dishwasher and stand up freezer). This is located just off the kitchen down a hall.

Mudroom and laundry:

Living Room (Lake view):

Kids picked their colours:

Youngest son:

Middle son:

Boys’ shared bath:

Daughter (sigh!) 

Daughter’s bath:

One view of master closet:

Kitchen going in. Kind of shocking to me right now. Looking forward to the finishing touches:

View of kitchen looking out to lake:

Close up of uppers:

Kids’ playroom (Marmoleum floors and blue wall is chalkboard):

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Doesn't this picture just make you cold? Going for a high of 0 degrees tomorrow! Part of the 2nd story is framed. They started on the first dormer until it got just too cold and windy to work on Friday.

rbattaglia--I love your tile for the master bath.
upon--it looks like we're at about the same stage, but I'm sure you will move along much more quickly since we have the cold and snowy weather to contend with.
autumn--I like the tile with the brown hints best, although they are all nice.
karen--your kitchen looks so nicely laid out and bright, also love your colors in the other rooms.
jackson--beautiful great room windows!

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Loessismore, I hope you get warmer temps soon. It's supposed to be 20 degrees here in the morning and to us that is super cold frigid conditions that might result in school closures if I anyone should spy any

Autumn, I guess I just have to be different. I like the tile that is more gray, although they are all very beautiful.

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Jackson and Diana - beautiful homes!
Autumn - I'd vote for the first tile… it looks so nice with the dark brown cabinets!
Karen - love your kitchen! We went with stained cabinets, but I do love the white!
Stay warm folks!

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Remodel progress, week 11.

New jumbo PSLs installed:

Piers for addition dug:

Old interior walls removed, roof supported, ready for new ones.

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So excited to finally have something to post! This is our first time building and I have already learned so much from gardenweb. Thank you for all sharing your time and wisdom!
Lot prior to clearing:

Progress! We ran into much more rock than we least we don't have to worry about the house settling;)

Ready to pour basement walls tomorrow

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We also lucked up with timing and the lake levels have been dropped very low to allow homeowners to do dock repairs so DH has tried his hand and both dock building and putting in a boat landing! This will hopefully save some $:)

The water will usually be about a foot under the horizontal piece of wood on the dock and will cover this entire boat landing that has since been filled with concrete....just haven't gotten pics yet.

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Wow, lots new to look at.
Diana and embemis, you're both on lakes? I love lake houses. Emb, where are you that water levels are so low?

Jackson, beautiful windows and doors!
Karen, I think we have the same kitchen layout.
Jackson, we're at the same stage. I believe mechanicals start this week.
Autumn, on my computer I think I like the tile best that is the same one you're using in your laundry. Which I think goes to say that when you get sort of equal distribution on your feedback they're all good choices and it's just personal taste.

Uponthehill and Jdez, you're getting a lot of good feedback over on the kitchen forum right now.

Caben, it looks like you're doing a complete rebuild under an existing roof? Is that one of those "you can't build new but you can remodel" zones? Where my dads lake house is, the building code is like that. People completely gut and rebuild a house, then re-roof and then re-side, and they've got a new house on same footprint, that just cost a lot more to build.

Oh my, major storm coming through here right now, and we are heeled over at the dock! (I currently live on a boat)

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Since its so cold and no contractors working today, I have other things to stress about. :-) I have a question. If you had to purchase new furniture, would you choose furniture first and then choose paint colors or choose paint colors before furniture? The furniture is for family room, entry, and dining area in an open area to our kitchen. I know what colors my cabinets, granite, trim, and hardwood floors will be in the area. What do you think?

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Wow - great to see more new builds! Welcome everybody!

Thanks for the comments on the tile. We'll see what hubby says since he seems to be quick with the veto power....

jackson - love all the windows!

marjorie - oh no, sea sick? That would be awful!

caben-you are making great progress!

rb-forgot to say I like your counter choice!

hoosiers-we have recently discussed moving our current furniture to the basement eventually and getting new so I have pondered this a bit myself. I think I would go for somewhat neutral furniture and then add a punch of color with throw pillows and also paint, then you could easily change it up. I think I feel this way because our current furniture includes a chair that I have never really loved (okay I despise it) the fabric and it still is in great shape but probably more costly to re-cover it so now what? I think it is going in our bedroom for reading (not sure when I'll have time for that but I'm dreaming of it) and it won't match their either. So I am looking at neutrals that would be more flexible?

My ID would say pick furniture first and paint is always last but I like to have a vision in mind to get the overall look. Do you know enough of the feel you want to arrange a color palette or at least decide on a tone of color?

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Hoosier, I'd say go furniture shopping, carrying swatches of the materials you're using to build and some paint swatches of colors you're considering.
Even if you don't Buy the furniture now, you'll have an idea of what's out there and you'll see what you (hopefully) like, and a lot that you don't like! It's much easier to choose a paint color to go with fabrics than a fabric to go with paint colors - right?
dh and I stopped in Hickory NC for a day of shopping the furniture mart before going to a family event last month. We saw miles of furniture we both hated...and some that we really liked.
Even neutrals have a tone. Whether it's a blue, green, yellow or pink undertone all beiges and greys tone in a direction.
I've been carrying around swatches of fabric and swatch cards of paint, trying to coordinate it all together before we decide, and I think I'm there on paint colors. I'm still undecided on my furniture fabrics, but everything I'm choosing trends in the directions of the bluey greens, and most of the fabrics work with the couple of colors I've narrowed it down to.

Autumn, not seasick, just rockin and rollin.

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Jackson, Love all the french doors/ windows in the family room. I think a lot of us are in similar stages here.

Diane, Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures. Beautiful house. Hope the matter with the city is settled soon. Please do share more pictures as you get closer.

Embemis, Great lake view. You will see changes very quickly at the starting.

Hooisier, I am no expert but I agree with the Mlweaving that choosing fabrics should come first if you can. Not sure if you ever saw Sarah Richardson an ID on HGTV. She always starts with the fabrics as an inspiration for her rooms and go from there. We also need furniture for our family/dining and living room. And I am holding off from ordering until I at least choose flooring for house.

No one working on our house today also :(. Looks like the drywall material did not get delivered due to how busy the delivery company is and may not get until later tomorrow or Wednesday. The stucco guy is supposed to start tomorrow but who knows if he will start on time.

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Really cool hood Maggie!

