well i spoke too soon

heydeborahFebruary 21, 2007

well we had a big dump of snow this evening about 4 inches of it -- yuck!

and Al is in IMCU, he woke up at 4 or so this morning and asked carley to get him a glass of water, she told me later he did not look good and that's why she woke me up, so i kept of checking on him, and he said his heart was bothering him, he used nitro spray, and baby aspirins, then he started to vomit alot, the alarm went off and i called from the kitchen aren't you going to turn it off, northing happened so i went into the bedroom and she mumbled i can't from there he went comotose, i called 911 and the ambulance came within 5 minutes and the firetruck followed, they then took him to emerg. when i got there, he was hooked up to a ton of machines, they said his blood was sky high 64 to be exact and they had to put a tube down his throat as well, and he is in a coma. he went for a ct scan and then went to imcu we only stayed 5 minutes the 2nd time we visited as he is heavily sedated, they are trying to bring his sugar down before they do anything else and the icu doctor is going to speak to us tomorrow, what a day, i've never cried so much in my life, but in my heart i think Al's time is getting closer. so please say a prayer for him, i'd really appreciate it! debbie

ps duluthinbloom, are you from Duluth, if you are i live in thunder bay just down the road from you!

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You've BOTH got my prayers!
We are practically neighbors. Yes, I'm in Duluth. Born here then away for 52 years.


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Well, shoot!!!! I know that you must feel that your life is a weird sort of roller coaster with it's ups and downs. Al has so much to endure. we will be thinking of you and trusting that all will work out for him.

Keep us posted

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Connie Kru

Oh Debbie,
My heart goes out to you and your kids--I pray that Al will get better. I know this has been a long, long road for you.
Thoughts and Prayers

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Hey Debbie,
I missed this, but your "network"is working...so now I know. Am wondering how things are going today. I surely hope that Al is better. He is tough and all of you have really hung in there. You will be in my thoughts.
(((Al, Deb, and kids)))

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