happy with your gas range for baking (bs or thermador)?

babs711February 7, 2012

For our build I had started out looking at the following 36" ranges:

Blue star (gas)

Kitchenaid (dual fuel)

GE Monogram (dual fuel)

While really looking in person yesterday, I found that Thermador's Pro Harmony (gas) is doing a promo for a free dishwasher with purchase of their range. For $500 you can up to their top line dishwasher. That puts that total to around $5600 which is around the price of the Bluestar alone.

I also found that both the Kitchenaid and GE Mono DF ranges came out to be more expensive than the Blue Star alone and the Thermador with DW. This surprised me even though they were dual fuel. I think of Thermador and BS as being pricier. That was definitely not the case.

In talking with my builder this morning, he mentioned my baking and asked if I was sure I didn't want an electric oven and encouraged me to take a couple of days to be certain.

I feel like ALL I've been doing is researching for months! Does gas with convection give good baking results for people who enjoy doing so? I'm no professional but bake several times a month.

I thought I was settled on a mechanism and now I'm second guessing all over again!

On another note, I will save about $1200-1500 by getting the dishwasher with the Thermador. But can anyone help me rationalize doing this or spending that to get the BS and purchasing a DW? Will I be as satisfied with the Thermador in terms of the range and baking/cooking overall?

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Hi babs,

We have baked all sorts of things in our BS oven with fine results. Here is a recent thread on the topic:


Basically the conventional wisdom of electric ovens being better for baking is challenged by three things:

1. People with gas ovens seem to do just fine.

2. Plenty of commercial bakeries use gas and it seems to work for them.

3. All these new electric "steam" ovens on the market seem to point to the fact that added moisture is a GOOD thing. (although with an electric steam oven you obviously have the choice.)

So... I've baked on electric ovens for years and now have a gas oven and I have had no problems getting a crisp crust or skin on anything.

NOT saying gas is BETTER than electric, just that I think they both do fine.


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Very interesting point re: the electric steam ovens. It's nice to hear that you're happy baking in your BS. It's all very overwhelming to say the least. I thought I'd narrowed this stuff down only to feel even more confused!

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The biggest reason to opt for the Bluestar is if you want the very powerful open burners. If you do then that alone can justify the price. Otherwise you might go for the savings/combo package.


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I personally would go with a Thermador over a KA or GE Mono. The KA looks cheap in comparison to the other ranges. The GE looks alright, but it's name doesn't ring high end. The Thermador name is perceived higher end and will perform at least as good as the other two.

In my opinion the ONLY reason you would choose the KA or GE option is if you really want an electric oven (those benefits are up for great debate). As for the BS...It is a no brainer between all the ones you posted. Shop around for a BS, maybe negotiate a bit on price, and look for a good deal on a Bosch dishwasher. I could not see the price difference being too great, and the BS will give you a ton more performance. As for perception, the BS is not really a well known brand, but for those that do know it it is perceived to be in the capital, viking, wolf, thermador segment. But, even those who have never seen or heard of a bs, when they see it they know it is something special and not cheap.

Final note, even if the price difference was greater than $1000 between the Therm and BS I would still pick the BS in a second. If your budget is tight, I would say scrimp elsewhere, not with the range. Or save up a bit longer.


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Does your builder ... (ahem) bake very much? Does he/she make pizza dough from scratch using his/her own sourdough mother and a hot stone on the bottom of the oven? Does he/she make beautiful "tuile" cookies that drape over a rolling pin as they set? Does s/he make olive whole grain bread with sea salt?

Nah, I didn't think so.

Gas is great.

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Haha Glenna! You made me laugh! I love our builder. At least I'm not stuck with a package and have freedom right? I guess that's what a lot of his customers do? I don't know.

Funny, I brought this up last night to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law (both of whom I love). They both have gas cooktops and wall ovens. My MIL didn't realize people ever baked with gas and that ranges ever ever came with gas. I had to point out that our old Maytag I used to bake those fabulous brownies in was gas. She had no clue. My SIL seemed perplexed about going with gas over electric for the oven. I had to tell them that most people who have Wolf, Viking, etc have gas. Needless to say, I didn't get much help from that conversation!!

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