Not a lot as far as eyecandy updates on our front. Hate to say it but not much has been done the last few months grrr. But after probably 6 weeks of waiting for stone to come in, we finally have stone going up so that's one picture I do have thats new!

Glad we're all still plugging along, albeit some more slowly than others lol!

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Autumn and akshars - definitely get your bedroom closets selected but I am glad I waited on a few of my miscellaneous closets - like I mentioned above, while moving in and getting settled and figuring where everything would be stored, we decided to use some closets differently. We were amazed how much space we have in our spray foam attic, so items we normally kept in the house (Christmas decor) were easily put away in the attic.
The Container store sale is going in now! I think unil the end of January....
We have a few boxes in our garage that need to be put away and now we are working on getting our old house ready to sell.
My kitchen still has empty drawers! I love it! Nothing is cluttered and my pantry is very spacious and organized! I am going to order some more shelves for the pantry. It's fun to be moving and getting organized all at the same time!

Jdez- thank you!

Diana- you have a great eye for your paint selections!

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Gosh, I head back to work after the holiday break and there is so much traffic on here I can barely keep up.

Autumn - I like the brown tile, but I also went with brown it's probably just matter of personal preference. However I do think all of them would work well.

Karen - that is too bad you are running behind, but the house looks great and I do love the white cabinets.

Jackson - I do love the wall of windows and where your screen porch will be. I would love to have a screen porch some day because here in MN the mosquitos get terrible.

dianamc - the lake view is gorgeous along with the rest of your house. I'm also a big fan of the paint colors and the playroom is so cool with the chalkboard wall. I've got to incorporate chalkboard paint somewhere in my house...just not sure yet.

I'm very jealous of the lake homes and welcome to more new posters! It's exciting to see more homes being built and everyone's unique ideas.

Hoosierbred - I picked my living paint color first, but I absolutely knew I wanted darker gray walls so we ordered furniture to fit that color scheme. That being said, I'm second guessing my furniture selection and it was special order, so there is no going back. Eeek! Ok, so I told my husband - worst case scenario we put that stuff in the basement and order more new stuff for the main living room. I really think you could go either way...although I'm no expert. If you don't have a set paint color in mind - I would go furniture shopping first as the others have said.

niteshade - awesome stonework!

Schools are closed here again tomorrow as my phone says "Feels like -40". Hahaha. My kids are going to go nuts if they have to be inside 1 more day. They have been out of school for 18 days with the holiday break and these ridiculous temps. And being cramped up in this small temporary house is not helping :) I'm sorry to say, I'm glad to be back at work.

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Well, Thought I was getting out easy being in the south after looking at all of your snow pictures....But, have delayed pouring basement walls until Thursday since we are 10-14 degrees tonight...I know it doesn't compare to the temps a lot of you are living with now, but VERY COLD for us south carolinians:)

mlweaving - we are in SC and the electric company drops the lake levels every 5 or so years to allow for shoreline management. We got lucky that this happened to be the year! Still rushing to finish getting shoreline finished as levels are coming back up quickly. Good luck riding out the storm!

This post was edited by embemis on Fri, Jan 10, 14 at 22:34

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We need to finalize and order our back splash soon and since the original arabesque tile that we loved is out of price range we want to spend. We are considering two other options. we could get the two tile shapes in the any colors we wanted and any finish (satin or gloss or crackle ).
Can you let me know what you think. Do you think these would work with the granite or we should just stick with a simple subway.



The original tile we loved and we could choose the same colors or other colors in the shapes above

Both the wave and hexagon can be turned "horizantal" instead of how they are shown in the pictures above..

If these don't work I am leaning towards a simple subway/rectangle.

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marji, you're sort of right. We started as a remodel but made so many changes the city considers us a new construction project. We have to leave certain elements of the existing house in place (e.g. the roof) otherwise we will be forced to bring certain other non-conforming elements into compliance which we prefer not to do.

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Akshars, just a couple of thoughts. What overall look are you going for in your kitchen? Have you got a mock up? An elevation drawing that you could fill in components on to see how they'll look?
To my mind, the arabesque tiles are a very traditional shape that read a bit formal. The wave shape tile is much more casual and much more modern. The hex elongated like that is also a more modern and casual look. A more squared hex is going to give you a more classic look as in the arabesque, although not so fancy.
I know you want to get all this done while you're building, but a BS is something that can wait. And do you have the option of going to a vendor other than the one that sells your granite?
I ended up finding our BS at a flooring and tile place in Hilton Head, rather a long way from all our other sources, but our builder said fine we can get the BS material from wherever we want. Our bath and floor tile he wanted us to get from his usual supplier, but he didn't care so much about BS tile.
If you could open up your search to other source you might be able to find something close to your original choice in a more budget friendly version.

As for either of those tiles, it would help to see your cabinet choices, and know the overall look you're going for.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Akshars, pics on Houzz of your granite installed.
Using a subway tile that nearly matches the granite, lets the granite be star

Contemporary Spaces by Merrimack Interior Designers & Decorators Cheerful Interiors, LLC
Fantasy Brown granite with what appears to be a grey glass tile bs

Traditional Kitchen by Nepean Kitchen & Bath Designers Wood Crafters Inc
Terra Bianca with a mix of white subway tile grouted with brown grout and inlaid with tile.

Traditional Kitchen by East Northport Specialty Contractors Imperial Stone of New York, Inc.

Just thought I'd put up some inspiration pics to get an idea of what the slab looks like installed. It's such a gorgeous piece of stone, maybe you don't want to compete with it with a lot of pattern on your BS?

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nightshades - well that is definitely worth waiting for! Lets hope things start moving along again for you.

rb-you've got that right. We had a snow day the Friday before break and then yesterday AND today - that's 17 days for us here. The worst thing is we have had the snow with the temps and my commute is 40 minutes on dry roads so I have been working from home yesterday and today and I am GOING NUTS in this rental! I had to take some vacation also and will be needing to take more when we paint. :( Didn't want to start off the year with more vacation unrelated to house!

embemis-wow the cold sure is stretching south! I hope it passes soon for everybody's sakes.

akshars-that's so so tough and I haven't figured out mine either but I like marjorie's mock up with the simple and the random square in there.

This is a much better picture of the slate porcelain tile. It will be in the mudroom/back entry and kids bath for sure. I like natural slate coloring but I know I'd not be able to handle the roughness of it and how uneven it can be. So does this influence anyone's voting? :)

Traditional Spaces by Barboursville Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Kitchens By Woody's

When I get a chance this afternoon I need to make up a 'marjorie board' ;) with our cabs, paint and the tile choices and see how that strikes me all together.

