X-post: Medicare ranks the nursing homes

jkom51February 12, 2010

I posted this in the Retirement Forum, but thought I should cross-post it here as well. HTH someone when they need the info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Medicare's Nursing Home rankings

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moving on

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I found that site VERY useful when hubby broke his hip three years ago...

The list of facilities the hospital provided were all in places I wouldn't go in broad daylight, with an armed guard, and after checking that site I found out they were all below standard...

I was lucky enough, with the help of that site, to find one that was within 10 miles of home, ranked high in quality, had a higher ratio of help to patients and offered twice as much rehab time and the best part was, at the time, our insurance covered everything...

If you're considering a nursing home, rehab center or assisted living I urge you to check it out...


P. S. Ratings change so don't go by the ratings today and expect them to be the same 3 years from now.

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