BlueStar island rangetop photos?

kay161February 12, 2012

We are about to start our kitchen remodel and are a bit stumped as to mounting options for the 36" BS island rangetop. I am okay with the front protruding a couple of inches, but DH now wants the control panel to be flush with the front of the cabinet. The island cabinets are almost here, so we can't order a recessed center portion.

Is it okay to simply extended the countertop edge a couple of inches to meet the edges of the front panel? If so, photos please!! The general installation instructions from BS are a bit vague, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm sure we can work this out with the dealer and our contractors, but would like to have some working options upfront.


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Our protrudes beyond the countertop and the cabinet doors. I dont mind it at all.It has been a few years but I remember BS had some instructions about the actual placement

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Here's mine.
There is a 2x6 partial wall behind the peninsula cabinets. Notches were cut out of the top plate and the studs to accommodate the back of the rangetop. The notches were about 2x7-8 inches. Per Bluestar, the rear of the rangetop needs to be supported.

Insetting the rangetop required painting those visible portions of the top of the base cabinet and the sides of the adjacent cabinets. If your cabinets are finished on all sides you wouldn't have to do this.

The only problem that arose is the inability to pull out the drawer that holds the drip pans. For me, that's not a problem because the drip pans can be pushed out by removing the grills. You might want to install a small pull on the drawer. I haven't done that yet because it's not a big deal.


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Thanks! These pix are just what we needed. I see with both versions the unit sits a bit above counter level, so I assume that's standard.

Canishel, thanks for the heads-up about the drip pan. We'll take a close look at that.


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Interesting how the BS rangetop doesn't have a lip that rests on the counter. I have a CC, but I'm not trying to start any controversy or argument. Just curious as to why the BS has the gap between it and the counter like a freestanding range does. Seems like things could spill or crumbs could get in there. Again, merely an observation. :)

As to making your counter overhang longer to extend out as far as the rangetop, just beware that a big overhang like that can impede access to the backs of your top drawers.

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kay161, BS says the rangetop has to sit above counter level to keep the heat from flames from burning the counter. That was my summary, albeit not clear, from talking with BS. I can't remember the specific statements.

You're right about the crumbs, but the quartz installers did a super job in getting a tight fit. The crumbs only occur on the prep side of rangetop. It forces me to clean more often, and I can use a toothpick to flip out the crumbs (too lazy to use a vacuum cleaner). Also, I forgot the reason for not using caulk.

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