Help Identifying possible Hepplewhite stand

LeCatSeptember 29, 2012

Hello, we were shopping in an antique store in New Hampshire this week and came across this beautiful stand...the woman in the shop said it was circa 1810 and had it labelled as a Hepplewhite.

We are new to this and are not sure how to authenticate this piece and if it is truly a hepplewhite and circa 1810.

Any thoughts/help would be appreciated.

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pic 2

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pic 3 underside

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close up construction...
thanks in advanced for any help!
Lee and Cathy

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I will guarantee it was not made by Hepplewhite. But that tapered leg is often referred to as Hepplewhite style.
It's a nice little stand but your pictures are not clear enough to give a real good idea about construction...are the legs fastened to the apron with a mortise and tenon joint?
It very well could date to 1810....or easily 60 or 70 years later. Those little pine tables were ubiquitous in the area....looks like a stained stand that someone artfully painted blue and rubbed to look like worn milk paint.
It's cute...I like it....but don't pay an arm and a leg for it...
Linda C

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I am assuming she meant in the Hepplewhite 'style'. That style started declining in popularity around 1810, and if it isn't a repro, would date the stand to about that era.

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Thanks, yeah we figured it was just the style...but definitely mortise and tenon joint, we can see where the pieces pieces fit together, but kinda hard to capture by photo...check this one out...its evident in a few of the corners

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Nice......cute.....either early or made by someone who used the old methods....

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