Stay warm everyone!

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We are finishing up our kitchen.

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Mlweaving, Thanks you so much for spending the time and looking up various pictures for me. Not sure why I did not do this for back splash and granite combo. I did for most other things. I like the mockup you have done. I need to figure out how to do that and also the "boards" you are creating. I do have elevations of the Kitchen for the KD. We have an L shape Kitchen with an Island and the Backsplash will be more on the one side of the L (the other side has a window and hutch cabinet coming to the counter so very little back splash there. So after thinking more and looking at the pictures I am now leaning towards doing the subway or the wave shape. Husband likes the wave shape and it also matches the movement in the granite.
The Kitchen/hose is not very formal. We want a casual look. And if I have to say a style we are going for I would say transitional .
I am attaching a elevation of the side of the L where the back splash would go. Behind the range we plan to take the tile all way to the ceiling. If that makes any difference.

Autumn, Thanks for your input. I think it is hard to make all these decisions when we try to cram everything into Saturdays because of work schedules.
Now that you have posted the slate inspiration picture. I love it. I think it looks great. Do you happen to have the name/company of the tile.

Edited the post as I mean to say "now leaning towards" but typed "not"

This post was edited by akshars_mom on Tue, Jan 7, 14 at 16:16

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jrldh-so exciting to have cabinets in the flesh! How is the install going?

akshars-our kitchen is similar, not much backsplash on the short L with the fridge and then windows and a cab to counter really keep in minimal which should help with budget! The tile in the pic is American Olean-Kendal Slate, Easdale Neutral color. They sell it at Lowe's - that's where I got the sample from. $3.24 a square, comes in 12's, 18's and rectangle.

Dh and I have discussed it and we are leaning toward just using that for the master to make it easier to choose a color out of it for above the shower. Then I can lean GRAY with my darker brown cabs which is the combo I like. :)

We are also thinking transitional and hadn't decided how far to tile for the range wall. Good to know you are going all the way up. I need to chew on that...and google more pics. You probably don't need yet another tile to look at but Jeffrey Court makes a field tile that I think would look good with your counter - it comes in many shades and has variation to it kind of like what you have going on with the arabesque, BUT it is subway. What is your budget? These are about $12.99/sf including freight. It's hard to tell but it has variation in it and it does come in a bevel if you are interested in that too.

Jeffrey Court Field Tiles Link

The Saturday scramble indeed. These kiddos need to go back to SCHOOL! I am going to try making up a concept board now. I'll post back how I do, haha!

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Our cabinet maker needs our cabinet hardware selections in a few weeks. Here is our design board for our kitchen. I'm using the polished nickel Amerock Highland Ridge pulls for the perimeter. Should I use the same pulls for the island or the cup pulls? Some of the cup pulls require several holes so it would be difficult to change in the future. Any thoughts or suggestions would be very much appreciated!


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Autumn, Thanks for the info on the tile. I will also looking at slate look for our laundry area.
I do live the beveled edge Jeffry court tile that you posted add a bit of interest to the subway pattern. For the backsplash after looking at various choices I upped my budget from 15 dollars per sqft to 25 dollars per sqft. .We made the choice to go all the way up to the ceiling behind the range was 1) The cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling (with the crown) 2) There will be no wall space for color on the that wall so felt might be better to go all the way up.

lzwhong, You Kitchen is going to be beautiful. I like all the selections you made so far. In regards to the pull I would lean towards keep the same one as the perimeter but I am no expert.
Have one question regarding your floor. What is the floor/stain you are using?

Mlweaving, In an earlier post you mentioned the grain of cherry vs oak we were considering could clash. Do you think it would still clash since the cherry is stained pretty dark and we plan to do rift sawn white oak ? We need to decide by tomorrow.

We are debating between santos mahagony and rift sawn white oak with a medium stain. DH likes mahagony and I want rift sawn white oak. I like the mahagony but it is just not the color I had in mind for this house.

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Jrldh, am I reading too much into it or is your picture really an awfully clever message? I see cabinets, blue skies, and a light at the end of the tunnel. I LOVE IT!
Autumn, I still like the variation of the slate tiles. You are not going up the side of a tub though right? All your tiles will be on a horizontal plane?
Niteshade, that's some great stone. What kind of room is that with the cone shape roof?
lzhwong, what a lovely calm beautiful space you are putting together. I actually think I would like the variation of cup pulls on the island and the open pulls on the perimeter.
Akshars, when you say you're tiling all the way up behind the range, you mean up to the bottom of the vent hood? Or are you using a hood that doesn't wall mount?

I look forward to seeing all these new concept / mood boards.

Akshars, all I can say is that you want to take a look at the wood samples together and see if you like them together.
Zillions of beautiful kitchens have all sorts of combo's of wood between cabinets and floors.
I just know that I didn't care for the grain of oak along with the grain and color of the cherry of our cabinets.
Here's one with cherry cabs, oak floors and a granite that's not dissimilar

Contemporary Kitchen by Chapel Hill Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Bill Cederberg
I think this one has an oak floor too

Traditional Kitchen by Jamaica Plain Design-Build Firms Donelan Contracting
Here are some cherry cabs with what I believe it a natural maple floor.

Contemporary Kitchen by Bethesda Architects & Designers MANION+MARTIN Architects, P.C.

I couldn't find white + cherry+ wood floor, so I went with cherry just to see some of the combos. It's all good if you're liking the way the woods work together.

This is the look I didn't like when we put in our kitchen that was all dark cherry cabinets.

Traditional Kitchen by Milwaukee General Contractors Modern Contractors, Inc,

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Mlweaving, Thanks for the pictures of the various floors. When I say taking the backsplash all the way to the ceiling this is what I mean

Contemporary Kitchen by Austin Architects & Designers Mary DeWalt Design Group

Eclectic Kitchen by Boston Kitchen & Bath Designers Venegas and Company

I could not find a picture of cherry with rift sawn oak but found one close to to our cabinet color and regular oak with a stain that we might do.

Traditional Kitchen by Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers Aidan Design

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akshars_mom: I'm using a prefinished bamboo floor. It's a fossilized bamboo so it's very high on the janka system (I think 5000).

