Metal Vase (Bronze/Brass, Copper) 1960's? Looking for info.

edrixxSeptember 27, 2011

Hey everyone,

I recently purchased this piece (see flickr link below) and thought I might share it with the community. I have been unsuccessful gathering info/details on the piece/period and would love any information or direction to help with my search. I was told that it is from the 1960's...but I'm not 100% on that. There is no signature/label that I have been able to locate. I am really interested in the history of this type of art/vase/pottery as well as searching for similar pieces.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this piece and any information that you might be able to share on the style, time period, etc.



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You say pottery? Is it or patinated bronze as it appears?
Where did you get it? Why do you think it's from the 60's? It has no "date" obvious to me....
I think it's very nice....but have no idea when or where itw as made.
Linda C

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Its hard to identify the materials at this distance, but the top rings may be spun brass, polished, and then coated with laquer.

The shape of this vase is interesting. It has the same profile as a toy top. Remember those toys from years ago? These tops were spun by a cord. The cord was wound on the top starting at the bottom and ending at the maximum diameter of the bulge. The top was thrown forceably toward the floor and the cord quickly pulled back to set the top spinning at a high rate of speed. This required much practice and an aquired skill for a successful launch. School boys held contests to see who could best launch a top inside a small target circle. Another game was for everyone to launch their tops at the same time. The last top to remain unright was the winner.

A bad throw could sling a top through a window or smash something.

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