I hope I am not forgotten!

jeanninetxMarch 12, 2006

I have not been here for a long time, I realize that, I just hope you don't mind.

I have been reading some of the posts, and realize I should come more often. I have been through losing both parents, so I can relate to most of you.

As for my son, he is fine, defying all the statistics they gave us: Quads live normally 20 years after the accident--Well he is going on his 21st year with no serious problems, so maybe being a stay at home person does help.

All take care of yourselfs and your families.

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I'm sure all your TLC helped your son over the years. Do keep us posted on how it all goes for you.

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Nope, not forgotten. Sometimes I feel awkward asking how things are going because if things are a little rough, it's easy to say the wrong thing. That's when the Internet is not so good. You can't see face to face. It's good to hear from you and hope that everything continues well with you and your son.

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Hi Jeannine! i too haven't been around and have been reading the posts too, but this being the start of the march break, i guess i'll be on even less! my uncles wife's son (make sense-lol) is also a quad, you should see this man, drives a van, goes shopping, just goes around in his motorized chair, it's just fantastic to see him! the same thing with Al, when he first got his upper right leg amputated, i was told to tell my children, they wouldn't have a dad for much longer and to make final arrangements, this got me so mad, that i told Al what the doctor had said and that he just better show them different (at that time his blood was poisoned from the gangrene), and to this day he is still here! Socks i do believe in the power of TLC and we i think, are proof of it! it's so windy here right now and things are starting to melt, but we have to have one more snow storm before spring will start! the pot holes are like canyons here, so drive carefully! debbie

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Hi Ladies,
I haven't been around for a while. My computer died, then got a new one, then couldn't find the site. Things are going okay for me. I have changed jobs and now have a much less stressful job; one where I am not on call 24/7, sure makes life a little nicer.
My mom is still living at my sister's house - going on 5 months, and I'm beginning to see the wearing signs on my sister, yet I still don't think my sister sees it. Funny that two people can be raised in the same house and be so different. I approach things head on, easy or difficult, whether I want to know or dread the answer, I HAVE to deal with it. My sister, I believe, is somewhat in denial. Who knows? maybe she is better off and can manage better.
Mom seems to be happy and physically, she is doing ok. Mentally, she continues her decline. I am learning how to deal with it. All I can do is "go with the flow" and take it as it comes. I spend Sundays with her and still take her out for dinner on Saturday night, which she really enjoys. My sisters won't take her out to a restaurant, because she has this habit of taking out her partials after dinner, and then licking the food off of them (believe me, mom NEVER did anything like this before Alzheimer's). My sister's are too embarassed to take her out and have her do that. Me? I ignore it and have another glass of wine and smile at my husband and my mom. I figure if there is someone in the restaurant that is bothered by it, then maybe they should turn the other way. If I say something about it to mom, she becomes very embarassed, and then becomes agitated and tells me to not tell her what to do and then goes on about how it's no big deal, they are her teeth, and on and on. So, I ignore it and before you know it, the partial is popped right back into her mouth. Some things just aren't worth making a big deal over.
Anyway, just thought I'd put my two cents in and say hi...hope everyone is doing okay...and I have missed you!!

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