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akshars: Thanks for the info on backsplash height. Our cabs don't go all the way up so ack, another thing to figure out! This might show the color variation better so I thought I'd share it and it's size is also more transitional than the traditional subway. It's Enchanted Shadow. I have requested a sample to check it out IRL but it hasn't come in yet. I think you should be able to find something great with that budget since backsplashes are smaller square footage.

mlweaving - that's right, tile on the floor only. We actually have an alcove shower unit in our bath - no tub. The bathroom is 8 x 10 I think (so many numbers swirling around), not huge. It does have a window though so there will be plenty of light. :)

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Finally some progress. Yay!

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Thanks lzhwong for the info on the floors.

Autumn, I do like the enchanted Shadow in the tile you posted. In regards to going upt to the ceiling for your backsplash I think you can still go all the way to the top if you want even if the cabinets don't go. In fact one of the pictures I posted above has that.
Have you started receiving your lighting pieces? We have not yet started officially but I have saved a couple of ideas.

mlweaving, Thanks for being so helpful and encouraging me on creating a "board" with all the choices for Kitchen. I have started and will post it once more choices are finalized.

JDez, Yay on seeing some progress.

This post was edited by akshars_mom on Wed, Jan 8, 14 at 16:27

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Autumn.4: The kitchen is just missing some trim other than that it's finished!

Marji: That's an interesting metaphor. We have a blue accent wall and with the way the sun hit it when I took the picture, it looked as if the cabinet was floating in the sky!

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jrldh - it's finished and we get 1 pic??? Post more pics...pretty please??

jdez- woohoo the ball is rolling!

akhsars-I will have to go back and look closer at those pics, I see the one they actually tiled above the cabs too! Not sure that would fly as added expense and you can barely see it. I need to start houzzing range wall backsplashes, haha! I have received all of our lighting except the dining room light. Interesting that it's THAT one that hasn't arrived. We still need ceiling fans (I don't care if they are fashionable or not, hot flashes people, HOT flashes!!!) but we will buy those locally.

We have siding started but no pic. No time tonight to head out there before dark. Tomorrow though for sure!

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Everything on here is looking awesome!!

Everyone in the framing stage... It seems like my house was at that stage yesterday!! It flies by, even if it seems slow at times.

The concept boards are fantastic! The ideas are more than I could have dreamed. You guys are good.

As for bright color and painting. It's just paint. I can cover it in a year, two, five... Who knows, tomorrow? In the girls room I ordered scallop frog tape and the white stripe will be a scalloped white area where their names will go in wood painted letters. The purple room/play room quite literally looks as if Barney puked. But the decorations will help it tremendously. And my 3yr old absolutely loves it!!! It will have a stage built into the dormer.

Here's a pic of painting the trim...
Or of it hanging... If it will load.


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Assembled and hung! It's darker in the photo than in person. All fun projects seem to get finished at night.


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If you are still collecting votes on the ensuite tile choices, I prefer the lightest one (3rd choice) or the last choice. Of course, I really like grey more than beige and the first one is too brown for me. The second one has a lot of movement in it that might be strong for a floor (other than that the colours are nice).


I do like the subway tile options that have been suggested to you. I agree with above comments that you want your beautiful counters to be the star and not have the back splash compete too much.

So many beautiful homes have been posted. Lovin what I see from the lake front properties, to the stone cladding around cool shaped windows (Niteshade), fancy trim (Jenny), wall of windows (many lucky builders here) and so much more.

As for us we keep plugging along. This week we seem to be back to some micro-planning more than building. We have added a fireplace to our master bedroom design, and are still working out the laundry cabinets. Here is a picture of the fireplace we are thinking of for the master bedroom. Also shown are the clothes drying bars we will be putting in the laundry closet (I know this is a small detail).

Wishing everyone good productivity this month!

Fireplace we are getting for master bedroom

Brick at back of fireplace

Drying bars we will build for laundry

Modern Laundry Room by Far Rockaway Closet & Home Storage Designers Contour A Closet

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emb......shouldn't you have a silt fence between the construction site and the lake? That could ruin that section of the lake.

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I love your inspiration board. I think either the cup pulls or regular pulls would look great. The regular pulls I believe are probably easier to open as you can reach over or under to operate. I am sure I read some info on pros and cons of knobs vs pulls and ease of use of pulls vs knobs on the kitchen forum. Maybe there is a thread you can find on cup pulls vs regular pulls. Those kitchen guys talk about all sorts of details like that.

Can I ask where you are positioning those lovely sconces over the windows? How many of those sconces are you using? How many windows do you have? Any info you can share on how you are using those sconces would be helpful. I love them and the idea of using some sconces along with under cab lighting and some pots for kitchen lighting.


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lzhwong-I would vote for the standard pull not because I don't think they should be different but I have an aversion to cup pulls. I always grab from the top and while I think I'd adjust eventually I just don't like the thought of grabbing from the bottom and also fear that I'd be pulling 'up' on the drawer? I think I am gentle enough but I worry about the rest of my family and the wear on the drawer guides over time. So many people have them though so that might be just my unnecessary worry.

If you want to mix it up check kitchens forum - there was a thread on that very thing - mixing pulls.

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Hi,I'm new to the forum and not sure where you are all located? Our land is due to be settled end of January, hopefully start building early February,I'm in Australia Melbourne ,

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Welcome to the forum sannaw. Do you have plans already?

Re knobs and pulls, here is latest thread on knobs vs pulls.
While looking, since it was a thread I missed, (haven't been checking in on kitchen forum consistently in last month or two), I came across this long thread Show me your knobs and pulls, and This article on placement of knobs and pulls.

In my looking for knobs and pulls I looked at the selection our cabinet place has here, didn't like anything on the board, so went online and ordered samples from 3 places. I was so surprised at the really poor quality of one of them that was not inexpensive, so that bopped that out. Anyway, we ended up with selecting knob and pulls from Restoration Hardware. So last week I bit the bullet and ordered on their 20% off everything sale, they're due to be delivered today. Early, but I wanted the sale. So last night, don't you know, I get the notice that they have their bath furniture (we also ordered a vanity for upstairs bath from them after our redesign up there and moving the framing wall), and their hardware on sale up to 30% off. I spent several thousand dollars last week and today it's on sale another 10% off! I'm calling today to see if they'll credit me the difference.
I've been watching for months, they've run sales on their rugs, lighting, occasional furniture, rugs again, lighting again...etc. Never have I seen them put just bath furniture and hardware on sale like this.
Here is the vanity we ordered. I'm having it delivered to storage. Sigh.
We got the Lugarno Pulls and the Hanson Knobs, which I like together. I ordered the Lugarno knob when ordering samples and it felt too flat, too close a profile to the cabinet. The Hanson knob sticks out further, is more substantial, and I like it better.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

That is all.
Carry on.

