Recommend me a single 30" wall oven

jeffjsgirlFebruary 28, 2014

I posted earlier that our 2004 vintage F&P oven has now died one too many times. I thought that Gaggenau was a slide-in replacement, but it turns out it is not. We'll need to do cabinet modifications regardless of what we choose.

So, that opens the field up completely. Please suggest some good quality options.

Single, 30" convection.
Stainless finish
"modern" style (vs. the new Viking mid-century look)
Even baking performance
Good reliability
Available on the market today

Do not need:
"speed" features
a zillion modes for specific foods

Budget isn't a particular concern at this point. Don't want another F&P or DCS (since they're essentially the same thing).

Where does that leave me? Miele, Gagg, Wolf (the new one), Thermador, Capital, Dacor?


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I'd look at :

GE Monogram

If you've got a ton of dough and don't mind a weird design Turbo Chef Speedcook - if you can still find one.

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1) Bosch Benchmark oven w/side-hinged door
2) Electrolux Icon designer series
3) Gaggenau (expensive)

All are 30"w, available double or single

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch 30

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that bosch is nice but , it'll be a while before you can actually get one delivered to your house.

It only debuted to the public 3-4 weeks ago.

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I don't see the Bosch with side hinge on their USA website.

Usually debuts in Europe then 3+ years later it is available in the USA.

Depending on USA pricing that maybe a hell of a bang for the buck oven you can get at Lowes.

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Bosch announced and described the side-opening ovens (and "100 other new products") will be available in the US next month (April '14) on their American website press release below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch new appliances

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Thanks for the thoughts!

We went shopping this weekend, and came back generally unimpressed with the field, but we now know a bit more about what we're seeking.

-Control panels with lots of visible buttons are a turn-off. Much preferred sturdy knobs or softkey electronic buttons.
-Things that don't feel substantial are likewise disappointing (the knobs on the lower series Bosch units, or the Pro Thermador, for instance).
-Miele is likely a very nice oven but was visually uninspiring. I'm not sure why - maybe the grey interior instead of the currently popular blue?
-Full extension glide racks are nice, but only if well executed. Else, just give me a smooth functioning traditional rack that's easy to relocate.

Wolf E-series and Gaggenau seem to be most to our taste, though they didn't have a Gagg to look at. Our people hadn't even heard of the Bosch Benchmark, and I've never been one to be the first customer for a new product anyway.

After some measurements of our cabinet, it looks like we lack the vertical height for several choices, including Electrolux, Thermador, and possibly Miele.

Now we need to find out how difficult it will be to modify our cabinet face to fit a new oven (larger or smaller). It's frameless full-overlay construction, but the cabinet is ~33" wide with a face panel that has a cutout in it (as opposed to something sized for an oven with trim around as needed). Seems like an odd arrangement, but I'm sure we'll figure it out.

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Big D - it's almost a certainty that Bosch will not be offering the "benchmark" series at place like Lowe's or anyplace else like that.

They will TRY and move the line upmarket -though with little success in my opinion.

jgirl - your cabinet should be able to be modified by any competent cabinet installer. Even if a new panel is not available in the exact door finish there are other options.

You have a 33" cabinet because the cabinet designer was lazy and didn't want to figure out the math required for a tailored fit opening. This is good for you now, when it comes to re-do.

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From my experience, no blue porcelain!

I currently have Wolf DF range and Electrolux wall oven. Both bake great but shed blue porcelain. If you buy Elux extended warranty the porcelain is excluded. I am on the second oven and the second cavity on that oven. It is covered in the first year only. Kenmore pro Elite is made by Elux I believe and has gray enamel. I haven't used it though. There is plenty about blue chipping on Wolf on this forum. I would also consider Bosch if you can find reviews by actual users. You have to get reviews from actual users to determine how evenly these ovens bake. Some of them are way off.` It is a shame because Wolf and Elux are great in this respect. One of the Kenmore Elite models has dual fans as does Wolf.

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After whittling the choices down to Wolf or Gagg, we've decided to go with the new Wolf E-series. The Gaggenau was nice, but it's slightly too shallow front-to-back for some of our bakeware, and the perfectly clear huge window was something of a turnoff. Overall, not worth the $2k price premium (in our opinion).

One last question: We like the "framed" door of the E-series Professional line, but the handle from the Transitional is a much better match for the rest of our kitchen. Anyone know if the handles are interchangeable?

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By chance the Wolf rep was in town today, so I got my question answered. No, you cannot swap handle designs between the E-series Transitional and Professional. There's something different in how they attach.

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I have a GE Monogram and have been very happy with it. I know some other posters have had complaints about it, but I haven't. To some of jeffsgirls questions/points:
1. Has 3 full extension glide out racks. THis is one of my favorite features. I take advantage of this all the time, for example when braising a huge pot of short ribs in a cast iron Staub dutch oven.
2. The racks can stay in when you clean the oven.
3. Controlled by 2 knobs.
4. Has all the usual bells and whistles: theater lighting, thermometer probe, convection modes.
6. Stainless, modern finish.
7. Widely available and strong service network since it's GE.

Some posters have criticized the eveness of baking. I haven't found this to be a problem, but I rarely bake 3 racks of cookies at a time.

From a practical standpoint, most of the time I only have 2 racks in because otherwise the vertical clearance is limited.

The one little thing that bothers me is that you can't turn on the oven light w/o turning on the entire oven. So sometimes if you leave something in just to keep it warm, you might forgot about it.

Other than that one problem, I have really liked it.

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