A brief Update

jeanninetxMarch 16, 2005

I know I haven't been posting a lot, not much goes on around here. Michael is not "sick" just disabled.

He did finally agree to have another hearing test. They gave him one in 1985 and found he had lost hearing in both ears due to the accident. They did an operation on the left one, but at that time it was not a operation they recommended for both ears, too many possible problems.

Well this time the gentlemen at the ear clinic, told him they have hearing aids that would work just fine, no need for the operation of the other ear. Thank Goodness!!

Now after he gets it, maybe we can sleep without hearing his TV from the other side of the house. LOL

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My fingers crossed for ya Jeannine, it's tough living with someone with a hearing problem. I know. My mom doesn't hear real well either anymore ... Good luck with him..

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Sounds encouraging, Jeannine! Pray it works well for him.

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