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Can anyone talk you off the ledge? I'm assuming this has something to do with delays and a March 1 date?

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Getting excited! We should be in our house by the end of the month. Cabinet are in....lot is graded....concrete formed and being poured today....granite going in today or tomorrow....all lighting and electrical going in this week....shower and backsplash next week...sodding next week

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pic of the kitchen/living

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we have doors and windows.

And we passed our strapping inspection.
Hurricane strapping on every single stud and joist, top and bottom

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Marji! You've hit the nail on the head.
It's all good, I'm just seriously frustrated at this point.
I don't like it when things aren't happening....and NOTHING is happening! arghh....


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OntarioMom: I'm positioning the sconces right above the window like the picture. I have 2 windows flanking the stove and 1 large window over the sink for a total of 3 sconces. I don't have a ton of upper cabinets so I will not be using any under cabinet lighting. Our kitchen will have 6 recessed cans, 3 of the Clemson pendants over the island and 3 of those Boston Library sconces.

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stuarbc: I like the house a lot. Can't wait to see more interior pictures

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OntarioMom: Here is our kitchen floorplan. Hope this helps. I'll take photos for after it is done but that will probably be awhile. Not sure when you need to decide.

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mlweaving - the house looks great! Where are you building? The moss and trees look like the southern lowcountry. Beautiful!

robin - our silt fence will be placed as soon as the shoreline work is finished. There is a lot going on all at once.

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Stuartbc, we were cross posting, so didn't see your post until now. What an exciting week for you! You're getting so much that makes a lot of visual progress this week. It's all looking so nice already. Q: is that a panoramic photo, or is your room really curving?

Embemis, you got it, we're building on Lady's Island. Only about 3 hours from you. Do you have to have all the hurricane engineered construction, being so far inland?

Just got back from meeting a landscaper our at our house. That stuff is all so far beyond the scope of what I can deal with. I don't have any idea what any of the plants are that he's talking about. We're on GardenWeb, but I am so far from being a gardener that it's pathetic. He's proposing planting 3 varieties of palm, some viburnam whatever that is, several kinds of grasses and I can't remember what else. At least that's what's on his plan. We meet with another one tomorrow to get his ideas and quote, then we'll decide who to go with.

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Lori, I so understand your frustration. Nothing is happening on our end because the Drywall contractor is running behind and the stucco person is running behind. I am ready to scream.

Mlweaving, Hope the restoration hardware give you the 10% back. I hate when this happens. Thanks for mentioning about the lighting sale. I may order our island pendents if DH and ID Ok them. Your house is looking good and secure :)

Izhwong, Did you already purchase your island pendents. If not they are on sale at RH right now. They are one of my top choice also. Love the way you plan to use sconces.

Stuarbc, Beautiful house and Kitchen. More pictures please.

OntorioMom, Love the fireplace for the master bedroom. Very cool idea on the drying rods in the laundry room.

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Two weeks until move-in day!
Recent interior pics in the blog link.
Thanks for everyone's help and opinions on these forums.

Here is a link that might be useful: CH home build

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Sannaw- welcome! I'm located in MN.

Stuarbc- I really like the kitchen/living area! How exciting that you are getting so close.

Our GC is telling us we'll be in by the end of January, which seems laughable to me at this point. We have made some great progress so far this week though...all trim is up, most of the flooring is in (except carpet), all cabinets have been installed. However, we are still waiting on workable lights, plumbing, counters, and a final coat of paint. Siding should be finished tomorrow or Saturday and then I'm guessing stonework will be done next week. We also have to wait on our driveway, landscaping, and any other outdoor items until Spring.

Here is a pic of the flooring going in...actually kind of angry they don't have it covered.

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emb....I don't know where you are but in this area you HAVE to have the silt fence 'prior' to 'any' clearing of the property. If not, you get a BIG fine and I do mean HUGE!!!

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lori-oh boy. :( We are delayed a little due to the weather here, days not weeks BUT. I hope today you see some major March 1st kind of action!

sannaw-hello and welcome. I am in MI. :)

rb-wow is all I can say! That is a ton of progress in a short time. At that rate you may just be in by the end of January - 2 1/2 weesks - amazing.

renton-thanks for linking the blog, you are so close now. Very nice - love scrolling through all of the pictures. :)

stuarbc-love the photos. I'd like to know if that is a panoramic shot too. Very nice space.

akshars-just thought I needed to share since I posted that J.C. tile. I went to the local distributor and she just dropped their line. She said they were having repeated trouble getting tiles and getting them all over the place in terms of coloring, etc.. Too many issues. :( Well that will scare a girl off! I did see some Pratt and Larson IRL while I was out and about and oh my so so pretty but $35+/sq foot. Sigh, dream a little dream. Haha! I am bummed about the J.C because they were at $12 a square and that I can handle. There was another brand that was well within range but they only had stark quite or a really yellowish cream, bummer.

I made great strides yesterday (what a mental relief) with the ID. We went to 4 tile stores and 2 granite shops. Phew! I am waiting on some pricing from the fabricator for the granite. I marvel and how easily she can pull something together. We were in one shop, both looking. I came back around the corner and she had a couple of coordinating things laid out just like that, loved it immediately. I feel like I wander aimlessly. Now though I have a palette and that has give me focus. The best part is I came home with a couple different options and DH loved the first one - which was also my fav. I will try to post a pic of the tile and the granite of the day but it's so hard with lighting.

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Winter can be a frustrating time of year for building. I've been mostly stuck in place, what with single digit temperatures, followed up by heavy rains. I do have some indoor work to do, but the main floor is not heated, and the outdoors is nothing but mud. Hang in there!

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It is a panoramic. I have taken several different panoramic shots from the same spot at a few different points of the build. Went by the house last night and granite was in and driveway and patio were poured. Moving along fast now!

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a little further along

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and then as of earlier this week

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I've had a yucky week with bad head/chest cold. Finally gave up and called the doctor this morning. She's out on an emergency but nurse is calling her every couple of hours to get orders. We'll see if there is anything I can take with my high BP meds. I've been through four boxes of tissues just since Monday!

stuarbc, love your panoramic shots! DH took a couple which I'm going to post below. You are moving along great! When did your cabinets go in?

Mushcreek, I hear ya on the mud! It's a total mess at our house. The poor stone layers are caked in it! Mud everywhere.

Autumn, glad you are making strides with choices! Can't wait to see some of them.

rbattaglia24, the end of January? Wowser! I suspect you will be seeing a flurry of activity in the next couple of weeks. Good luck! What did you go with for your floors? They look pretty even if they aren't covered!

renton123, your house is gorgeous! I also enjoyed looking at the interior photos on your blog.

akshars_mom, I also understand your frustration in the waiting game. It seems like it is always a "hurry up and wait" game, right?

mlweaving, I'm looking forward to meeting with a landscaper. I love that kind of thing. We did our own landscaping at our other home a couple of times. It was a lot of work. Can't do that anymore because of my back and knees. But, over the years, I've collected lots of books on landscaping. I'm no expert on the topic but I do know some plants I like, but always anxious to hear about others. And, we want LOW maintenance for our retirement home.

lzhwong, love your inspiration photo for your lighting. Can't wait to see photos of your kitchen! I'm jealous. We don't have a window in our kitchen. No way we could configure it with our layout. I like our layout, but love the looks of having windows!

loribug26, I'm so sorry nothing is happening there!

We ventured out Tuesday to go furniture shopping. We left a floor plan with the sales guy for their ID. I got a call from the ID late Tuesday that she had worked up a plan for us for the family room and wanted us to come back to see what we thought. I've been so sick I haven't been able to schedule a time with her.

We've been waiting on our siding guys for weeks. They finally told us yesterday that they would start on the 16th. Fortunately for us, the stone guys said it was a little extra work for them with making sure everything was totally level, but they are installing the stone while we wait on the siding guys. And, while they work outside, the drywallers are working inside. We are making progress. Once the drywall went on the ceilings, DH was able to turn on that portable furnace. After that Arctic air left us, the house has been staying toasty! I'm sure our electric bill will be fun!

Insulation is being blown in the attic today. Drywallers are supposed to start the taping, mudding, and sanding today. And, the stone guys keep installing. I've decided I cannot be around insulation or dust with this cold, so I'm staying away.

I took this photo of the stone guys from inside. You can see all the mud! Yuck.

Here's a look at the front porch area. They don't have the ledge cap on this yet. But, I like how it looks with the front door. They have the porch covered so I can't see how well the stone matches with the porch colored concrete. And, the concrete hasn't been sealed yet so the color will change when that happens, too.

Here's a panoramic of the garage after drywall was hung. This was before the cleanup:

This is a photo of the garage after the cleanup (not a panoramic photo). Best money we spent was for the drywall company to do the cleaning after they hung the drywall!

Panoramic photo of the hall/family room/kitchen/dining area - all before the clean-up:

Here are photos after the cleanup.
Family room:

Kitchen to Right/Dining to Left:

Family room looking toward the entry:

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hoosiers - feel better soon! It looks great. I am afraid I am the clean up crew and I am not that excited about cleaning up all that dust. Ick!

Schedule: Insulation is supposed to start M-W next week with drywall delivery on Thursday. We shall see.

Dh has been doing in the inside wall sound deadening insulation all week and is about finished.

Siding! We have the beginning of siding:

Here is the master bath (inside lighting at the store - it's tough):

What I like about the floor tile is it can read gray or more brown depending on what you put with it. In this pic it looks more gray but IRL it really is a blend of both. It's warm but not too warm or too brown. The little square is our laundry cabinet and it's definitely more on the gray side and the tile goes with both wonderfully. Yes! The shower alcove tile comes in 12x24's so we will be cutting those down before install.

Alaska White:

Full shot (they had another slab but it wasn't near as nice IMO, the dark areas looked more 'splotchy':

Bianco Romano - definitely more within budget and does match - it's just quieter.

Latest decision waffle:
Fireplace stone - we found this split stone in our budget that we also like. It's a lot less heavier looking than our original choice. The black is the board the sample is affixed to. We are still undecided:

Original selection:

They are so different from each other. ??? I need to stare at them for a while but we need to order next week so...I don't have a lot of time to do that!

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Autumn, Thanks for the heads up on the issues with other tile, too bad. I agree on the Pratt and Larson tiles they are beautiful but expensive. You are right the master bathroom floor tile does look grey/brown and does go well with you laundry room cabinets also. Glad you are coming close in selections. In the granite picture above I like the Alaska white and agree the first slab is the best. In regards to the stone I like the new one you posted but the other one also is nice.
May I ask what exactly is your DH using for the sound insulation?

Hoosier, Sorry to hear about you not feeling well. Hope you fell better soon. Great to see all drywall in your house. Look great.

renton, Beautiful house. Loved seeing the pictures.

rb24, Wow Jan end is going to be here soon. Please more pictures of the details :)

Ok finally the drywall work has started. Lets see if they can make quick progress. The stucco work has not begun but hopefully they will start soon.

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Hi Autumn,

Your master bath floor tile is what we had in our last build but in the darker shade. And the lighter shade for the rest of baths. It looked great, I liked that tile alot. I like your both your original tile for the fireplace and your new choice is similar to our last fireplace stone. So of course I think either will be gorgeous! We also had White Delicatus granite which looks great with both your cabinet choices. Here's some pics if you haven't seen them before.

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xc60-thanks for posting pics! That is really helpful to see full scale! Ahhhh, delicatus. I am having that priced too but I am nearly certain it's out of our budget but yes that is actually the very first one I saw that I loved. I didn't take pics to avoid further torturing myself. ;) I told dh he could choose the stone for the fireplace as I like them both and he is going with split stone. Glad to move on. The more choices we make the more the vision becomes clear.

akhsars-we are using bats of insulation to place in the ceiling above the great room (which is below the boys bedrooms), the wall between the master and the great room, bathrooms that but up to bedrooms, washer and dryer wall. The exterior walls and ceilings will be blown in and/or sprayed.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Omgoodness!!! I've been so busy today, I'm just now getting a chance to check in!

Guess what!!??? There is sh!t HAPPENING!!!
Stone was delivered this am, and the insulation started today!!! Drywall next week???
Y'all better start praying, or chanting, or meditating, or whatever it is you do, MARCH 1, MARCH 1, MARCH 1!!!


akshars - sorry you're ready to scream too, what do you want me to chant??? :) Drywall, drywall, drywall... lol

renton - beautiful home!! Two weeks, two weeks, two weeks!!

sannaw, welcome!! I'm in central Indiana

rb - I hope you're in by the end of the month!! Love the wall color!

Random question... what is everyone doing with their stairs (if you have them) I want mine just wood. I keep getting the "do you have two heads" look when I say that. Wood stairs are NORMAL, right?? I've never lived in a home with stairs, but I'm NOT going to carpet the dang things! I found some rough, rustic looking treads online and emailed to my builder, maybe he's starting to understand....

I also just barely caught them in time this am to be sure we blocked for curtain rods. He looked at me like I was crazy again, and said "you're not just putting up blinds?" Um no. I hate blinds. We're 1600 at the back of a field...why would I put up blinds. The curtains will be open 95% of the time....

Am I just crazy?? Wait...don't answer that.

autumn, good for you with making strides with ID. I am my own ID. Maybe that's why they think I'm crazy!!!
Your siding looks to be very similar to ours...very nice.
I love the first slab of granite, and the stone in the second picture, you're original choice. Stick with your first instincts. Oh crud, just read the last post... let DH decide good idea, but I sure love that StoneCraft one.

I think I'm all caught up. How's everyone's weekend shaping up? We're finally above freezing temps here and things are thawing! woop woop!
I'm still at my full time job, got to get to the part time job tonight (I host Karaoke at our local establishment)
Daughter's having a friend over tonight, her Birthday bowling party/sleep over tomorrow, her actual birthday on Sunday...
I'm tired already...
Have a good weekend y'all!!!

Thank you for your support MushCreek :) Hope yours starts coming a long soon also!

stuarbc...Love the panoramic photos! :) beautiful home

Hoosier, sorry you're under the weather. How has your weather been down south? We got a lot of heavy wet rain/snow before it got cold cold cold!!!
I LOVE your stone! Just love love love it! I wish ours had a little more color variation in it, but I think I'll really like it when it's up.
Have you stolen my cleaning fairy?? :)Drywall!! Awesome!!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Weird... it posted my post in jumbled up order... lol oh well, I am the entertainment around here.... figure it out! :)

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Lori, You are too funny :). Glad they started things over there again. Since they started on the Drywall may you can start chanting "stucco stucco " :).
Good idea on the blocking for curtain rods. I totally forgot them and insulation is already done let us see what we can do. I am using an ID but I am sure my ID think I am control freak. I still keep doing my own research and then I show her two or three choices and we mostly choose one them based on her advice. Wow you have busy weekend ahead of you.

Autumn, Thanks for the info on the insulation. We plan to do similar insulation for the bathroom sharing a wall with the living spaces. I wanted to see if you are doing anything different.

This weekend's agenda is to order tiles for my son's bathroom, laundry room and guest bathroom and backs plash tiles, get my husband to agree on a floor selection. We have now ruled out santos Mahagony and almost ruled out rift sawn white oak (I like it but DH not so much). So we are considering walnut ( I love America walnut but it is soft so need to go check out Brazilian walnut ) or may be pre-finished maple.

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Nice choices on the ensuite, Autumn. I wondered if the laundry room cabinet was the colour Dover from Home Depot? It is so hard to tell from a computer pic. Also, is the laundry room cabinet going in the master bedroom or elsewhere? As per the granite choices, I prefer the less busy second one. However, that is me as I prefer less busy counters. I think both match beautifully.

I continue to be impressed at the rate of progress around here. Our pace is at least 50 times slower than the norm on these boards it seems. We have more days without poeple or DH working on the house than days with workers and/or /DH working. I do recall there was one poster who was also DIYing a great deal of his build, but I don't think he has poster recently (go figure maybe he doesn't have much time).


Greetings from the province of Ontario in Canada here. We live a bit over an hour outside of Toronto, Canada in a mid sized city (Guelph). Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America (just bigger than Chicago) and the largest city in Canada. Of course, we are happy to live outside Toronto to avoid the traffic.

Note to those who are responding to Sannaw that stating the two digit state code (i.e. MN) may be rather meaningless to a person from Australia. I can guess at some of the states from two letters, but I am a lot closer as a Canadian.

Happy weekend everyone.


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Re sound proofing insulation. Roxul makes a good insulation sold specifically for sound insulation (they all make one for regular insulation).


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If you've never had stairs before, then you've never fallen down (or UP!) them. I think that's why your getting the crazy looks. i don't care how sure footed your family is, sooner or later someone is going to fall. You sure appreciate the carpet when it happens. I've had stairs for 15 years probably, at least 10 slips or spills. Probably half as many for my husband (I'm a clutz, even at a young age). One rather major one when I had my long stair run, kept me on my back and sore as hell for probably two weeks. And those were carpeted..I probably would have broken something if they were wood not to mention fallen more often with less traction O.o Just make sure you consider practicality not just aesthetics.

Have you thought about maybe a wood riser and carpeted stair tread? I've seen pictures of this and its what i wanted to do initially. I think its best of both worlds, decided against it though because they said it would cost something like 3-4k more to specially prep the stairs for that and I couldn't justify that cost just for aesthetics and ease of cleaning. You're probably already paying that kind of cost though if you're already planning on wood.

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I would love to have wood floors but as niteshadepromise's said it was about 4k to run them from the main floor to second floor and another 4k if I wanted them on the stairs to the basement. :(

I am just in awe at all the beautiful houses on this thread, from the wonderful kitchens and floors, the awesome paint choices, to the gorgeous lake views and exterior house photos..... It's exciting to see all your homes coming together. :)

We are still slowly moving along, finishing carpenter work is almost complete. Still waiting for basement to be taped and mudded. The painters are slowly painting over the shocking bright yellow paint that was accidentally done with my gorgeous grey color. Yay! Cabinets should be installed in the next week or so.

We picked out our granite slabs yesterday as well as our backsplash tile. In the end we picked the tile that I liked first months ago, ahhh all these months of agonizing. Go with your first choice, as Loribug26 posted above, lol

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Wow everyone's homes look amazing!

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OntorioMom, I will look to see if I can find roxul in our area.

Lori, Forgot to answer about the stairs and carpet. In our new house we have no stairs but in the old one we did and we had the wood stair in that house. I love the look. I understand the risk of slipping but I just loved the look and wood have done that again if we had stairs in this house. The house had carpet when we bought the house and it was so tough to clean the carpet on stairs when we changed to hardwood cleaning the stairs was so much easier.

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Yes, we are making lots of progress, but I don't want to get my hopes up quite yet. The one great park of our build is we are doing nothing regarding cleaning, the work, or anything - which I think helps speed up the process a lot.

Hoosierbred- the floor is a wood-looking laminate. I think it was call Mohawk Bayview in bourbon hickory.

Loribug- regarding the stairs...we have decided to go with carpet. In our previous house we had beautiful dark hardwood stairs and I absolutely loved the look, but they were like a death trap. My mother slipped in her socks one time and was nearly hurt and my husband slipped going up them and literally broke 3 toes when trying to catch himself. They are just not practical with little kids in socks :)

I am loving everyone's panoramic shots. I'm going to have to remember to take some of those this weekend.

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Lori, every old house I've lived in and renovated had wood stairs. In three of them I put a runner on the stairs. The last house we built we also put wood stairs, visible from the living room, and ran a runner up the center of the steps with 4" of wood showing on each side, and of course the wood wrap around the part with the spindles. Best of both worlds.
In my 100 yr old Victorian with steep and narrow wood stairs I did not put a runner, and we all fell on those stairs.

Check out KellieNoelle's thread on the Decorating Forum here re stair runner - she got lots of suggestions as options. IIRC she ended up going with a broadloom carpet.

In this house we're doing a wood stair off the entry, with no runner....yet. It won't get used much since we've got a 1st floor master.

If you don't have wood stairs, what do you have? I have a back stair going up to my studio loft, and I don't want to spend the $ for a gorgeous wood stair. But I can't see carpet on those steps, I don't think anyway. What are my other options? I guess I've never lived in a house that didn't have hardwood stairs. In all my old houses the basement stairs were always painted wood. I guess I could do that.

I met the KD out at our house yesterday when he went out to mark out the cabinets and built-ins. So glad I did. We ended up moving the island about 3" from where it was marked on the plan. I looked up the specs on our range to get dimensions of the depth with handle, and the KD and I played with boards placing the island on the floor. And he pointed out where the opening to the dining room needs to change in order to die the crown moulding into wall and add trim.
He also suggested two walls on which we should add sound insulation.

Dh and I also spent close to 5 hours cleaning the sawdust and leaves out of the house. I just don't think the framing crew would have been as meticulous at cleaing out, and we don't want those sources of mold left in the construction.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stair_runner_thread

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lori-woo hoo yes, your chanting must be paying off. ;) Chant away girl! Happy bday to your dd! We are carpeting stairs, first off less expensive and hopefully will help with sound reduction and third only the kids are upstairs so they will be using them most and hopefully they will be less apt to slip and fall.

I know I do like the stonecraft one also and believe it or not that wasn't actually our first choice! We have struggled with it between coloring and budget. We originally liked the split stone but what we had seen was way over budget. So then we picked the stonecraft but thought it was too dark so a different blend, then back to the blend I posted here, then I found split stone that we could swing ($7.50/sq instead of $18 - stonecraft stuff is $5 something). Anyhow it also saves us some installation time and since most of the DIY stuff is hitting all at once it does make the split stone more appealing. I honestly like them both. Dh is still saying he likes the split stone so that's the currents status. :) I kind of feel like the stonecraft is a bit country and the split face is a bit contemporary and I feel like we are transitional. ?

ontariomom-the laundry cabs are from HomeCrest and the color is sand dollar. I liked it the minute I saw it. The darker cabinet is for the master bath. The laundry has 2 uppers above the washer and dryer and then a small sink base and that's it. It won't be a lot of color in there but enough.

askshars-so would you believe today I get a call from the tile store that my Jeffrey Court samples came in...??? They ordered them from the distributor that told me they pulled them. So I picked them up and they are very nice but I think I'd need a different color. Anyhow I don't know what to think. I mentioned it to the retailer and he said he hadn't heard a word of that and would double check to be sure he could still get them. We are reviewing budget tomorrow to see just where we are sitting for counter tops. I'd love to get that narrowed down too!

mlweaving - we also have a ton of leaves trapped in our garage stairwell that leads to the basement. I will need to get those out when they pull the temporary treads. I can't get to them for now. I am wondering how many hours in clean up there will be after drywall. What a mess that will be! Hubby loves landscaping, loves it. He'll be the one planning all that out. I don't know too much about it but I love to look at our lawn after he's finished mowing and it has a checkerboard pattern 'burned in'. :)

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I'm doing wood on the front staircase. The back staircase will have wood for the first 9 or so treads and the remaining few will be carpeted. It's the staircase that leads to the room over the garage and then up to the second floor.

I mocked up a cup pull on my current kitchen cabinets and it is a bit "different" to open. You have to reach under and in to open it so I think I'm going to use regular pulls for the perimeter and island. Next to the kitchen, there will be a desk area. I think I will use the pulls there. I also want to use some latch pulls. Since our cabinets are full overlay, I don't think I can use the latch pulls on the side doors. Do you think it looks funny to have regular knobs there? Thanks!

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Autumn, Hope the granite you like is is with in the budget. In regard to the Jeffrey court glass tile. I saw them in Home depot website

Marji, wow 5 hours cleaning up the house. They are doing dry wall right now and there is a lot of dust.

We went to the house today and realized that the tray ceiling they did in the dinning area is bigger then was supposed to be and not the right shape. sigh. Need to talk to the contractor and see if they correct is at this point.

We spent most of the day looking at tiles and have ordered a few samples for the backsplash and will select one of them. We also finalized the my son's bathroom tiles. We looked at the guest bathroom but could not decide.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

So maybe I am crazy about the wood stairs...
I'm sticking to my guns though, I love the idea of the runner...I might add that later down the road.
Kids bedrooms are upstairs. SDD is 19, probably not going to live there long, DD is 12. 99% of the time we're barefoot in our house, except for DH. But he'll probably not go up very often.

It just won't work for carpet. "wood" look vinyl on top & bottom....Only carpet in this house is up stairs bedrooms. Everything else is vinyl. We're hard on floors. Herd of house cats, herd of dogs, herd of people, and if it gets cold again like it was last week, I may let the horses in... I'm kidding!! :)

BFF & I went to local antique mall yesterday... I should not be allowed in places like that. We had a ball, making fun of lots of stuff, but found some cool stuff too. I came home with a truck load. DH says, "don't be spending too much money" hell... after what we're already spending??? whatevs...

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